Coffea cruda syn. C. arabica

Ripe and unroasted coffee beans are used to prepare the homeopathic remedy Coffea, which is used to treat extreme mental activities that result in insomnia as well as intense sensitivity to pain.

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The coffee plant is indigenous to Ethiopia and was supposedly first drunk by people in the Middle East. In the 17th century, coffee was introduced in Europe, then to the East as well as South America. Coffee has been included in Ayurvedic medicine, which makes use of raw beans to cure headaches and ripe, unroasted beans to treat diarrhea.

Caffeine is the main active element in coffee and it has been used therapeutically in the form of a diuretic, an analgesic as well as a digestive tonic. In addition, caffeine is known to invigorate the nervous system. In contemporary medicine, caffeine is blended with traditional analgesic, for instance, aspirin, to prepare the non-prescription painkillers or analgesics.

Nevertheless, it needs to be noted that coffee has had a long standing both as being helpful as well as harmful. Consuming coffee in excess often results in digestive disorders, depletes the body of calcium and, at the same time, may result in nervous anxiety. In 1823, Dr. Stapf proved the efficacy of the homeopathic remedy coffea.

Most of all are familiar with coffee in some way or the other and many people take delight in having a couple of cups of coffee every day. Again, many of us are also aware of the fact that coffee possesses therapeutic properties and is helpful in treating a number of health conditions.

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Over the years, the coffee plant as well as all the different parts of it have been used for therapeutic purpose. In homeopathy, coffee was discovered as a remedy centuries back and till date it has been providing immense help in curing a number of diverse health conditions.

The coffee plant has actually been used in a range of dissimilar ways among different types of medicines. While the leaves or the active elements of caffeine are made use of in various powers, it is actually the coffee beans that are used in homeopathy.

Excessive consumption of coffee results in symptoms that are incredibly comparable to those that are cured by the homeopathic remedy coffea. Generally, homeopathic physicians prescribe this medication for people who have been enduring overexcited minds and ideas that sprint without any control. Such conditions usually occur together with restiveness and nervous anxiety.

In addition, the homeopathic remedy coffea is also beneficial for people who undergo excessively excited conditions, which are possibly hastened by taking narcotics, any sudden shock, for instance any extremely good or bad news and/ or a series of events.

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Often such conditions have the ability to set off extreme elation or anguish accompanied by helplessness to quite down and/ or headaches and insomnia. The nerves become stretched out and the senses are likely to be so heightened that fresh air, smells, noises and even tastes may become unbearable.

Such patients become excessively sensitive to pain and it reaches to such extent that often pain results in despair or depression - something that is quite common in such conditions. The homeopathic remedy coffea is also helpful in curing heart palpitations, insomnia, flightiness as well as flushing during menopause.

In fact, people who suffer from overcharged minds and ideas that fly out of control find the homeopathic remedy coffea highly beneficial for their conditions. Some people suffering from this condition may also endure certain degree of nervous anxiety as they have a propensity to become excited very easily.

In effect, such patients may also suffer from highs and lows since their mind is not able to remain still and at times, this may result in more sufferings. Usually, such people are unable to deal with bad news and they slip into gloom and depression very easily.

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It is important to note that the influence of coffee on our body as well as its medicinal use is very basic to the philosophy and foundation of the alternative stream of medicine called homeopathy. In fact, the homeopathic remedy coffea is prescribed to cure all those symptoms that are caused by excessive consumption of this beverage - confirming the homeopathic saying 'Like treats the like'.

Coffea is extremely helpful for people who are hypersensitive, restive, and overactive as well as always alert to the extent of being tense all the time. In addition, people who are over-goaded or 'pumped', overexcited by looking forward to any event and are unable to sleep or relax may also be benefitted by turning to the homeopathic remedy coffea.

When such people fall ill, they generally become oversensitive to their symptoms and are unable to bear pain, noise and discomfort. Even their senses become heightened and irresistible. In such conditions, the patients are unable to get proper sleep and getting sound sleep almost becomes impossible.

They actually have very restless sleep, which is interrupted frequently by noise, touch, bright light and other external stimulations. Turning to the homeopathic remedy coffea not only helps to cure the main health condition, but also provides relief from the related symptoms.

Parts used

The homeopathic remedy coffea is prepared using ripened and unroasted coffee beans. These beans are macerated in alcohol for a minimum of five days prior to filtering the solution. Subsequently, the resulting solution is repetitively diluted to the desired levels and succussed to obtain the homeopathic remedy coffea.


The homeopathic remedy coffea is mainly given to cure tremendous mental activity that results in insomnia and intense sensitivity to pain, for instance, a horrible toothache wherein the pain shoots downwards from the tooth to the finger tips and/ or labor pain. In addition, the medication coffea is also effective in treating hyperesthesia (an intensified sensitivity of any of the sense organs, especially of the skin to cold, heat, pain, and other stimulations).

In other words, this homeopathic remedy is useful in treating oversensitivity of the senses, such as smell, hearing, sight, taste and touch. It is useful when all these senses become heightened to pain. In addition, the medication coffea is also prescribed for women enduring menopausal symptoms and giddiness.

In homeopathy, coffea is especially useful for treating health conditions, such as insomnia, headaches and toothaches. A brief discussion on each of these condition specific uses of coffea is presented below.


Often an overload of mental activity makes the mind compete with thoughts and ideas. In such cases, despite the weariness, sound sleep or even sleep becomes difficult for long durations owing to an exasperating incapacity to deactivate the mind. Even when there is some sleep, it is generally disturbed owing to the least amount of noise, as the nerves are extremely tensed.

Often patients may experience these symptoms owing to work cut-off dates and/ or revision before exams. Generally, such patients experience insomnia accompanied by physical stimulation through psychological excitement. In some cases, the patients cannot sleep as they have dreams and usually, such people can only have some sleep till 3.00 in the morning.


The homeopathic remedy coffea is effective in treating one-sided headaches wherein the patient has a feeling as though a nail has been driven into his/ her head. The pain begins when the patient wakes up and is often excruciating.

In some cases, the pain may spread to the teeth as well as the ears with the possibility of facial neuralgia (severe spasmodic pain in the face owing to malfunctioning of the nerves in the area). The most common symptoms in such cases include tension, strain or even an overcharged mind.

The patients may get headaches from mental hard work, impulsive emotions, talking and even thinking and have a feeling as though the head would explode and fly into fragments if they tried to move. In addition, the homeopathic remedy coffea is also indicated in the case of facial neuralgia occurring in old coffee drinkers.

In such instances, the pain becomes unbearable forcing the patient to depression. Patients suffering from this type of headache are always apprehensive of fresh air and also the slightest noise. The pain worsens when the patient is mobile, during afternoon and at night. On the other hand, the pain subsides and they feel better when pressure is applied on the head.


In homeopathy, coffea is also an effective medication for treating toothaches. It is especially beneficial for toothaches that are alleviated when ice water is held in the mouth, but reoccur as soon as the water becomes warm. The homeopathic remedy coffea is considered to be the most appropriate for specific types of pain that spurts down from the teeth and moves far enough to the finger tips.


Coffee is a beverage which is brewed after roasting the seeds, generally known as coffee beans produced by the coffee plants. In effect, coffee beans are found in coffee pods or cherries that grow on trees in more than 70 countries. Coffee is mainly cultivated in Latin America, Africa and Southeast Asia.


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