Calc. carb.

Calcarea carbonica

The homeopathic remedy Calcarea carbonica (Calc. Carb.) is prepared using calcium carbonate and is primarily used for curing dawdling development of bones and teeth as well as throbbing joints and bones.

Calcarea carbonica, also known as calcium carbonate, forms an important natural source of calcium. In effect, it is one substance that is found in large quantity in the human body and forms the bones and teeth. Calcarea carbonica is vital for the cell structure as well as the strength of bones.

Precisely speaking, calcium is obtained from various substances, such as coral, chalk as well as limestone. Probably owing to the manifestation of its attributes that facilitate in building the body, Calcarea carbonica (Calc. carb.) is prescribed by homeopathic practitioners to treat health conditions which come together with symptoms, such as depression, exhaustion and nervousness.

In effect, the calcium carbonate that is used to prepare the homeopathic remedy calc. carb. is collected from oyster shells, pulverized into fine powder and used in its full potency.

As aforementioned, this homeopathic remedy is prepared using the oyster shells and the origin of the medications reveals a lot of things regarding the attitude or mindset of people belonging to this type.

It may be noted that the oyster is considered to be among the less robust sea creatures and it has a preference to remain in safety inside its shell. In addition, oysters are almost always found to be sticking to rocks for their safety. Within an oyster shell it is supple and formless and the activities of an oyster centers on collecting food and digesting it.

Individuals belonging to the Calcarea type are known to be sluggish, firm, realistic and lumbering. Although the comparatively fiery types of individuals, such as those belonging to Sulphur and Lachesis, are always seeking stimulation and fame, those belonging to the Calcarea are just satisfied staying indoors and watching television, if possible with someone to embrace and sufficient supply of high-calorie foods to eat.

It may be noted that in homeopathy every remedy type articulates its requirement for security in a singular manner. For instance, an Aurum type finds security in wealth and prestige, while those belonging to the Lycopodium type consider security when their actions and thoughts are approved by others. Then again, for the Pulsatilla type, security denotes simply knowing that they are loved by their beloveds. For people belonging to the Calcarea type, security denotes familiar environments and people.

Any type of change seems to be menacing to individuals belonging to the Calcarea type and they try to stay away from changes by remaining as and where they are.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the Calcarea type remains in the same job for several years, often more than two decades, in spite of possessing the aptitude to engage in something more challenging. Interestingly enough, one may find a Calcarea individual staying in her native town for her entire life, only to venture out further during the holidays and they are always happier to return home after their brief sojourn.

Such conformist or traditional propensity may be seen in several areas of a Calcarea individual's life. Children belonging to this remedy type are especially cautious regarding new experiences.

They are normally very slow even in trying out new foods, measure while making friendship with any new person and also unenthusiastic to think about dissimilar philosophies as well as opinions as they grow older. Nevertheless, they are very companionable with their already existing friends.

Similar to the individuals belonging to the Arsenicum remedy type, even the Calcarea has an inclination to be extremely worried about material security. Consequently, both these types also have a propensity for hypochondria or are excessively worried about their health.

In addition, they are also usually anxious regarding their future and what might occur to them from the material point of view. However, there are also significant disparities in this manner between the two remedy types. While the Arsenicum individual would try and control his surroundings by remaining specific, particular and prudent, individuals belonging to the Calcarea remedy type just do not want any kind of change and try to avoid it.

In effect, to a great extent, they are most comfortable and indulgent when they are within their familiar environs. The main worry of a Calcarea individual is security and when they are assured convincingly, they are free to enjoy their life - not requiring much thrill, affluence or status.

Parts used

The chemical compound calcium carbonate forms the basis for the homeopathic remedy calc. carb.


The homeopathic remedy calc. carb.is primarily prescribed to cure sluggish development of bones and teeth as well as throbbing joints and bones, for instance, backache, fractures that are slow to heal and hurting teething in children. This homeopathic medication is also very effective in treating headaches that occur on the right-side.

Homeopathic physicians also prescribe calc. carb. to cure conditions, such as eye infections wherein the white area of the eye is reddened, particularly in the right eye and ear infections with foul or sour smelling discharges.

Calc. carb. is also used to treat other problems, including candidiasis (any infection, usually of the mouth or the respiratory tract, caused by the fungus belonging to the genus Candida), eczema, profuse menstruation, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), menopausal symptoms and also digestive problems.

Individuals who need the homeopathic medication calc. carb. most are those who are always worried, exhausted, and susceptible to cold and have a propensity to perspire profusely even when they exert themselves only a little. Their sweat has a foul smell and perspiration is profuse on the chest as well as the back of their head.

Some of them may suffer from constipation also, but interestingly enough, they feel better for this condition! The urine of the Calcarea remedy type of individuals has a disgusting odour. Children who require this homeopathic remedy most usually have glue ear and chronic tonsillitis.


Calcium carbonate which forms the basis for the homeopathic remedy calc. carb. is primarily obtained from the mother-of-pearl present in the oyster shell.

Calc. fluor.

Calcarea fluorica

The homeopathic remedy Calcium fluoride (Calc. fluor.) is prepared chemically using the compound calcium fluoride and being a Schussler tissue salt; it is primarily used to sustain the elasticity of the body tissues dissolving any hard outgrowth of the bones.

Calcium fluoride is present naturally on the exterior of bones, in the tooth enamel, within the skin cells as well as the elastic fibers of the connective tissues and blood cells. Basically, the homeopathic remedy Calcium fluoride is used to maintain the elasticity of the body tissues.

Parts used

The chemical compound calcium fluoride forms the basis of the homeopathic remedy calc. fluor.


As aforementioned, the homeopathic remedy calc. fluor.is mainly used to maintain the elasticity of the body tissues as well as break down any outgrowth of hard bones. In addition, calc. fluor. is also an effective remedy for strained muscles, joints and ligaments, distended adenoids, scarce tooth enamel, lumbago and other back aches.

Homeopathic physicians prescribe this medication for children who suffer from sluggish bone development and related problems in learning to walk as well as distended adenoids that may turn out to be gritty and firm following chronic nose, ear and throat infections.

The main utilities of calcium fluoride as well as the forte of the homeopathic remedy calc. fluor. is to restore the suppleness of the body tissues, including the veins, muscles, bones and skin. Being a cell salt, calc. fluor. helps in curing health conditions caused by firm tissues or tissues that are unable to recover or pull through from any injury, growing, ailment, pregnancy and even aging.

Such health conditions may include varicose veins, hemorrhoids, growing pains, stretch marks, loose and decaying tooth, swollen and tender joints as well as debility in the muscle tissues.


Calcium fluoride, which forms the basis of the homeopathic remedy calc. fluor., is found in abundance in various parts of the globe, including Mexico, Italy, Brazil, England, Norway, the United States and Canada.

Calc. phos.

Calcium phosphorica

The homeopathic remedy Calcium phosphate (Calc. phos.) is prepared chemically using the compound calcium phosphate and it is primarily used to cure bone complaints and tooth decay.

It may be noted that calcium phosphate, a mineral salt, is the foremost element of our bones and teeth. This mineral salt is present in nature in the mineral known as apatite. When calcium phosphate is blended with calcium sulfate, it turns out to be an excellent nutrient for the plants. Calcium phosphate also has industrial utility and is used in manufacturing porcelain and glass.

The homeopathic remedy calc. phos. is prepared from the mineral salt calcium phosphate which is basically a Schussler salt and is excellent for treating problems related to bones and teeth. It is especially useful for treating problems like sluggish growth as well as teething problems in children.

Parts used

The mineral salt calcium phosphate that is found in the mineral apatite forms the basis of the homeopathic remedy calc. phos.


As mentioned earlier, the mineral salt calcium phosphate is essential for the vigorous development of the bones, teeth as well as the soft body tissues. Homeopathic physicians prescribe calc. phos. to cure bone disorders, for instance, throbbing bones and joints, fractures that take too much time to heal as well as fast decaying of teeth.

In addition, the homeopathic medication Calcium phosphate (Calc. phos.) is excellent for treating sluggish growth and growing soreness in children and adolescents accompanied by deadness or creeping feelings in the hands and feet. Calc. phos. is especially beneficial for children as far as treating problems related to growth - for instance, fontanel that is dawdling to close as well as belated or problematic teething.

Using the homeopathic medication calc. phos. helps to do away with debility, fatigue and overtiredness following any ailment. In homeopathy, calc. phos. is also a primary medication for treating problems of the digestive tract, for instance, upset stomach or diarrhea accompanied by pain following consumption of food. It is also used to treat distended glands caused by chronic throat infections or tonsillitis.

Individuals who require the homeopathic remedy calc. phos. most are those who are mostly miserable and unsatisfied. When such people suffer from any ailment, they are likely to have a strong desire for bacon rind.

This homeopathic remedy is very beneficial for children as it helps them to prevail over growth spurts, headaches while studying as well as common anemia - and this is just the beginning of what we can expect from calc. phos. Although it is beneficial for children, every one of us may use this homeopathic remedy to strengthen ourselves now and then.

Calc. phos., known to be the cellular building block of all cell salt remedies, helps to cure several health conditions that come together with growth, debility and/ or structural stress.

The homeopathic remedy calc. phos. has numerous other uses. One the one hand, it is an excellent remedy while one is in detention, during early childhood, growth surges as well as puberty. Alternatively, calc. phos. is an effective remedy when the system starts deteriorating and gets smaller.

When this homeopathic remedy is administered to children who are undergoing teething problems as well as having problems while learning to walk or talk, they are able to overcome these problems rapidly. The stabling power of this homeopathic medication facilitates in easing the sugar highs, study headaches as well as stomach aches associated with stress in children.

Even children who become insipid and fatigued following a growth spurt may certainly use the balancing effects of calc. phos. provided they are always saying that they are feeling bored or develop appalling thoughts.

In effect, this homeopathic remedy may be used by people of any age to help them overcome certain ailments that are caused by strain or debility. Patients suffering from joint, back and neck pain owing to arthritis that become worse when they are exposed to minimum wind, tendonitis (inflammation of any tendon), carpal tunnel symptoms (problems associated with the nerves) and sluggish healing of bones, like fractures, may find calc. phos. effective in curing their problems.

Being a cell salt or a Schussler salt, the homeopathic remedy calc. phos. can provide a rejuvenating enhancement for patients enduring common iron insufficiency, poor digestion and/ or lingering weariness following any ailment or childbirth.

As aforementioned, using the homeopathic remedy calc. phos. may offer great benefits to people who are dissatisfied and restive for most of the time. Such patients usually have a great craving for a change or traveling and moan or complain a lot. In addition, they also have a great craving for ham, which is rich in fat and salt, bacon and ice cream, particularly if their symptoms are worsened due to cold.


The homeopathic remedy calc. phos. is prepared chemically using dilute phosphoric acid and calcium hydroxide. When these two chemicals react, the resultant compound is calcium phosphate.

Calc. sulf.

Calcarea sulfurica

The homeopathic remedy calc. sulf is prepared chemically using the compound calcium sulfate found in gypsum and it is especially used to treat health conditions that results in the formation of pus.

Although Dr. William H. Schussler was the first to identify calcium sulphate as a tissue salt, this chemical compound has a number of industrial uses. Calcium sulphate is widely used to make cement, plaster casts and also a white pigment. Dr. Schussler was of the view that scarcity of calcium sulphate in the body did not allow the proper disintegration of the red blood cells and this resulted in the body tissues becoming contaminated and becoming full with pus.

Parts used

The chemical compound calcium sulfate forms the basis of the homeopathic remedy calc. sulf.


The homeopathic medication calc. sulf. is generally used for treating health conditions that are accompanied by discharges of pus or for injuries that take too much time to heal - for instance, carbuncles, abscesses, boils, cysts and/ or infected eczema. Patients suffering from these conditions experience related symptoms, such as a yellowish spread over at the back of their tongue, distended glands and a flaming sensation on the soles of their feet.

Since the mineral calcium sulphate is an essential element of our body's cleansing systems, this cell salt remedy facilitates in healing wounds, pimples, skin complaints, tender throats and other health conditions that have a tendency to discharge a type of yellowish pus faster.

In addition, calc. sulf. is also effective for treating or decontaminating colds as well as allergies provided dense, yellowish mucus results in eye irritation, nasal blockage and runny noses. In effect, the homeopathic medication calc. sulf. is an ideal remedy for allergic individuals who take pleasure in walking in the open air. Calc. sulf. also has the aptitude to provide every one an effective cleansing whenever required.

The homeopathic remedy calc. sulf. was discovered by Dr. William H. Schussler, who also established the cell salts as well as the Biochemic Theory. Calcium sulphate, which forms the basis of this homeopathic remedy, is present in the human skin cells and blood mainly to avert or diminish formation of pus and mucus accumulation (suppuration) and also the breakdown of cells.

Shortage of calcium sulphate in the body may result in sluggish movements, mucus conditions and dormant colds and also poor skin conditions. Hence, the homeopathic medication calc. sulf. is extremely useful in cleansing a wide range of symptoms related to the skin and mucus.

People who have been suffering from tender throats, colds, coughs, eye irritations, ear problems and sinus congestions that discharge dense yellowish mucus may benefit immensely by turning to the homeopathic remedy calc. sulf., which helps to cleanse the mucus.

This medication is all the more effective for people whose conditions deteriorate following consumption of milk products. It is useful in treating health conditions, such as mature colds accompanied by headaches, choking cough, post nasal drip, tender throat and profuse posterior sinuses in the middle of the ear. Once a patient has already suffered from cold, use of calc. sulf. assists in cleaning out a persistent dense croupy (hoarse coughing) morning cough.

The homeopathic remedy calc. sulf. is also effective in speeding up the healing process of wounds, acne, pimples, eruptions and sores when the skin conditions are somewhat yellowish. This medication is especially beneficial when the sore has opened and it begins to discharge yellowish pus. Calc. sulf. is generally used after Silica.

Calc. sulf. is helpful in providing quick relief in case a patient experiences any blazing, sweaty soles, itching and the characteristic potent foot smell that follows.

There is one important aspect that differentiates Calcium sulphate from the other homeopathic remedies containing the mineral calcium as well as another quite similar homeopathic medication Hepar sulph. This factor is that when people requiring calc. sulf. are exposed to heat, their condition deteriorates very fast.

While cold air may also worsen the symptoms, individuals who require calc. phos. very much loathe being exposed to too much heat or being in a hot stifling room. In such situations, they are prone to kick off the covers most of the time. With regard to the mental or constitutional range of the calc. sulf. remedy type, several books mention about offspring jealousy or competition among siblings.

The homeopathic remedy is most appropriate for people who suffer from allergies and skin complaints and take pleasure in walking in the open air. Nevertheless, it can be certainly said that calc. sulf. has the aptitude to benefit us all by providing an excellent cleansing whenever required.


The chemical compound calcium sulfate, which forms the basis of the homeopathic remedy calc. sulph. is obtained from gypsum. Gypsum is found abundantly in a number of places across the globe, including the United States, Canada, France and Italy.


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