Crotalus hor.

Crotalus horridus

The homeopathic remedy Crotalus horridus (Crotalus hor.) is prepared from the venom of the rattle snake. It has been found that this serpent species generally lives in the rocky topography of the deciduous forests. During the summer months, the gravid or pregnant females of this species have a preference to be in the open, mountainous shelves where the temperatures are higher compared to the surrounding regions.

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On the other hand, the males as well as the non-gravid females like to laze around in relatively cool and more crowded forest lands having a dense canopy of trees.

Similarly, even the female timber rattlers also habitually laze around in the sun prior to giving birth in open mountainous regions that are called 'basking knolls'. In the winter months, the timber rattle snakes go into hibernation in their dens, which are usually located in the fissures of limestone, usually along with other species like the black rat snakes (biological name Elaphe obsolete) and copperheads.

It is quite easy to distinguish the rattle snake from other serpent species, especially owing to its typical tail that produces a rattling sound when it is getting ready to strike or bite its prey. Renowned homeopath from the United States, Dr. Constantine Hering was the first to prove the efficacy of this homeopathic remedy in 1837 and, in present times, it is employed to treat a variety of grave ailments.

Precisely speaking this medication is mainly prescribed to stop bleedings from any orifice. In addition, it is also given to patients who have endured a stroke, a bout of angina and/ or any severe infection.

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The Latin name for rattle snake has derived from the Greek term krotalon, denoting 'castanet' or 'rattle'. This particular name has been designated to the rattle snake owing to the typical rattling sound produced by the snake's tail, which shakes at a pace of 50 beats every second, as this animal gets ready to strike its prey.

It has been found that individuals who respond most excellently to the homeopathic remedy Crotalus hor. are those who have a propensity to be slow moving as well as gloomy. They are generally inclined to be absentminded and may possibly even forget the path to their own house or locality or also fail to remember the names of their most intimate friends.

Characteristically, such people may have some kind of dislike towards some of their family members for some reason or the other. In addition, generally they are likely to have a craving for meat, particularly pork.

It is understood that as a homeopathic remedy, Crotalus hor. is effective in stopping bleeding from any opening in the body and this makes this medication extremely beneficial for treating hemorrhages. This medication is usually given to a patient after the start of a health condition, wherein he/ she is confronted with complete collapse.

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This condition may be attributed to a stroke, a heart attack or any acute septic condition. Moreover, Crotalus hor. is also given to people suffering from hallucinations, infections of the throat and/ or retinal hemorrhage.

This homeopathic remedy is prepared by drawing out the venom of the live rattle snakes. The venom is employed to prepare antivenins, which set off the manufacture of antibodies that counteract the poison of a rattle snake. The venom is subsequently added to lactose sugar and the mixture is triturated (pulverized). In fact, the preparation of this homeopathic remedy greatly depends on the cautious as well as meticulous procedure involved.

As in the case of preparing any other homeopathic remedy, this is highly essential as the resultant product, which is the homeopathic remedy Crotalus hor., does not retain even the slightest trace of the substance (in this case it is the venom of rattle snake) from which it is prepared. As the medicine does not contain any toxins, it is safe for use and is employed to cure a variety of ailments.

Before concluding, it needs to be said that though most of us will never come across a rattle snake, being well aware of the fact that a bite from this poisonous creature will not only cause pain, but also result in the rapid deterioration of all side effects and may eventually lead to death; the fact remains that there are several medicinal uses of the venom of this species of snake.

However, the most important thing in this regard is to make certain that the venom is being used most appropriately so that it does not result in any type of problem. In the world of homeopathy, the remedial benefits of rattle snake venom were discovered and are still being used to cure some of the very grave health conditions as well as the side effects or symptoms accompanying them.

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Parts used

Fresh venom.


Though the homeopathic remedy Crotalus hor. is prescribed for curing a number of disorders, it is mainly used to stop hemorrhages from any opening, particularly when the nature of bleeding is slow and the blood is deep red, thin and does not form clots easily. In addition, Crotalus hor. is also used to treat conditions like sepsis, jaundice and total collapse.

Homeopaths also prescribe this remedy for cancer, right-sided strokes and heart ailments wherein the symptoms of the patient deteriorate when lying on his/ her left side and the pain spreads to the left hand. Occasionally, Crotalus hor. is also given to patients who have swelling all over their body for instance, in cases of blood poisoning and liver failure. Alcoholics may also find this medication useful.

Some of the condition specific uses of the homeopathic remedy Crotalus hor. are discussed in brief below.


This homeopathic remedy is especially prescribed to stop profuse hemorrhages from any orifice. As mentioned earlier, Crotalus hor. is particularly effective for treating hemorrhages where the bleeding is slow, and watery, and there is copious flow of dark blood that does not clot quite easily. In such conditions, it may often seem as if the blood is present even in the patient's sweat or tears.

Such types of bleeding might possibly be related to a condition of total collapse or any acute infection. In addition, this homeopathic remedy is prescribed to treat septicemia accompanied by hemorrhaging wherein the disintegration of the red blood cells (RBC) is so intense that even the live is besieged, resulting in the commencement of severe health conditions, for instance, jaundice.

Heart disorders

Crotalus hor. is the appropriate homeopathic remedy for administration in the instance of a partial or total collapse after a bout of angina or a heart attack. In such cases, the patient my experience debility, become unconscious and even undergo pain which is more intense on the left part of the body and it will probably spread downwards along the arm to the left hand. In addition, the patient may demonstrate extreme unwillingness to make any movement owing to a sensation that something is about to explode beneath the breastbone.


Crotalus hor. is often given to a patient in the case of extreme debility or total collapse following a stroke. In such cases, the patient may suffer from paralysis or damaged functioning of the limbs, which normally occurs on the right side and takes place together with pain that spreads downwards to the left hand.

The patient may also undergo additional symptoms, such as nosebleeds and retinal hemorrhaging. In addition, in some cases, the patient is also likely to experience hallucination. Turning to the homeopathic remedy Crotalus hor. helps to ease the symptoms as well as cure the main problem.


People who require the homeopathic remedy Crotalus hor. most are those who are perplexed and have disorderly thoughts owing to any severe infection, a heart attack or a stroke. In such conditions, the patients are likely to be touchy, anxious and may be unable to answer queries put forth to them.

In addition, some patients may also suffer from insomnia. People who are affected by this symptom may jump out of the bed all of a sudden and try to escape, while babbling and muttering. In effect, these symptoms are also likely to be related to episodes of hallucination mostly attributable to alcoholism.

Throat infections

As a homeopathic remedy, Crotalus hor. is effective for conditions like inflammation and/ or contagions of the throat that are often caused by tonsillitis or laryngitis. When affected by such conditions, the patients experience piercing pain especially on the left portion of the throat and it frequently occurs together with a desiccated, irksome cough. Tender or aching throat is another typical symptom related to the use of Crotalus hor.

In such cases, the sore throat is related to problems in swallowing anything. Crotalus hor. is an excellent homeopathic remedy for people who are somewhat slow moving in nature. Such people are inclined to be absentminded and also lose their way even in their own neighbourhood.

These people are very likely to fail to remember their place of residence or even the names of people, including relatives and intimate friends. Crotalus hor. as a homeopathic remedy, is beneficial to people who are likely to have some kind of dislike towards some of their family members for several reasons.


Rattle snakes, whose venom forms the basis of the homeopathic remedy Crotalus hor., are usually found in the parched areas of the United States, Canada and South America. Similar to several other species of rattle snakes, they are native to a wide area in the United States, Canada and South America. Normally, they are found in the parched regions as well as the desert areas in these places.


From Wendy Sinclair - Apr-21-2011
I have used this remedy for my pet rat who was bit on her front right foot by a rattlesnake. Her foot was dark swollen and bled for four days, I could not stop the bleeding, she was very weak, not eating, barely moved. I started the crotalus, one pearl 30x in water to fill a dropper bottle, mixed.
She was thirsty and would drink one dropper full at a time. The next day she was moving around, and eating a little. One more dropper full and she continued to improve. It has been an incredible experience to watch the power of homeopathic medicine.
From Crostrad - 2010
I have used crotalus hor. successfully in curing skin cancer.
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