Cuprum met.

Cuprum metallicum

The homeopathic remedy cuprum metallicum (cuprum met.) is obtained from the chemical element copper having the symbol Cu (derived from the Latin term cuprum) and atomic number 29. Copper is a very malleable metal having an extremely high thermal as well as electrical conductivity.

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In fact, unadulterated copper is somewhat supple and pliable, while the exterior that is exposed to the air freshly possesses a reddish-orange hue. Copper has numerous utilities.

Apart from being used as thermal and electrical conductors and as an important material for construction, it is also a vital element in several metal alloys. Last, but not the least important, it also possesses therapeutic properties and is used in homeopathy to cure numerous ailments/ health conditions.

It may be mentioned here that copper was discover several centuries ago and since then people have been using this metal for various purposes. During the era of the Roman emperors, copper was mainly mined on Cyprus and from this the metal is known to have derived its name 'Cyprium' denoting the 'metal of Cyprus'. Much later, the term 'Cyprium' was abridged to 'Cuprum'.

As in the case with several other metals, copper too can be recycled without much difficulty. Nevertheless, the amount of copper being used actively is growing steadily and there is an apprehension that the total quantity of this metal available on earth may hardly be enough to permit all countries to use as much copper as is being used by the developed countries now.

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However, what is encouraging is that a number of countries like the United States and Chile still have large reserves of copper deposits that have virtually not been exploited till date. Some of these reserves are now being extracted by the open pit mining process.

Long back, copper was also used for medicinal purpose in the form of a balm to cure wounds. However, to some extent, copper is also a toxic metal and the first instance of poisoning owing to use of copper was noticed among coppersmiths, a number of whom were found to be suffering from coughs, malnutrition and colic (spastic pain in the abdomen or bowels).

When copper is taken or used in large measures, it is a toxic metal and has the potential to result in seizures, paralysis and even untimely death. In this context, the homeopathic remedy cuprum met., which was proved way back in 1834, is useful in treating problems of the nervous system as well as respiratory ailments in the present day. In addition to the above mentioned health conditions, cuprum met. has several other therapeutic uses in homeopathy.

Copper is a very common metal which is found almost all over the world in the form of slender sheets of metal deposits sandwiched between volcanic rocks. In fact, copper is among one of the most extensively utilized metals since it is a very good conductor of heat as well as electricity. As the same time, copper is resilient to corrosion.

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Several utility services, including water supply, electric supply, electrical generators and motors as well as communication, are greatly dependent on wires or pipes made with copper.

Although copper is known to be a toxic metal when used in excessive amounts, but severe cases of copper poisoning are uncommon these days.

Since the beginning of the human civilization, people have been aware of the therapeutic properties as well as its toxic nature. Hence, they have been using copper to treat several dissimilar health conditions and till recently, the metal was being used in making balms to heal wounds. Interestingly, even today, many people believe that wearing a copper band on their arm helps to alleviate the pain associated with arthritis. However, there is no scientific base for any such claim or belief.

Individuals who are said to belong to the Cuprum type generally have a tendency for mood swings or are temperamental and always think about them awfully critically. In addition, such people have a very strong power over their feelings and also have a tendency to evaluate themselves quite unsympathetically.

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Cuprum people may often also be obstinate as well as loath to express or vent their anger. In fact, when such people are disturbed or they get angry, they withdraw themselves from the surroundings and become silent. However, at times, such intense control may get loose and in such situations, Cuprum people generally become very violent.

Children who can be categorized as Cuprum people usually throw lingering fits of temper. Again, when such people fall sick, they become withdrawn and quiet.

Cuprum people generally suffer from cold feet and hands and when they fall sick, they have an inclination to have cold and blue lips, and a pale drawn face or appear very feeble. In addition to curing these symptoms, cuprum met. is also a very effective homeopathic remedy for seizures, cramps and respiratory ailments.

Children who belong to the Cuprum type may often be very tricky to deal with since they always suffer from intense tension, tetchiness and spite. Such children are very different from the other normal kids and therefore, quite difficult to deal with as they are averse to being touched and also do not like to be approached by anyone.

At the same time, children may also be nervous and hesitant with apprehension regarding strangers and, at the same time, become very aggressive. Therefore, it is little surprising that such nature of Cuprum children pushes their parents to misery and desolation.

Parts used

The homeopathic remedy cuprum met. is prepared from the metallic form of copper. The metal copper is pulverized (triturate) with lactose (sugar milk) and continuously pounded. The grounded mixture is subsequently dissolved in water and diluted to the desired level to obtain the mother tincture of cuprum met.


The homeopathic remedy cuprum met. prepared from the metal form of copper has several therapeutic properties. This medicine is primarily used to treat the problems of the nervous system since it has a positive effect on the nerves. Cuprum met. is also effective for healing cramps that usually begin with shuddering and jerking in the toes and subsequently move up deep into the ankles, feet and calves.

This homeopathic medicine is also useful for people suffering from epilepsy accompanied by seizures and muscular spasms starting in the fingers and toes and then traveling to the core of the body. In addition, cuprum met. is also an excellent homeopathic remedy for fatigue due to mental work or exertion.

As aforementioned, the homeopathic medicine cuprum met. is also effective in treating respiratory ailments, including asthma as well as whooping cough, which may be accompanied by brief stoppage in breathing. In such conditions, the patients usually have a pale appearance and they may turn bluish in appearance. In addition, when they drink any fluid, they make a gurgling sound.

Individuals who require cuprum met. most are those who are usually unsettled and swap from being submissive to stubborn. Such people have a tendency to cry before they slip into moroseness. The symptoms endured by Cuprum people actually worsen when they try to suppress any feelings like anger, or discharges from the body, for instance sweating by utilizing antiperspirants.

It is important to note that the homeopathic remedy cuprum met. is prescribed for any type of spasmodic pain that starts as well as ends abruptly. In fact, cuprum met. is the perfect and main remedy for treating convulsions. In addition, this homeopathic medicine is also a wonderful antispasmodic palliative.

Initially, the homeopathic remedy cuprum met. was used in the form of an ointment to heal wounds. In the present times, this homeopathic medicine is primarily used to treat the disorders of the nervous system, fretfulness, seizures, cramps, epilepsy, fatigue, debility and breathing problems.

This homeopathic remedy is especially very effective for healing emotional exhaustion due to excessive mental work or an overactive mind. In addition, cuprum met. is very beneficial for people suffering from insomnia or sleeplessness.

People who practice homeopathic medicine generally prescribe very small doses of cuprum met. to people suffering from arthritis, especially patients who endure cramping pains in the joints along with shuddering or jerking of the muscles. In homeopathy, cuprum met. is considered to be among the best antispasmodic palliatives.

In addition, cuprum met. is a vital remedy for any type of ailment that comes along with spasms, such as spasmodic asthma. It is also very effective for treating stammering, poor blood circulation and tics (involuntary muscle contractions). People suffering from harsh cramps in the calves or 'charlie horses' (nocturnal leg cramps) too may benefit immensely if they turn to the homeopathic remedy cuprum met.

As discussed earlier, the homeopathic remedy cuprum met. has numerous therapeutic uses. A brief description of the case specific uses of this medicine is presented below.


The homeopathic medicine cuprum met. is extremely beneficial for people who endure intense fatigue or exhaustion owing to heavy physical exertion or emotional exhaustion or overactive mind. It is also useful for curing insomnia or sleeplessness due to fatigue. In addition to insomnia, exhaustion may also result in other physical symptoms like vomiting and abdominal cramps. Turning to cuprum met. not only helps to cure the condition, but also provide relief from the associated symptoms.

Cramps, seizures and epilepsy

In homeopathy, cuprum met. is an excellent remedy for all types of muscle cramps, including the legs, feet and calves. In such an instance, there is a knotty feeling in all these body parts. In most cases, such muscle cramps and muscle spasms usually occur during the night and possibly start with some kind of a shuddering or jerking sensation.

Incidentally, these types of muscle cramps and spasms may be associated with pregnancy and may occur even after childbirth. People who experience such cramps usually suffer a lot of intense pain too. In addition, the homeopathic remedy cuprum met. is most suitable for treating epilepsy.

Abdominal cramps

Many people suffering from abdominal pain and not getting relief from any other therapy usually turn to the homeopathic remedy cuprum met. for cure and relief from associated symptoms, such as vomiting, nausea and even diarrhea. People who suffer from such abdominal pains may also find it difficult to swallow anything, have a loss of appetite and a metallic taste in the mouth. Using cuprum met. helps to get relief from all these symptoms too.


The metal copper (Cu), which forms the basis of the homeopathic remedy Cuprum metallicum (Cuprum met.) is found virtually all over the world. It is found in the form of slender sheets between volcanic rocks.


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