Cactus grand.
Night-blooming Cactus

Cactus grandiflorus / Selenicereus grandiflorus

The homeopathic remedy cactus grand.is derived from a cactus species known as Selenicereus grandiflorus which is native to the Antilles. This cactus species is generally known as queen of the night and night-blooming cereus. However, several other species are also known by these two terms.

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The other common names of this species of cactus include sweet-scented cactus, large-flowered cactus, vanilla cactus or organillo. The other synonyms include Ceres grandiflorus, Selenicereus hallensis and Selenicereus kunthianus.

The stems of the variety of cactus known as night-blooming cactus are about 0.5 inches having around five to eight edges. The flowers of night-blooming cereus are white and they are around 30 cm in diameter having a fragrance that resembles redolent of vanilla. It is believed that the flowers of the night-blooming cactus are amongst the most exquisite blooms ever seen.

Interestingly, justifying the name of the species, the flowers of night-blooming cereus bloom after sunset and wilt only after a few hours.

The night-blooming cactus is a plump, crawling and rooting shrub that has cylindrical stems. The stems of this variety of cactus have around five or six somewhat obscure angles and branched arms that are covered with clusters of tiny spines in a radiating arrangement. The flowers of this species of cactus appear on the terminals as well as the sides of the clusters of spines.

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As aforementioned, flowers of the nigh-blooming cereus are quite large measuring up to eight inches to 12 inches in diameter. These exquisite flowers bloom after sunset and last only for a few hours spreading a fragrance similar to vanilla.

The petals of the night-blooming cereus flowers are white in color and spread out wide, but are somewhat shorter compared to the sepals that are linear and having the shape of the head of a lance (lanceolate). On the outside, the sepals have a brown color, while inside they are yellow.

The fruit borne by night-blooming cereus has an oval or egg-like shape and is covered with flaking tuber-like swellings (tubercles). The fruits are quite fleshy and have a delightful orange-reddish color. The seeds of the night-blooming cereus are tiny and acidic in nature.

As mentioned earlier, the flowers of this species of cactus last only for about six hours and when they wither, the ovary becomes enlarged turning into a pulpy and acidic juicy fruit - something akin to a gooseberry.

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Dr. Scheile was the first to bring this plant - night-blooming cereus, as well as its remedial properties to the notice of the medical community, but it did not generate much interest until Dr. R. Rubini, a homeopathic medicine practitioner from Naples, used this plant to treat a particular heart ailment.

The symptoms of the heart disease, which he treated using the night-blooming cereus, was documented by the homeopathic physician and they included acute constricting feelings in the heart accompanied by severe chest pain. Henceforth, the homeopathic remedy became a vital therapy for treating specific heart ailments.

To prepare the homeopathic remedy cactus grand., the flowers as well as the tender stems of night-blooming cereus need to be harvested during July and a tincture prepared from these parts while they remain fresh. The night-blooming cereus plant encloses a chalky acidic sap.

A chemical analysis of the plant has revealed that night-blooming cereus mainly encloses resins, while the scientists are yet to confirm the presence of a supposedly alkaloid cactine. It may be noted that a number of species of cactus have been traditionally used as informal remedy for their therapeutic properties.

In homeopathy, the variety of cactus known as night-blooming cactus is used to treat a number of health conditions and it is also said to be an aphrodisiac - a medication that helps to arouse sexual desires.

Many people grow night-blooming cereus as a plant to decorate their homes. However, when this variety of cactus is grown as an ornamental house plant, it is quite difficult to take care of its nourishment and growth. Owing to this single reason, every cactus enthusiast who grows night-blooming cereus to decorate the interiors of their homes takes pride for the plant's exquisite flowers.

It may be noted that there was a time when the Selenicereus species were cross bred with species belonging to the genus Epiphyllum to create house plants that are more long-lasting and bear large and beautiful flowers.

The homeopathic remedy cactus grand. has been found to be most suitable for people who feel an urge to be content and complete. The use of this homeopathic medicine facilitates the aptitude to be loved. This type of people always feels the need to be loved as well as be understood and appreciated for the work that they have completed.

They always feel that others should shower their affection on them. In fact, such people are not just self-centered; on the contrary, they also bear as well as care for other people too with a view to get love and appreciation from them in return. In fact, cactus grand. is beneficial for people, especially servants, who direct all their energies for the good of other people.

Such individuals always feel the urge to solve other people's difficulties or requirements even when their services may not be necessary or required at all. They are always so busy or engaged thinking and working for others, they actually hardly think about themselves. The cactus grand. type of people are extremely sensitive, especially when they feel that they are not being loved or cared for.

And such sensitiveness prevents them from enjoying life as well as all things around them. This type of people mostly suffers from a feeling that they are lonely and secluded and this makes them think that they do not have much power.

The symptoms of cactus grand. patients may include losing desires and feeling powerless. At the same time, the limbs become insensitive and frozen. People enduring this condition may also find their emotions to be deadened since there is no outlet to vent their feelings.

Other symptoms also include self-doubt or lack of confidence and people are unable to commit themselves to anything if not their personal projects also engross helping other people. Such people often suffer from the feeling that they are not good persons. They feel guilty for they often feel that they are not doing something in the precise manner it should be done.

They also feel guilty because whenever anything goes wrong, they think that they are responsible. In addition, such people never want to be left alone and when they actually feel lonely or isolated, they become mad or bad-tempered. When they are secluded or left alone, this type of people may create trouble and subsequently get detached from others.

When they are left by themselves, these people have a tendency to withdraw emotionally as well as physically with a view to get even. They are always keen to avoid failure in their life, but, at the same time, these individuals have a feeling that they do not deserve the success they have achieved. Using the homeopathic remedy cactus grand. helps to alleviate all these problems and associated symptoms.

Cactus grand. works on the circular muscular fibers. Especially, the heart and the arteries respond well to the actions of the homeopathic remedy cactus grand. when people endure the most typical constrictions, something akin to a sensation of being bound by an iron band.

This homeopathic remedy is apt for people who experience this sensation at different places in their body, such as the bladder, esophagus and others. Use of cactus grand. has an impact on the mind and the mental symptoms relieved by this homeopathic remedy are similar to those that are found wherein there are sadness, heart affections and melancholy.

The patients undergo an experience like their entire body is caged and each wire of the cage is being entwined even tighter. In homeopathy, cactus grand. is the most suitable therapy for atheromatous arteries (a condition wherein the walls of the arteries thicken due to excess accumulation of fats) and feeble heart.

This remedy is also effective for treating congestions in the blood vessels that may cause anomalous blood circulation. Many homeopaths also recommend cactus grand. for people suffering from toxic goiter (an enlarged thyroid gland that forms too much discharges) accompanied by cardiac symptoms.

Parts used

Young, tender stems and flowers.


The homeopathic remedy cactus grand. derived from the cactus species Selenicereus grandiflorus possesses several therapeutic properties and, hence, is prescribed to treat a variety of health conditions and related symptoms. Homeopaths generally prescribe cactus grand. for treating angina accompanied by uncontrollable, constricting pain.

People suffering from this condition undergo an experience as if their chest has been bound tightly by an iron band, particularly when the heart is working vigorously, for instance, when one is exercising or enduring stress or tension. The pain owing to angina is not only excruciation, but also uncontrollable and the condition deteriorates when the individual is sleeping on the left side.

This condition is often accompanied by palpitations or abnormal heart beat. In addition to these symptoms, angina may also be associated to swelling or an itchy feeling in the left hand. The situation becomes so unbearable that the sufferers have a feeling that they would die soon and that there is no remedy for their condition.

Cactus grand. is especially useful in treating various ailments related to the heart. People who endure cardiac weakness owing to arteriosclerosis and irregular heart beat benefit most from the use of cactus grand. In addition, this homeopathic remedy is effective in alleviating conditions, such as heart constrictions which may often be accompanied by symptoms like palpitations or rapid and irregular heart beat.

The species of cactus known as Selenicereus grandiflorus or Ceres grandiflorus possesses numerous therapeutic properties - sedative, diuretic as well as cardiac. In fact, the plant Ceres grandiflorus has been used by physicians as a cardiac stimulant (tonic for the heart) and to some extent as a substitute for digitalis (any plant belonging to the genus Digitalis).

However, when the extract of the plant or medication prepared from it is used in large amounts it results in mild delirium, gastric irritation, hallucinations as well as common mental perplexities. Use of the plant Ceres grandiflorus is known to significantly enhance renal secretion (excretions from the kidneys).

Nevertheless, the plant is considered to be safe for use and there is apparently no complaint that its use weakens the nervous system. Ceres grandiflorus/ Selenicereus grandiflorus or the homeopathic remedy derived from this plant cactus grand. has definite actions on the heart and often helps to provide immediate relief from functional or organic ailments.

Cactus grand. has been found to be effective in treating conditions, such as haemoptysis (coughing of blood from the respiratory tract as in the instance of tuberculosis), dropsy (edema) and incipient apoplexy.


The variety of cactus known as night-blooming cereus or Selenicereus grandiflorus generally grows in the arid, desert areas in the United States as well as South America.


From Margaret - Jul-05-2012
My naturopath recently suggested that I take 3 pills on the onset of atrial fibrillation and again every 1/2 hour following. Last time the a-fib started I took 4 pills and they had hardly dissolved before the rhythm was back to normal. What a blessing!
From Olga
I am taking this with great help to my heart. I was unable to walk from one end of the house to the other. My heart was beating so rapidly. Now that I am taking Cactus Grand, I can walk so much better, no heart racing like mad.
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