Black Cohosh

Cimicifuga racemosa

The homeopathic remedy Cimicifuga is prepared from the herb black cohosh, which is native to North America. The genus name of this plant has its origin in the Latin words cimex, which denotes 'bug' and fugere meaning 'to flee' - expressing the properties of this plant in the form of an insect repellent.

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The indigenous people of North America employed the roots of this herb to cure gynecological disorders. Later, studies undertaken by German scientists have confirmed the effectiveness of this plant in treating menopausal symptoms.

Way back in 1852, a team of homeopathic physicians, including Dr. Hempel, Dr. Paine, Dr. Wells and Dr. Mears, established the usefulness of Cimicifuga as a homeopathic remedy. Cimicifuga is especially known to be remedy for women's problems and it is most appropriate for women whose feelings sway between hyperactivity and depression.

Such women are inclined to lead an extremely passionate emotional life, perhaps indicated by their apprehensions for death as well as mental illness. It has been found that the emotional symptoms frequently swap with their physical symptoms, for instance, coldness and piercing pains, mainly on the left part of their body. Their symptoms are likely to exaggerate during their menstrual periods.

The homeopathic remedy Cimicifuga works on the nerves as well as uterine muscles. Homeopaths generally prescribe Cimicifuga for treating gynecological disorders, emotional symptoms as well as head, neck and back pains. In fact, Cimicifuga is a widely prescribed homeopathic remedy that is used to treat an assortment of common illnesses.

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As mentioned earlier, this remedy is sourced from a small plant belonging to the buttercup family that grows all over North America. Traditionally, this medication has been employed by the indigenous people of North America to provide relief from the symptoms of the most general ailments ranging from tender throats to kidney infections.

As in the case of majority of the homeopathic remedies, Cimicifuga is also prepared organically and comprises only natural substances. In spite of being prepared from substances that are not synthetic and lack harmful chemicals, most people can safely use this homeopathic remedy.

Nevertheless, prior to starting treatment with Cimicifuga or commencing any other alternative therapy, it is important for you to talk to your healthcare provider regarding the benefits and hazards of the treatment and also whether it is suitable for your condition. In addition, it is advisable that you also consult an experienced homeopathic physician to make certain that you take the appropriate dosage as well as potency of this remedy that will be useful in fulfilling your requirements.

Women who require the homeopathic remedy Cimicifuga are generally depressed and suffer from melancholy and have a strong feeling that something weighty may be coming down on them. Interestingly enough, such women may suffer intense despair owing to dreams of an imminent evil.

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They suffer from various types of fears, are apprehensive that something wrong is about to take place, that they may die, be poisoned or may become insane. Women who respond to this homeopathic remedy are generally very talkative and are able to quickly change from one topic to another. At the same time, they are edgy, restless and emotional. They also sigh a great deal.

Such women often have a chilly sensation and their symptoms usually worsen when they are exposed to cold or are in any cold environment. They frequently suffer from shooting, neuralgic pains and have a feeling as if the top of their head would be removed. They also have stitching pains in their eyes.

While they endure some pain during the pre-menstrual stage, their condition deteriorates when they are having menstrual periods. When all their symptoms deteriorate, they have much more menstrual flow and a greater pain, accompanied by backache. Typically, their menstrual flow is intense, dark, clotted and has an unpleasant smell.

Women requiring Cimicifuga are also burdened with piercing pains something akin to labor pain that make them bend over. Owing to the intense pain during their menstruation, these women usually become exhausted between their menstrual cycles.

They always have irregular menstruation and most of the symptoms endured by them intensify when they reach the menopausal stage. For instance, women who have Cimicifuga personality may possibly be suffering from headaches (awful migraines), flooding, flushing and serious depression. Their anxiety is exaggerated during pregnancy and the reason for this is not unfounded - they have a propensity to suffer miscarriages.

Women requiring the homeopathic remedy Cimicifuga generally experience stitching and flying pains during the final stages of pregnancy and have tender bruised joints as well as the lower back. They also suffer from light-headedness and vomiting throughout pregnancy.

The homeopathic remedy Cimicifuga is extremely useful for such women when they are enduring these symptoms, especially during childbirth - when they may become extremely talkative and suffer from intense mental depression. What is worse, is that when Cimicifuga women experience these symptoms, they are likely to have suicidal thoughts and may even want to kill themselves and/ or the baby.

Besides being useful for treating conditions related to women, the homeopathic remedy Cimicifuga is also employed to cure rheumatic pains especially when the neck becomes inflexible giving rise to a feeling like the patient's head is being hauled backwards. The rheumatic pains deteriorate when the weather condition is damp and cold, during night-time and when women have their menstrual periods. Usually, this type of pain has a tendency to run downwards.

Individuals who are said to belong to the Cimicifuga type of personality feel better when they are in a warm environment, in the open air, when pressure is applied on the affected parts and when they are in continuous motion.

On the other hand, their symptoms deteriorate when the environment is damp, cold and, in case of women, during their menstruation. Women requiring this homeopathic remedy most are generally very depressed and talkative and suffer from neuralgic and rheumatic soreness.

During their labor and menstruation, they have a feeling that all things are deteriorating. Provided the common symptoms are the same, this homeopathic remedy may be prescribed to treat headaches, pain and migraine, stiff neck, morning sickness, labor, muscle and joint aches, menstruation pains and post-natal depression.

Parts used

Fresh root.


Native Americans were the first societies to utilize the rhizome of this herb as an herbal cure for the bites of rattlesnakes -and this is the reason for the common name, rattle root. They were also the first to recognize the value of this herb in the treatment of menstrual and labor pain in affected women.

They used the herb to alleviate depression by making the affected person chew the herb as they understood its action as a sedative. The other uses to which the herb was employed include the preparation of an herbal black cohosh tea, which was commonly sprinkled in different rooms to prevent the evil spirits from entering inside.

Many herbalist around the world, still utilize the root for its diuretic properties, the root is also used as a cough suppressant, and it is also used to reduce inflammation and rheumatic pain in affected individuals.

The derivative known as cimic is mainly a remedy for female disorders; this substance acts on the affected nerves and muscles of the uterus and alleviates the pain or inflammation in the area.

All physical symptoms related to the menstrual symptoms in the affected woman, such as the persistent congestion in the head which comes before menstruation and the heaviness and physical cramps occurring along the small of the back when menstruating are curd using this substance.

All common physical complaints during pregnancy are treated using this remedy and it is especially effective in the treatment of early miscarriage, it is used extensively for the treatment of all cases of nausea and vomiting, it is used to treat sleeplessness and the presence of shooting pain in the uterus during menstrual flows.

The remedy is also extensively used in the treatment of postpartum depression and all menopausal symptoms, it is used to treat all fainting spells and the appearance of hot flashes, so common during menstruation.

Cimicifuga is also extensively used in the treatment of neck stiffness which leads to persistent headache; cimicifuga is also used in the treatment of the emotional symptoms which arise due to the presence of hormonal imbalances in the woman, these symptoms can include excessive sighing, the presence of persistent sadness, the presence of extreme anxiety, and the display of constant irritability by the woman.

The homeopathic remedy Cimicifuga assists in treating rheumatism; it is particularly useful when the muscles in the middle of the neck and back are exaggerated. In most cases, rheumatism affects the big joints as well as the joints in the lumbo-sacral area. In such conditions, the patient experiences extreme muscle pains.

They feel uneasy, restive and ache in the limbs, accompanied by intense pain in the vicinity of the lumbar and sacral. These symptoms are usually accompanied with rigidity, disability and cramped feeling together with a sharp pain as well as spasms.

These pains deteriorate when the patient uses her arms to type, write, sew, and play the piano, owing to cold, moist weather conditions and also when women have their menstrual periods. Cimicifuga is also effective in alleviating sciatica pain and irritation in the spinal cord.

Cimicifuga as a homeopathic remedy, also facilitates treating headaches attributable to cold and moist weather conditions, especially headaches having their origin in rheumatism. When people requiring this remedy have such headaches they feel tender and bruised everywhere in the head.

They will also experience cramping and excruciating pains in the head owing to uterine reflex symptoms. They are also likely to suffer a pressure type headache accompanied with a tender neck. The pain often spreads to the vertex, temples and the back of the head.


Cimicifuga is prepared from the roots of the black cohosh plant, which grows abundantly throughout North America. The roots are unearthed during autumn, cleaned, sliced and infused in alcohol to get the mother tincture.


From Me - Aug-02-2014
I was getting pretty severe menopause symptoms. I went to a very reputable naturopath. He prescribed this herb and I feel amazing now, more myself and peaceful. I also take vitamin D, B complex. Important to keep on top of how you feel during this delicate time.
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