Carbo veg.

Carbo vegetabilis

The homeopathic remedy Carbo vegetabilis (Carbo veg.) is prepared using charcoal and it is used to cure indigestion, flatulence and other health complaints.

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The process to make charcoal involves heating wood in the absence of air. The wood that is partially burnt is normally very firm and in the earlier times, people used it to demarcate the boundary of their real estate property.

Charcoal also has a number of therapeutic uses and from the medical point of view it is believed to be a deodorizer as well as a sterilizer. In addition, charcoal is used to treat stomach gases, problems due to food that is not properly digested in the stomach, ulceration as well as septic ailments. Conventional medicine continues to use charcoal in the form of charcoal tablets to treat gas problems in the lower intestine.

In effect, all of us are familiar with charcoal and have used it at some point of time for some purpose. Charcoal is basically a mineral that is reasonably durable and, hence, has been used for various purposes over the years. In homeopathy, charcoal was discovered several years back, and even before that people used it as a purifier for the skin.

In homeopathy, when it was discovered that charcoal was useful as the source of a very helpful medication, it assumed a new as well as an exceptionally important role.

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While charcoal forms the basis of the homeopathic medication Carbo vegetabilis (Carbo veg.), the medicine itself does not contain any trace of the mineral. In order to prepare charcoal, wood is cut into small pieces and heated till it becomes red hot. Subsequently, the burnt wood is conserved in a hermetic jar.

The ash produced through this process is subsequently triturated (pulverized) with lactose sugar, diluted to desired levels and finally succussed. The compound formed in this way is called carbo veg. in homeopathy. This homeopathic remedy possesses certain specific and valuable uses.

Individuals for whom the homeopathic remedy carbo veg. is most beneficial are those who have an inclination to suffer psychological or physical breakdown. Such individuals appear to be on the brink of collapsing due to their intense exhaustion.

Moreover, it is possible that these people might not have recuperated from the ailments they have been suffering or they usually show somewhat extreme symptoms that definitely require treatment. Owing to their mental condition as well as their symptoms, such people are likely to feel nervous and restive for most part of the day.

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People who belong to the Carbo veg. type are always afraid of the bizarre things and usually are also fretful or nervous during the night. Such individuals are also very poor at remembering anything. In addition, getting up early in the morning is very difficult for them. They also find it difficult to get going and do not have any interest in bettering their condition.

Individuals requiring the homeopathic remedy carbo veg. possess very little physical energy and seem to be very lethargic, but they loathe lying down. While they are very susceptible to cold weather, they also dislike being in warm airless rooms. Usually, their extremities (the extreme ends of their body parts like fingers) are damp and cold and they suffer from flatulence and fetid smelling breath.

The aptitude of charcoal to take up gasses as well as toxins even when consumed has actually secured it a position in traditional medicine since time immemorial. Interestingly enough, till this day many physicians prescribe charcoal tablets for people who suffer from flatulence. Anyone who keeps tropical or marine fish is aware of the fact that charcoal filters are most excellent for getting rid of toxins and gasses that have been kept off by water.

Parts used

Charcoal is the basis of the homeopathic remedy Carbo vegetabilis (Carbo veg.). To prepare this medication, charcoal is powdered and subsequently triturated with lactose sugar. The end result is the mother tincture of carbo veg., which does not retain any trace of this mineral.


While charcoal is effective in controlling the foul smelling breath owing to formation of stomach gasses, the homeopathic remedy prepared with it - Carbo vegetabilis (Carbo veg.) works to rapidly soothe the gas filled stomachs as well as the indigestion that accompanies this condition.

When people are debilitated owing to any ailment or exhaustion, this medication facilitates in easing headaches, constipation, fatigue, colds as well as persistent sporadic coughs. In the instance of the mental condition being negative, tetchy and/ or unconcerned, even if it happens for a brief period of time, the homeopathic medication carbo veg. has the potential to turn things around.

Generally, homeopathic physicians prescribe carbo veg. for people who have been enduring physical debility, fatigue as well as poor vivacity that is common following an operation or ailment. In addition, this homeopathic remedy has the aptitude to ease shock especially in the wake of a surgery wherein there is a cold sensation on the skin and the individual appears pale. However, the patient has a hot sensation within and all these symptoms can be alleviated by turning to carbo veg.

Homeopathic physicians also prescribe carbo veg. to people who suffer from absence of oxygenation in the tissues owing to meagre blood circulation in the veins. People suffering from poor venous circulation experience symptoms, such as bluish skin on the face, hands and feet, cold, swollen and cold legs, and/ or hemorrhaging varicose veins. Some patients may also experience symptoms like huskiness, cold tongue and breath, poor energy levels and absence of coordination.

The homeopathic remedy Carbo vegetabilis (Carbo veg.) is also very effective for treating health complaints like digestive disorders arising from any type of diet. Such digestive problems may include heartburn, formation of stomach gas and indigestion.

The symptoms endured by people suffering from such digestive disorders may comprise sour burping, a salty taste in the mouth and regurgitation (intended or instinctive return of partially digested food to the mouth from the stomach).

In addition, carbo veg. is also useful in providing relief from headaches that usually happen in the morning, particularly after consuming excessive food, as well as when there is a heavy and hot sensation in the head accompanied by giddiness, queasiness and a propensity to faint.

In addition, many homeopathic physicians also prescribe carbo veg. for patients suffering from asthma and intermittent coughing as in the case of whooping cough accompanied by stifling, suffocation and vomiting mucus. This medication is also useful in treating bronchitis suffered by aged people.

Caro vegetabilis (Carbo veg.) is especially effective in treating two specific conditions - exhaustion and chronic fatigue syndrome as well as indigestion and flatulence. A brief discussion on the usefulness of carbo veg. in curing these two health conditions is presented below.

Fatigue and chronic fatigue syndrome

We all experience some degree of fatigue or exhaustion some time or the other. Normally, this appears in the form of tremendous tiredness, debility and it is possible that there is a difference of temperatures of the skin and the body. Homeopathic physicians use carbo veg. to treat fatigue or conditions that are further extreme, for instance, chronic fatigue syndrome.

This ailment is generally accompanied by throbbing stinging pains throughout the body. In such cases, the glands of the patients become swollen and they find it difficult to concentrate. In addition, such patients also suffer from tremendous anxiety or nervousness. The symptoms experienced by the patients worsen rapidly and it is apparent that they are enduring a lot of problems.

Indigestion and flatulence

In homeopathy, Carbo vegetabilis (Carbo veg.) is an ideal remedy for flatulence and digestive disorders. In addition, this homeopathic medication is also effective in treating regurgitation. People suffering from such health conditions may have symptoms, such as foul smelling stomach gas, sour burps, bloating and even diarrhea, which may make an uncomplicated action like eating rather difficult.


Charcoal, which forms the basis of the homeopathic remedy Carbo vegetabilis (Carbo veg.) is obtained by burning pieces of wood in the absence of air. Normally, wood from the beech, poplar trees or silver birch is used to prepare charcoal. These species of wood grow in the Northern Hemisphere.


From Lalitheswara Raju Valluru - Mar-17-2018
This is a wonderful remedy in treating belching and flatulance. The homeopaths consider it as "corpse reviver" and most trusted drug.
From H. K. Sharma - 2010
Carbo veg. is an excellent remedy for old people suffering from indigestion, gas formation etc. Single dose of 200 potency in the afternoon helps to get rid of problems. Results are seen from third dose onwards. It is also very helpful where hair loss is observed after headaches.
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