Euphrasia officinalis

Eyebright (botanical name Euphrasia officinalis) is indigenous to Europe, where it is found growing in the wild. It is believed that the plant has acquired its name eyebright from its use in the form of a traditional indigenous medication for treating irritation in the eyes.

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The herb euphrasia has a typical similarity with our eyes. The general physical symptoms cured by this herb include eye irritation accompanied by hurtful and smouldering pains as well as muggy mucus. In such cases, the sufferer usually experiences an intense sensitivity to light together with inflamed, swollen eyelids and repeated blinking.

The eyes also have a tendency to water heavily - a symptom worsened when the sufferer is exposed to open air, is coughing or lying down. This medication is primarily used to treat infections or allergies that affect the eyes and the nose; for instance, colds, conjunctivitis and/ or hay fever. In addition, Euphrasia is often recommended for eye symptoms following any injury.

Since the Middle Ages people have been employing eyebright to cure straining and inflamed eyes. In contemporary times, practitioners of herbal medicine use eyebright to treat allergies and infections of the eyes, nasal passages, sinuses and the middle ear.

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Euphrasia is a remedy that becomes effective very fast and assists in brightening the eyes and clearing blockages. It provides immediate relief when anyone is suffering from burning, inflamed, red and aggravated eyes attributable to hay fever, allergies or a running cold.

Other symptoms cured by this homeopathic remedy may include headaches, coughs and noses changing from congested and stuffy to profusely runny. It may be pleasant to your eyes when their condition worsens in a smoke-filled warm room compared to being in a garden when it is in full bloom.

As a homeopathic remedy, Euphrasia is inclined to work excellently for individuals whose nature is somewhat melancholic. Such people may have a tendency to daydream and may be engaged easily into their environs as well as people around them. In addition, such individuals have a propensity to struggle with physical symptoms that may result in exasperation and frustration in their personal lives too.

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Parts used

The entire fresh flowering plant including the root.


In homeopathy, Euphrasia is the main cure for several eye conditions, including cataract, allergies of the eyes, conjunctivitis, granular eyelids and glandular swellings. It is an excellent remedy for catarrhal conjunctivitis accompanied by cloudiness of cornea and ulceration. This medication is most suitable for people who have a feeling of dryness, inflammation and stinging in their eyes.

In such cases, the eyes water profusely almost always and the water has a pungent smell. It is also given to people who experience copious acrid lachrymation accompanied with copious bland coryza. Usually, the eyes are sticky in the morning. In addition, Euphrasia is also effective for curing granular eyelids.

In such cases, the edges of the eyelids turn red, distended and there is a burning sensation - making the eyes extremely susceptible to touch. This homeopathic remedy is also useful for conditions like violent prickling of the eyes that results in frequent rubbing as well as winking.

It is also an appropriate remedy for delicate rashes in the region of the eyes accompanied with swollen eyelids and unclear vision. In addition, the patients may experience a biting pain in their eyes, which spreads out towards the head, and there is a sensation as if the eyes are straining owing to the presence of sand particles.

The traditional use of the eyebright based herbal remedies go back to Scotland of the 14th and 15th centuries, during this time the Scottish highlanders made an herbal infusion of the Euphrasia officinalis and used this herbal infusion for the treatment of different eye conditions caused by a variety of factors.

Herbalist traditionally used to give eyebright to patients affected by coughs, by hoarseness of voice, those with an earache, and those affected by headaches during the 19th century and the plant was one of the most important herbs used in the treatment of these conditions.

Its use as an antiseptic herb and an anti-inflammatory herb continues till this day and many herbalists prescribe this herb for the treating inflammation in their patients.

Some of the typical problems in which Euphrasia based medications are used include the different disorders of the eye, like the inflammation of the conjunctiva or conjunctivitis, it is also used in the treatment of the disorder called blepharitis, which is the inflammation affecting the eyelids.

It is also used in treating the inflammation of the irises or iritis, in addition, the herbal remedies made from the Euphrasia are also used in the treatment of dimmed vision, in treating intolerance to bright light, in alleviating and reducing the production of sticky mucus in the body, in the treatment of small blisters which affect the cornea of the eye, the cornea is the keratinized hardened surface tissue of the human eye, the remedy is also used in the treatment of dry eyes which often afflict women during menopause.

The remedy also finds extensive use in the effective treatment of physical injuries to the eyes and in those cases where the eyes turn watery or are otherwise affected by an intense stinging sensation, coupled with the presence of abundant, intensely burning and sticky discharges.

Patients affected by common colds and seasonal symptoms of hay fever in whom symptoms such as very hot and reddened cheeks along with abundant watery mucus can be treated with this remedy for a full recovery.

Euphrasia is also very effective in the treatment of individuals suffering from seasonal disorders such as the allergy induced hay fever; the eyes are the main part of the body affected during this condition. Hay fever causes irritation and swelling in the eyes of the person, this symptom is often accompanied by the presence of a bland watery nasal discharge at times.

The herbal remedies made from the eyebright herb are also used in the treatment of intense and splitting headaches affecting patients; it can be used as an herbal remedy for the treatment of intense and painful constipation, and is an excellent remedy for the initial stages of measles in patients.

The herbal remedy based on the eyebright is also often used in the treatment of women, especially during problems such as short and painful menstruation, where the menstrual flow might last only for about an hour each day during the entire menstrual period, the painful inflammation affecting the prostate gland in men can also be treated using the herbal eyebright remedy.

Individuals suffering from any type of eye condition are likely to find the homeopathic remedy Euphrasia beneficial. It is useful in curing sticky eyes, especially when it is accompanied with a burning sensation. This homeopathic remedy is also effective in treating eyes that are prone to profuse watering or eye problems that have a tendency to worsen when they are exposed to open air. In such case, there may be some kind of irritation as well as pain in the eyes owing to allergies.

While most people especially rely on the homeopathic remedy Euphrasia to get relief from their eye problems, this medication can also assist in curing the primary causes related to almost all eye problems. In this case, it is worth mentioning that Euphrasia may be very effective in treating hay fever as well as the symptoms and complications associated with this condition. These symptoms may comprise irritating eyes, ears and nose.


The homeopathic remedy Euphrasia is made with the entire freshly obtained flowering eyebright plant, counting the root, and slicing it in small pieces. Subsequently, these slices are steeped in alcohol and the resultant solution is the homeopathic Euphrasia that works excellently in treating several eye conditions. It is important to note that the end product does not retain even the slightest trace of the original plant and is safe for use.


From IK - Apr-01-2015
I am having very bad irritation of eyes causing my eyes and head to ache. I'm also starting to have very bad eye allergies. I tried almost all conventional eye drops; these eye drops are making my condition worse. Finally, I find out Similasan, which has Euphrasia in it, makes a big difference on my eye allergies, as well as on irritated and painful eyes. I highly recommend this eye drops for eye allergies during hay fever and painful eyes.
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