Cayenne / Chili Pepper

Capsicum annuum

Cayenne or chili pepper plant forms the source for the homeopathic remedy capsicum. Although perennial by nature, people usually cultivate cayenne as an annual plant, which grows up to a height of anything between 0.5 meter and 1.5 meters. The purple veins and attractive white flowers of this green shrubbery draw attraction.

This sturdy plant is thickly branched and bears a single flower having a white hue. The plant bears green fruits, which change colors mainly to red when ripe. However, capsicum is also found to have other colors, such as yellow, brown and even purple. The fruits have a resemblance to jalapeno.

The homeopathic remedy capsicum is prepared from the fruits of the capsicum plant. Therapeutically, chilies are known to be potent energizers for the entire body as they help to augment the flow of blood as well as stimulate sweating. Long back, people used capsicum to cure contagions.

Precisely speaking, capsicum is an ideal remedy for people, who are termed as 'peppery', unhappy or restless, sleeplessness and somewhat cynical. In fact, they are usually unable to engage themselves totally in their routine lives owing to a feeling of homesickness or wistful.

The most typical symptom of people who require capsicum most is poor energy levels, most possibly in people who are aged or incapacitated as a result of prostate problems or alcoholism.

People said to be of the Capsicum type usually suffer from debility that comes with infections that may discharge fluids like pus, very sluggish curative processes as well as an extreme feeling to drafts or pulls. In addition, the usual symptoms also comprise sore, red, inflaming throat that hurts like consuming pepper itself.

Since time immemorial, people have been using the dehydrated pods of capsicum in the form of a hot spice in culinary as well as an energizer and irritant in traditional herbal medicine. The native tribes inhabiting the tropical climatic regions in America too utilized capsicum as an indigenous palliative.

Parts used

The homeopathic remedy capsicum is prepared by marinating the dehydrated or dried out pods of the capsicum (chilli pepper) fruits in alcohol. Subsequently, the solution is watered down to desired level and succussed to obtain the end product - capsicum.


As aforementioned, dried out chilli pepper pods form the basis of the homeopathic medication capsicum. Capsicum possesses a number of therapeutic properties. It is a potent energizer for the entire body as it augments the flow of blood throughout the body and also encourages perspiration.

The homeopathic remedy capsicum is very effective in alleviating problems, such as vicious pain in the bladder, back, thighs, neck, ears as well as the chest when there is coughing. People enduring such stinging pain have a burning sensation as if they have consumed hot chilli peppers. In addition, homeopathic medicine practitioners prescribe capsicum for patients suffering from diarrhea, sore throats, mouth ulcers, hemorrhoids, rheumatism and heartburn.

This homeopathic remedy is most suitable for individuals who have a strong desire for stimulants like coffee. Nevertheless, taking such stimulants only worsens the stinging pain.

People who are weak, having slack fiber as well as weakened vital warmth are the ones who require the homeopathic remedy capsicum most. Capsicum is known to be an effective medication for people who are calm, plethoric and sluggish and lacking enough reactive strength.

In fact, usually such individuals are obese, laid-back, have an aversion for physical work, simply become homesick quite and dislike undertaking any work that is not within their routine. In addition, individuals who require capsicum most usually have a tendency to remain bodily unclean.

In addition if such individuals are familiar alcoholics they have a feeling as if their mucus membranes are constrained and using capsicum helps to alleviate this condition.

People who need the homeopathic remedy capsicum also suffer from the tenderness of petrous bone (the thick hard segment of the temporal bone that forms a defensive case for the inner ear) and endure stinging or scorching aches and coldness in general. In fact, aged people who have spent up their vivacity, particularly due to mental work as well as substandard or poor lifestyles, and are fatigued to the point of exhaustion and have lost the strength to react also need this homeopathic remedy very much.

They get apprehensive even at the slightest hint of any deficiency. Capsicum is most suitable for people who have a tendency to experience discharge of fluids or pus from the place where they may be enduring any soreness or inflammation. In case such people are alcoholics, they have a very poor digestion and may also suffer from depression or dejection. Such individuals also suffer from myalgia (muscular rheumatism), throbbing and shuddering or twitching of the muscles.

Capsicum has a very distinguished and effective action in treating tender throats, especially when the throat is raw, swollen, dark and sore. When people suffer from such tender throats they also have a feeling as if the throat is hot and constricted and should turn to the homeopathic remedy capsicum for quick relief from the burning sensation and vicious pain.

This homeopathic medication is also effective in providing relief from throat aches that spread to the ears and produces a feeling as if there is some hot chilli pepper in the throat. In addition, capsicum is also very effective for treating aching throats, especially if the patients are chain smokers or alcoholics.

It is also useful for treating coughs accompanied by aches all over the body. This homeopathic remedy is a must for people suffering from chronic croakiness accompanied with a burning feeling and a prickly or stinging pain with extreme tenderness.

In addition, the homeopathic remedy capsicum is also very effective in treating gastro-intestinal problems, such as dyspepsia (indigestion) accompanied by flatulence with a tumbling feeling in the stomach cavity. People who need this homeopathic medicine usually have an intense desire for energizing drinks or other stimulants, consumption of which produce a burning sensation and stinging pain in the abdomen.

Taking capsicum helps to provide relief from such symptoms. Moreover, it is also a very useful curative for dysentery, especially when the stool contains significant blood and mucus. In such cases, the patients have an intense thirst each time they pass stool and shudder whenever they take any drink following excretion.

Practitioners of homeopathic medicine also recommend use of capsicum for people suffering from hemorrhoids (abnormally enlarged vein in the sphincter of the anus) accompanied by tenderness in anus. In such cases, the patients have a protruding hemorrhoid with stinging and scorching pain and feel as though they have been sprayed with chilli pepper. They also experience a sketching pain in the back and turning to capsicum helps to alleviate this condition effectively.

As mentioned earlier, capsicum is also useful in curing homesickness accompanied with insomnia and reddish cheeks. On such occasions, the patients generally desire to be left alone at home and avoid company.

In addition, the homeopathic remedy capsicum is also very effective for people suffering from dysentery and passing very little stool each time. As aforementioned, capsicum is also useful for individuals experiencing a blazing pain inside or in the region of the anus.

This homeopathic medicine is most beneficial for individuals who endure chilliness very often. In fact, such conditions will only occur frequently if the individual is consuming liquids. However, use of capsicum is the perfect remedy for all such conditions in homeopathy.


Capsicum annuum, which forms the basis for the homeopathic remedy capsicum, is a cultivated species of plants belonging to genus Capsicum. This plant species has its origin in the southern regions of North America as well as the northern areas of South America.

Although plants belonging to this species can endure and thrive in most climatic conditions, they particularly flourish when grown in areas having warm and arid climatic condition. Since this plant can adapt itself to different climatic conditions, it is now cultivated in various parts of the world. Incidentally, the plants grown in different climatic conditions have dissimilar flavours too.

It is said that its ability to grow in a variety of climatic conditions has facilitated the rapid spread of capsicum annuum, a New World plant, all over the globe - possibly more rapidly compared to any other crop.


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