Common Toad

Bufo rana

Before we start discussion on the homeopathic medicine Bufo, it needs to be mentioned that this remedy is prepared from the poison of a true toad called Bufo.

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Bufo is basically a genus of approximately 150 species that include genuine toads belonging to the amphibian family of Bufonidae. Precisely speaking, in Latin, the term 'bufo' denotes toad. The genuine toads possess certain common features, including stocky and short legs that do not make them good jumpers.

Like other members of the amphibian family of Bufonidae, the true toads are also deprived of teeth and a tail. Instead, they have pupils that are horizontal. The toads belonging to the bufo species have an arid skin that is not only thick, but also full of lump-like growths.

Toads belonging to the bufo species have a structure that is wart like and parotoid glands (any of the specific cutaneous glands in the form of warty masses near the ear). These parotoid glands differentiate the genuine or true toads from the other amphibians that also do not have any tail.

These animals exude a greasy, whitish toxic substance that works to restrain attacks from predators. Generally, managing toads is not considered to be hazardous. Contrary to the common traditional beliefs, it also does not cause warts. In fact, the poison secreted by almost all toads encloses a toxic substance called bufotoxin.

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Specifically speaking, the poison secreted by Sonoran Desert Toad (scientific name Bufo alvarius) contains toxic elements, such as 5-MeO-DMT and bufotenin, and has the potency to cause hallucinations. This poison has psychoactive (something pertaining to a substance that has a deep effect on the mental processes) effects and the Pre-Columbian Native Americans were aware of this fact.

It may be noted that true toads have the ability to blow up or pump up their bodies when they feel threatened by any predators. Males belonging to the bufo species are smaller in size compared to the females of the same species and have an organ called the 'bidder' - an unfinished ovary.

Adult toads belonging to different species display a dark-colored throat. When the toads feel they are under stress, they are able to secrete a poison through their skin and when this toxic substance is gulped down, it has the potency to kill even a big-sized dog. This poisonous substance actually paralyzes large animals first and then become the cause of their death.

In fact, a toad never exudes the poison unless provoked. Nevertheless, if the common toad is assaulted, it is able to emit a toxic substance that causes irritation to the eyes as well as the mucous membranes.

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The toxic substance exuded by toads actually works on our nervous system and skin. People who are exposed to the poison of the toad also suffer from lymphangitis (inflammation of the lymph vessels) that have a septic origin. In addition, the poison of the toad also results in paralysis agitans symptoms.

The homeopathic medicine bufo is also useful for children who are mentally weak and people who tend to become mentally disoriented or absent-minded much ahead of time and those suffering from symptoms of epilepsy. Such people may experience convulsions or seizures while they are asleep at night. This medicine is also effective in treating injuries to fingers wherein the pain travels in flashes upward to the arms.

It may be noted that the homeopathic medicine bufo is prepared from the poison exuded by the toad. Generally, toads emit poisonous substances either when they are irritated or teased by someone. This poison is quite potent and has the potential to even paralyze a big dog. Interestingly enough, it was the Chinese who were the first to use toad poison for medical purposes. Early Chinese medical practitioners used dried out toad poison to treat several conditions.

In homeopathy, the remedial properties enclosed by the toad poison were first established by the American homeopath J. T. Kent. He performed several tests to prove that the toad poison had the potential to treat several conditions. J. T. Kent also discovered that the homeopathic medicine bufo was appropriate remedy for people who were mentally challenged having characteristics of being simple and childish even when grown up.

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People who are said to possess bufo characteristics are always moist and appear to be somewhat puffed up and in a mental stupor. Such people are usually mentally feeble; gradually move backwards towards mental illness and prone to be prostate. Such people usually have a very poor memory and are generally quiet, inactive, impractical, and indifferent.

At the same time, bufo type of people have their phases of wildness in their behaviour. On such occasions, they become keyed up and run around the house like people who are crazy or mad. During such times, these people may bite at things, giggle regarding anything and also grab things.

Simultaneously, these types of people are always apprehensive that something horrible is likely to happen to them and they keep worrying about their health. The bufo type of people speak nonsense or rubbish, but also become angry quickly when they think that people are misinterpreting them.

Individuals, who are said to belong to the bufo type, generally lead a life that is mainly intuitive. Such people often have a very strong sexual urge and that desire needs to be satisfied immediately. Such type of people usually masturbates very frequently. Bufo people have a tendency to place their hands on their genitals nearly every time.

Men belonging to this category are likely to endure impotency as well as premature ejaculation, while bufo women may often experience a burning sensation either in their ovaries or the womb.

According to a tale, once a man was extremely sick suffering from dropsy (an infectious condition distinguished by accumulation of fluids in the tissues or body cavities). This man was ailing so critically that his wife took pity on him and wished that he could breathe his last peacefully.

Believing that the poison of the toad would help him to die early and get rid of his sufferings, his wife brought a live toad and put it in his bottle of wine. The toad died in the bottle and kept floating over the wine. Instead of hastening the man's death, the toad poison consumed along with the wine actually helped the ailing man to recuperate almost instantly!

A student of Hahnemann's took notice of this astonishing story and worked to find out whether the toad poison really possessed remedial properties. The works of this student helped to establish various other curative benefits of a homeopathic medicine prepared from the toad poison.

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Although the toxic substance (bufotoxin) exuded by the toad is extremely harmful for humans, the homeopathic medicine prepared from this toad poison - bufo, has multiple remedial use. The primary use of bufo is for treating epilepsy that is followed by a fierce headache.

The symptoms of this condition may include intolerance of music or any bright object prior to an epileptic fit; lapping or making circling movements with the tongue and a severe pain that tags along the streak of the lymph vessels.

People who are considered to be bufo types usually have a tendency to retain fluids in their body tissues and, therefore, appear to be puffed up and obsessed or fanatical. As aforementioned, they also easily become irate when they feel that they are being misinterpreted or misunderstood by others.

It may be noted that the homeopathic medicine bufo prepared from the poison exuded by the toad is virtually an exclusive therapy for conditions related to the nervous system. This medicine is helpful in curing mental retardation, especially in children. In addition, bufo is also an effective homeopathic medicine to treat epilepsy.

Sometimes, the bufo type of people may hurt themselves as they have the tendency to drop on the ground quite unexpectedly when they have an epileptic attack accompanied by a frightening shriek. Prior to an epileptic attack, such people cannot tolerate music or any bright object.

It has been seen that in most cases, the individuals who belong to the bufo type suffer a terrible headache subsequent to an epileptic fit. When they are actually enduring an epileptic attack, they have a sensation as if electric shocks are running throughout their body and they experience spasms or cramps in the body muscles.

In addition, during the epileptic attacks, this type of individuals may also experience shuddering movements that are similar to what is endured by patients suffering from the Parkinson's disease. Moreover, different parts of their body may become either insensitive or numb or turn out to be super sensitive.

People who are said to belong to the bufo type may have their body excrete moist blood; such as bloody saliva; nose bleedings; profuse flow of blood during their menstruation cycle; bloody vaginal fluids; throwing up blood and/ or bloody breast milk. What is, however, strange is that when these people have such bleedings, instead of feeling weak or sicker, they feel much better!

The discharges from their body also have a foul smell. Very often, the skin of such people discharges pus, a yellow colored, burning and irritating substance.

The symptoms of the conditions suffered by the bufo type individuals deteriorate during the night, when they usually have most of the epileptic attacks. In addition, the symptoms also worsen during menstruation cycle and when they are in a warm room. On the other hand, they feel better during the mornings and when they are in a place where there is cool air.


The true toad  whose poison is used to prepare the homeopathic medicine bufo is found all over the world, barring places like Australia and Madagascar.


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