German Chamomile

Chamomilla recutita syn Matricaria chamomilla

The homeopathic remedy chamomilla is prepared from an herb called German chamomile. This is an annual flowering plant belonging to the Asteraceae family and is widespread all over Europe. To prepare this homeopathic medicine, the entire plant is first crushed and then the juices extracted from it are macerated in equal amounts of alcohol. As in the instance of preparing other homeopathic medicines, the solution is then filtered and repeatedly diluted.

As far as homeopathy is concerned, chamomilla is believed to be extremely beneficial for people who are very sensitive to pain, are ill-tempered, intolerant as well as implacable or ruthless. It has been observed that the chamomilla patients perspire by far and are, at the same time, extremely susceptible to wind and chilliness. This homeopathic medicine is also prescribed for children, especially who are irritable and also often display violent fits of temper.

In addition, homeopaths recommend this medicine for treating pains experienced by infants when their teeth come up (teething pains) and fury or bad-temper in adults. Homeopathic medicines are generally considered to be safe for use and do not produce any adverse after-effects and this is true in the case of chamomilla too.

Nevertheless, while homeopathic remedies, prepared from various substances, are highly watered down or diluted, they may seldom set off allergic reactions in some patients.

Many of us have probably heard of chamomile and also consumed steaming chamomile tea. The tea prepared from the herb chamomile is not only very useful for the overall health; it also helps to soothe the body and the mind. Most importantly, the homeopathic remedy prepared from German chamomile is used internally as well as applied topically and is helpful in treating a variety of health conditions.

Like in the instance of preparing any homeopathic remedy, the process to make chamomilla too involves extreme carefulness. To prepare this medicine, the whole German chamomile plants are harvested while they are in bloom. It may be noted that the plants are gathered during the flowering season so as to obtain the maximum benefits of the homeopathic medicine prepared from them.

The plants are then chopped into fine pieces and then mashed up. The juice obtained from pulverizing the plants is macerated with equal amounts of alcohol and left for some time. The solution obtained in this process is then filtered, watered down and successed to get the desired level of dilution.

The end product is the homeopathic remedy known as chamomilla, which does not retain any trace of the original German chamomile plant, whatsoever. In homeopathy, this medicine is, however, very beneficial and effective in treating numerous health conditions.

People who are very sensitive to pain will benefit by turning to German chamomile. In other words, the homeopathic medicine chamomilla is very effective for treating sensitivity or susceptibility to pains. It is possible that such people may experience irritability and be aggressive or also simply struggle with themselves to overcome their anger or fits of fury.

In addition, such people usually dislike to be touched and have a very foul temper. Interestingly, they may also demonstrate pressure or anxiety when they feel that their individual space or privacy is being invaded. Precisely speaking, they become tetchy when anyone interferes with their symptoms. As mentioned earlier, this homeopathic medicine is frequently recommended for children who may seem to be short tempered.

Parts used

Juice expressed from the whole, fresh plant in flower.


The homeopathic remedy chamomilla is very effective in treating numerous health conditions and related symptoms, irrespective of age. In fact, chamomilla is known to be an appropriate homeopathic medicine for soothing restiveness among children, infants who are irritable and do not get sleep as well as youngsters who demonstrate fiery tantrums, it has also proved to be useful for treating different symptoms in people belonging to all age groups.

Chamomilla is particularly useful in treating a whole host of ailments or symptoms, including pain, stress or anxiety, respiratory problems and digestive disorders. The characteristic symptom for which chamomilla is an effective alternative remedy is actually a differing irritability that imitates the avid character of the symptoms.

In other words, if an individual feels that all pains are unbearable, there is nothing or no endeavour that may be enough to appease it. For instance, an infant who may obstinately reject a thing after demanding it persistently and also demands that he/ she be carried all the time, is someone who required the homeopathic medicine chamomilla.

In effect, the contradictory nature as well as the tetchiness in an infant or a grown up person may display the same type of disgruntlement since it is very difficult to appease or placate anger. Similarly, it is really hard to soothe any pain that one may find to be unbearable.

Chamomilla is also very effective in providing relief from colds, dry night coughs, congestions, severe or high fever and ear pain. The actions of this homeopathic remedy are very similar to another homeopathic medicine called aconite.

This is primarily owing to the fact that both these homeopathic medicines are useful in treating symptoms that are set off by a cold wind or fury and generally result in the redness of one cheek of the individual. In general, homeopaths as well as people have a preference for aconite to treat cold unless the characteristic tetchiness makes it necessary to use chamomilla.

The reputation of the homeopathic remedy chamomilla, prepared from the German chamomile plant, is based on its efficiency to ease the teething problems endured by infants, ear aches and colic (any sudden or violent outburst of pain in the abdomen or bowels) accompanied by green diarrhea.

It may be noted that chamomilla is as effective and popular as another homeopathic medicine colocynthis since both these remedies are recommended for people who are irritable, suffer from diarrhea that can be set off owing to anger. People enduring such problems feel better or their condition improves with warmth.

However, Colocynthis patients who suffer from pains due to cramps need to bend over twice or put pressure on their stomach. On the contrary, Chamomilla patients feel better when they are rocked. In addition, Chamomilla patients are more demanding.

Moreover, homeopaths have a choice while recommending chamomilla to patients - this homeopathic medicine may be used when an infant is suffering from teething pains or if they have a green diarrhea.

Homeopaths also prescribed chamomilla for treating digestive disorders, especially it helps to relief cramping or pressing stomach pains, indigestion as well as vomiting in people belonging to different ages. This homeopathic medicine is particularly beneficial provided the symptoms occur after consuming tea or coffee. People enduring these symptoms feel better or get relieve when they have green colored and colicky diarrhea with a rotten egg smell.

Chamomilla is also beneficial for women, especially who have a nervous nature. Using this homeopathic remedy produces a soothing effect and maintains equilibrium for those women who abruptly become argumentative, stubborn as well as extremely sensitive in every sense.

Chamomilla is also given to women who become irritable when they experience painful premenstrual syndrome (PMS) as well as menstrual cycles accompanied by piercing pains. This homeopathic medicine is also recommended during childbirth since it is considered to ease the pains endured during labor or after childbirth - which are generally unbearable.

In general, the mental or emotional condition of Chamomilla patients is such that they are bad-tempered, have abrupt offensiveness, they are extremely sensitive to pain and anxiety, suffer from insomnia accompanied by nervous dreams and an inclination for experiencing different types of feelings in their stomach.

The other symptoms of Chamomilla patients include redness in one cheek, an icy sensation that can easily be over heated and they may also frequently experience harsh pains during the nights. The symptoms of Chamomilla patients deteriorate when they consume tea or coffee; get angry; when there are teething problems; they are exposed to cold air; being touched and even occasionally when they are being stared or looked at.

The symptoms or conditions of such people actually improve or the patients feel better when they are carried or they are rocked. In addition, they also feel better or their symptoms improve when they perspire and when they are in warm and humid weather conditions.

As has been discussed thus far, the homeopathic medicine chamomilla is effective for treating several health conditions, irrespective of age. Some of the health condition specific benefits of this remedy are discussed briefly below.


This symptom generally turns up when an individual becomes hypersensitive to any type of pain. Tetchiness or bad temper is demonstrated as anger and aggression that not only caused mental affliction to the individual, but also results in physical symptoms on the person. Turning to the homeopathic remedy chamomilla helps to cure these symptoms as well as provide relief from them.


The homeopathic remedy prepared from German chamomile plant is effective in treating fevers by helping to bring down the body temperature. In addition, chamomilla is also useful in treating the symptoms associated with fever, such as shivering and sweating, irritability and also redness of the face. Homeopaths often recommend this medicine for people suffering from high fevers as well as those which are persistent.

Colic and diarrhea

People suffering from colic (a condition pertaining to the stomach and bowels) endure unbearable pain in the abdominal region. Moreover, this condition is mostly accompanied by diarrhea. When children suffer from colic, they become very restless owing to the pain. This condition is also likely to cause the foul smell of a rotten egg in diarrhea. Turning to the homeopathic remedy chamomilla helps to cure these conditions as well as related symptoms.

Toothaches, earaches and teething

The homeopathic remedy chamomilla is extremely beneficial for people who suffer from unbearable pain in their teeth or ears. Administration of this medicine helps to diminish the pains and provide relief to the sufferers. In addition, chamomilla also facilitates easing the symptoms associated with these painful conditions - fever, sore throat and swollen glands. Homeopaths also prescribe German chamomile or the homeopathic remedy prepared from it - chamomilla, for children, especially infants those who are enduring the excruciating teething phase.

Menstrual and labor pain

It is interesting to note that the German chamomile herb was initially discovered to treat menstrual and labor pain among women. Even today, the homeopathic remedy chamomilla is preferred by women with a view to get relief from the excruciating pain as well as the profuse sweating and fainting that accompanies menstrual and/ or labor pain. In fact, chamomilla is an extremely beneficial medicine for women.


The herb German chamomile from which the homeopathic remedy chamomilla is made is a common plant found growing in the wild in Europe, the temperate regions of Asia as well as in the United States. Usually, this plant grows in areas that are populated.

The plant was later introduced in a major way in the temperate climatic regions of Australia also. The seeds of this herb require open soil to stay alive and generally grow close to the roads, landfills as well as in the agricultural fields as a weed.


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