Potassium Hydrate

Causticum hahnemanni

The homeopathic remedy causticum is prepared blending slaked lime and sulfate of potash and it is used to treat health conditions wherein the nerves and muscles of certain body parts become weak or paralytic.

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Potassium hydroxide, which forms the basis for preparing the homeopathic remedy causticum, is a chemical compound having the chemical formula KOH. Unadulterated potassium hydroxide is available in the form of white, softened (deliquescent) crystals. However, potassium hydroxide in the form of white pellets is generally used for commercial as well as laboratory purposes.

Potassium hydroxide is a potent base and disbands easily in water emitting a great deal of heat as well as forming a potently alkaline, acerbic liquid blend.

As far as its chemical attributes are concerned, this chemical compound has a close resemblance to sodium hydroxide and is also used for same purposes, for instance, in bleaching, soap making and in the manufacture of chemicals. However, compared to sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide is used less extensively owing to its expensiveness.

The chemical compound potassium hydroxide mainly prepared by means of electrolysis of potassium chloride - the commercially available variety of potassium hydroxide often contains chlorides along with some amount of adulteration. Apart from being a valuable source of calcium in agriculture, in the building industry, slaked lime or calcium hydroxide is generally used to manufacture cement as well as plaster.

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Individuals belonging to the Causticum type are basically of an extraordinary constitutional nature. They are somewhat exceptional and in the old materia medicas, the Causticum character has only been portrayed in a vague manner. As a result of this, several homeopathic physicians only have an unclear perception regarding the mentality of the Causticum type individuals.

Basically, people having Causticum personality are insightful, serious, and vigorous and, at the same time, get disturbed easily when they find injustice being done to others. They suffer others suffering and are very vulnerable to lingering misery. However, when they are cheerful, they become very impractical and optimistic. On the contrary, unhappiness makes them drown in gloominess.

People belonging to the Causticum personality often have a cold sensation and are not able to endure getting wet or in a draught. Such people only feel comfortable being outdoors when the weather is warm and not very breezy.

Individuals who benefit most from the use of the homeopathic remedy causticum are those who are generally serious and somewhat thoughtful. Such people are likely to experience sorrow after prolonged periods owing to any particular happening and such grief may result in psychological as well as emotional weariness.

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In addition, people who are forgetful, nervous and even doomed to failure at times find causticum extremely beneficial for their conditions. In effect, the absent mindedness of such people may result in an irrational habit of checking and rechecking all that they carry out. These people also have a propensity to retort rather strongly to the miseries of other people and also their own.

As aforementioned, causticum is basically a chemical compound of potassium, which is something quite exceptional to homeopathy. The founder of this alternative stream of medication Dr. Samuel Hahnemann himself prepared and proved this homeopathic remedy in the beginning of the 19th century. Hahnemann mentioned that causticum resulted in a caustic feeling and a fiery taste on the rear of the tongue.

In effect, homeopathy can really be credited for the manufacture of causticum. The homeopathic remedy causticum, which is a chemical compound of potassium, was prepared as well as proved to be of great benefit in homeopathy several centuries back.

Ever since the homeopathic remedy causticum has received a great deal of notice and has been given to treat a number of dissimilar health conditions. In fact, at all times, causticum has been used especially as a first aid medication for curing burn injuries as well as all pains that give rise to a burning feeling. Causticum has definitely grown significantly since its discovery in the early stages of homeopathy.

Parts used

The homeopathic remedy causticum is made by blending potash sulfate and slaked lime. The mixture of these two chemical substances is liquefied in distilled water and subsequently the solution is further watered down and succussed.

The end product is the homeopathic remedy causticum, which does not retain even the slightest trace of the mineral it is prepared from and has been beneficial in treating a number of health conditions over the years. It may be noted that causticum is acerbic as well as astringent and hence, ought not to be taken orally other than in the form of an adequately succussed homeopathic medication.


The homeopathic remedy causticum is primarily given to people who have been suffering from debility or inertness of the nerves as well as the muscles of the vocal cords, larynx, urinary bladder, upper eyelids and/ or the right part of the face.

When used in the urinary bladder, this medication helps to treat bedwetting, particularly when the patient is extremely cold as well as outflow of urine when the patient is coughing, sneezing, blowing his/ her nose and even walking. It is also effective for treating croakiness and laryngitis that is related to a deep and dry cough wherein the patient finds it difficult to give out mucus.

People who require this medication typically experience raw and stinging pain, particularly those who endure rheumatism. Women who are pregnant and need this medication are likely to suffer from indigestion and/ or stomach ache.

Homeopathic physicians prescribe causticum to patients suffering from trembling and paralysis, skin complaints, urinary problems and aching throats. Brief discussions on the use of this homeopathic remedy in treating each of these health conditions are as follows:

Tremors and paralysis

A lot of times muscles tend to become weak and this symptom may be related to shuddering. In such cases, the eyelids of the patients have a propensity to drop and somewhat normally he or she also stammers. These patients may or may not suffer from paralysis and all these symptoms may be a result of various reasons.

In some case, the patients may also experience convulsions related to these health complains. In such instances, turning to the homeopathic medication causticum not only helps to treat the problems, but also cure the associated symptoms.

Urinary problems

People suffering from urinary disorders are likely to suffer from bedwetting and in case of specific children this is likely to be an enduring health problem. Such individuals have an urge to urinate frequently and in a number of occasions, they may also have a feeling that their urination is incapacitated for some time.

People enduring such urinary problems usually find it difficult to have a control over urination or to hold the passage of urine, especially when they are performing some job or laughing. Taking the homeopathic medication causticum helps to cure these symptoms or the problems experienced by such individuals in the phases of difficulty in passing urine. In such cases, these urinary disorders may also result in sexual problems after some time.

Sore throat

People suffering from this condition habitually experience a tender throat as well as the throat becoming dry and raw. The homeopathic remedy causticum is especially useful for people suffering from this condition, accompanied by trouble in swallowing or especially if they have a choking feeling owing to the sore throat. In some cases, the patients may also suffer from chest pain, which is associated with asthma or other ailments.

Skin complaints

The homeopathic medication causticum is also effective in treating warts that also bleed. In addition, it is useful for curing burn injuries which have a tendency to blister and scars that do not cure properly.


The homeopathic remedy causticum is made by distilling potassium bisulfate, freshly burned lime and water.


From Antoinette - Jan-31-2018
Causticum remedy has been a god send to me. I have restless legs which give me sleepless nights, at first I took 2 tablets when my legs were bad, but I have found that it is better to take one tablet every four hours till it's time for bed and praise god my legs stay peaceful! Causticum has been a blessing to me.
From Hitesh - Nov-22-2016
Causticum 200 helped relieve sciatica pain and overall condition improved a lot.
From A - Mar-21-2016
Causticum seems to be helping my son, he is stuttering much less now. We noticed a difference within a week.
From Gail Rule - Sep-28-2011
I had horrible pain in my legs and inner thigh. It almost felt like my muscles and ligaments were shrinking. My calf muscles would twitch. My back hurt most of the time. I tried several doctors, none were of any help. I found causticum and felt an improvement from the first time I took it (30c). I am in a slow recovery, but grateful for this remedy.
From Frank Swain - 2010
Years ago I had severe sepsis in my tonsils and was booked in for the knife. Antibiotics only subdued it for a time but it always came back. I began reading about herbal remedies and came across a reference to Causticum. I began to take Causticum in tablet form at 6 parts per million. They were made by a company called Welleda. The result over a 2 week period was complete recovery. I did not take any other medication at this time.
About 10 years later I had a very persistent and debilitating chest infection which again would not come right using antibiotics. I shared this with a number of colleagues and it persisted for weeks. I resorted to Causticum again and after taking it for about a week every 2 hours the chest infection disappeared!
I am a fairly good match for the Causticum type of profile listed on this site without the extreme symptoms.
Now I find taking it for a short period during illness of any sort gives me a boost.
From Kohinoor - 2010
Causticum helped me in the last infection I had. It helped me in getting back my voice.
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