Cancerous Breast Tissue


The homeopathic remedy Carcinosin is prepared from cancerous tissues that are typically taken from the breast. Next to heart ailments, cancer happens to be the second most widespread reason for death in the Western world. In effect, two British homeopaths, Dr. Clarke and Dr. Compton Burnett are credited with the development of this homeopathic remedy that has been prepared with substances obtained from cancerous tissues.

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In the 19th century, these two homeopathic physicians proved the efficacy of Carcinosin for the first time. Later, following researches undertaken by Royal London Homeopathic Hospital's Dr. D. M. Foubister and the publication of the findings by the United States' homeopath Dr. J. Shore in 1989, the uses of this homeopathic remedy expanded significantly.

It is understood that Carcinosin is particularly useful for conditions that are not cancerous in individuals having a very strong family history of cancer.

People who benefit most from Carcinosin are those who are introverted, extremely sympathetic and touchy during their childhood. This type of children usually holds back their emotions, loathe being censured or scolded and can become offended easily. When they attain puberty, such children may often find it hard to restrict their sexual emotions.

When they grow into adults, they have a propensity to be obsessive and habitually turn out to be workaholics, incessantly driving themselves to the limits. They may possibly have an intense yearning for traveling as well as thrill. Their desire for profound contentment may result in fatigue as well as ailments.

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In addition, individuals having a strong desire for foods rich in fat content, particularly butter and chocolate, may find this homeopathic remedy useful. The physical symptoms of such people are likely to be affected either positively or negatively when they are at seaside. Usually, such people feel well when they go for dancing or are listening to music. Their symptoms are likely to be eased when they are lying down with their knees pulled up to their elbows.

Carcinosin, as a homeopathic remedy, may be given to people having an individual or family history of cancer, tuberculosis and/ or diabetes. In a number of instances, this medication may also be used to treat the actual ailments. Carcinosin also has a similarity with individuals having a history of emotional pressure, or those who are recuperating from mononucleosis or chronic fatigue syndrome.

It is worth mentioning here that breast cancer is among the most widespread forms of cancer prevalent in women. In effect, majority of malignant breast tumours occur in the upper and outer areas of the breast.

Carcinosin is made by first preparing a specimen of the cancerous tissue, usually taken from the breast, and subsequently sterilizing and dissolving it in disinfected water. This blend is then diluted as well as succussed repeatedly.

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It is generally believed that no good thing can ever emerge from cancer. While this may be true in majority of the cases, it does not hold well in the world of homeopathy. In effect, homeopathy is an extremely inventive field complete with surprises and, hence, it ought to be perfectly logical that it was discovered in the world of homeopathy that even the cancerous tissues obtained from the breast may be used as a remedy for different ailments.

Although many people find it difficult to understand the basic principles of homeopathy, the results of all the remedies are substantiated and there is extensive evidence of this.

Parts used

Cancerous breast tissue.

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As a homeopathic remedy, Carcinosin is employed to treat a number of conditions and a few condition-specific uses of this remedy are discussed in brief below.

Chronic fatigue syndrome
Carcinosin is a perfect homeopathic remedy for debility and fatigue, related to aching muscles. Often, these conditions occur together with light-headedness, queasiness and lack of sensation. People suffering from these conditions also frequently endure colds and persistent severe ailments. They may also suffer from depression and inability to concentrate.

People suffering from continuous inability to have sound sleep, particularly when the pattern has been prevailing since their childhood, may find Carcinosin beneficial. This type of insomnia is especially related to long-drawn-out periods of emotional strain accompanied with some type of negative response, which usually forms the primary reason for this condition. External spurs like thunderstorms may result in excitement, thereby putting off sleep.

Respiratory ailments
Carcinosin is an effective homeopathic remedy for bronchitis accompanied with a cough which arises from an irritation within the throat. In such cases, the patient may also be suffering from asthma and have a feeling as if something is constricting his/ her chest. In addition, the patient may also experience a feeling of constriction in the throat, which makes it difficult for the person to breathe.

Abdominal pain
Abdominal pain occurring together with dry and hard stools as well as a burning pain on the right part of the colon may be alleviated by using the homeopathic remedy Carcinosin. This condition may also be accompanied with constipation that is usually related to a craving for foods rich in fat content, for instance, chocolates.

Skin blemishes and growth
People suffering from numerous moles and blemishes, boils or acne on the chest and the back may benefit if they turn to Carcinosin. These conditions may be accompanied with tickling and the patients may be prone to bruises or even bleed even when hurt slightly.

Homeopaths also prescribe Carcinosin to treat mentally retarded or challenged children and, currently, this remedy is very much recommended for autism spectrum disorders. This homeopathic remedy is among the main nosodes for preventing and treating cancer and it comprises all the three miasms of homeopathy.

Patients requiring this remedy feel cold or hot or are intensely affected by heat as well as cold. In addition, Carcinosin is also recommended for people who have a family history of anemia, tuberculosis, diabetes and other ailments. The patients are either fussy or obsessed with indecent habits.

Children requiring Carcinosin are usually stubborn and they derive pleasure by watching a thunderstorm. Such children have a yearning to lie down on their chest or in a knee-elbow position even when they grow up. In addition, they may be prone to suffer from sleeplessness, which generally occurs during the early part of their life.

People who respond well to Carcinosin may also have a propensity to suffer from one or the other type of alimentary disorder during their childhood.

Children who need this homeopathic remedy are not only very intelligent, but also have an artistic nature. Such children may have extreme characteristics. For instance, they may either have a keen fondness for music, fine arts, drawing or may be extremely stupid, disinterested in all things and very foolish.

Most children have a stubborn nature and they enjoy watching a thunderstorm. In addition, the child may also be possessed with a feeling of rhythm and, at the same time, may love to dance. Typically, they express impulsive compassion towards other people.

Such children may have a yearning or dislike, or a loathing or prejudice towards any of these - sweet, salt, egg and milk. These children may feel better or their condition may worsen when they are at the seaside.

Several expert homeopaths are of the belief that Carcinosin is among the greatest remedies for numerous ailments in the world of homeopathy. The indications of this homeopathic remedy include excessive liabilities during childhood, disrespect and resentment. In addition, concern as well as consideration for other people is a basic part of the individual said to belong to the Carcinosin temperament.

It may also be noted that the Carcinosin personality usually has a personal as well as a family history of addiction to drugs, alcohol, caffeine and cigarettes accompanied with an intense sensitivity towards foods.


The homeopathic remedy Carcinosin is actually a nosode, a remedy developed from the same material which causes the disease - in this case it is the cancerous tissues obtained from the breast. These diseased tissues are sterilized and dissolved in purified water.

Subsequently, the blend is diluted and succussed repeatedly. The end product is the homeopathic remedy Carcinosin, which does not retain the slightest trace of the diseased tissue and is safe for use.


From C Srinivasaswamy - Dec-17-2019
I found carcinosin 200 weekly 1 dose restoring cancer patients who were operated & took chemotherapy.
From Dr. MA Ickbal Ahamed
Hello, the nosode Carcinosin is also a wonderful remedy for all patients irrespective of their specific ailments. It is very useful for gastric derangements and totally an intercurrent remedy. It is best suited to all patients those who suffer from any gastric problems and hanging belly.
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