Ferrum met.

Ferrum metallicum

Iron ore is found almost in all places with sufficient ores that are profitable for mining. In effect, iron is the second most widespread metal found across the globe. Iron has always performed a vital role in the progress of the civilization that we see now and it still continues to be the most functional as well as extensively used metal.

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Iron is essential in our body for production of hemoglobin in the red blood cells. However, excessive amounts of iron in the body may prove to be toxic.

Iron also has several uses in conventional medicine as dietary supplement and is extensively used for this purpose. An insufficiency of iron in one's diet or in absorbing the element by the body results in anemia with ensuing exhaustion as well as breathlessness.

While a direct relation does not exist between dietary deficiency of iron and the homeopathic remedy Ferrum met., a section of practitioners of homeopathic remedies are of the view that this medication facilitates the body to assimilate as well as make use of iron in our diet more effectively.

We are all aware of the requisite of iron in our diet as well as in our lives. Iron, as we all know, is vital for production of blood as well as to make certain that our body performs in the regular manner. The absence of adequate levels of this mineral in our body may result in specific medical conditions, for instance, anemia, exhaustion and numerous others.

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In fact, the homeopathic remedy Ferrum met., was discovered with the objective to treat these medical conditions. Ferrum met. offers immense help to people who may be enduring any of the health conditions arising out of deficiency of iron in the body.

It is important to note that the homeopathic remedy Ferrum met. works excellently in treating several health problems. Like all other homeopathic remedies, Ferrum met. is also prepared in a very specific manner - by taking powdered iron and pulverizing it with lactose sugar, which aids in triturating this medication.

Subsequently, the compound is liquefied in water and diluted and succussed repetitively. The resultant solution is the useful homeopathic remedy called Ferrum met., which does not retain any trace of the original mineral.

The homeopathic remedy Ferrum met. seems to work most excellently for people who are naturally temperamental and somewhat tetchy. It has been seen that such individuals lack tolerance towards several things, and especially towards incongruity. Because of their impulses, such people are likely to experience real physical or also cerebral symptoms and have a propensity to suffer owing to them.

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Individuals requiring Ferrum met. most are very compulsive workers who suffer from intense exhaustion following extremely hard work coupled with a feeling of failure as well as disenchantment. These people have a very powerful want to be right and always dislike contradiction.

When people said to be belonging to the Ferrum met. type personality are sick, they feel so exhausted that they may be on the verge of collapse, but will continue to be worried and restive. Such individuals experience a loss of appetite quite easily, are breathless and their face and lips turn pale, but they also flush simply. In addition, they may perspire profusely, but also deeply feel cold.

Parts used

Powdered iron.

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Sturdy people, who appear to be in the pink of their health, but have a propensity to be feeble, feel cold and also have anemia and circulatory problems regularly require the homeopathic remedy Ferrum met. Their weakness actually has an effect on their mental set-up, which makes them extremely susceptible to noise, have an altering mood and be intolerant towards contradiction.

Such individuals also loathe moving about owing to their weariness and like to sit down at some place. However, it is curious enough to know that owing to restiveness or soreness, these people are compelled to continue moving.

People who are known to belong to the Ferrum met. type personality usually do not like to eat eggs and foods rich in fat content, as they are likely to cause indigestion. On the other hand, they have a preference for tomatoes as well as sour foods.

As a homeopathic remedy, Ferrum met. has been found to be very effective for anemia as well as the symptoms related to this condition. People need to rely on this medication when their lips turn pale or their face becomes flushed.

Ferrum met. has the aptitude to assist the body to heal as well as recuperate from blood loss, particularly due to female problems. In addition, use of this homeopathic remedy also helps to provide relief from physical as well as mental weariness. When people suffer from this kind of fatigue, they may become susceptible to noise and also make them lack the essential energy to carry out their routine tasks every day.

People enduring symptoms like nausea after eating anything may genuinely find the homeopathic remedy Ferrum met. beneficial. In some cases, such people may also experience vomiting, but generally they experience some sort of spasms or soreness in the stomach. The digestive process of these people does not function normally and this may often have an association with things like surgery.

Individuals who have been enduring circulatory problems often have varicose veins. These veins not only look ugly, but usually also cause immense pain. People requiring the homeopathic remedy Ferrum met. may also suffer from additional symptoms like nosebleeds and also hemorrhages.

Taking this homeopathic remedy may possibly aid in easing these problems and also soothe the excruciating blood vessels caused by varicose veins. It is also very effective for treating conditions like hot flashes as well as other neuralgic pains.

The homeopathic remedy Ferrum met. is most appropriate for conditions like stiff lumbar region or neck owing to arthritis, sciatica and other problems. It is also beneficial for people who find it difficult to move rapidly and when generally movements cause immense pain to the patient.


The homeopathic remedy Ferrum met. is prepared using iron obtained from iron ores like hematite, which is found in the United States, Canada and Venezuela.

Ferrum phos.

Ferrum phosphoricum

The homeopathic remedy Ferrum phosphoricum is also known as Ferrum phos. or iron phosphate and is prepared by amalgamating the minerals iron and phosphorus. In effect, both iron as well as phosphorus are individually present in our body. While iron assists in the swapping over of oxygen in the blood, phosphorus enhances the health of the bones and muscles.

Ferrum phos. is prepared by blending three solutions - iron sulfate, sodium acetate and phosphorus. The resultant product iron phosphate is pulverized using large amounts of sugar lactose (also known as milk sugar) to make it non-toxic. Practitioners of homeopathic remedies consider Ferrum phos. to be excellent for people suffering from various health conditions that are accompanied by anemia and low energy levels.

Although most of us are familiar with the mineral phosphate, frankly speaking, we are not sure as to what it precisely does. In the medicine world, phosphate has always been valued for the wonderful healing attributes of this mineral.

Ferrum phos. was discovered in the form of a useful healing medication and, hence, it turned out to be a popular and effective homeopathic remedy. In fact, this homeopathic remedy is basically known to fortify the walls of the blood vessels as well as re-establish the normal blood circulation.

Like in the instance of any other homeopathic remedy, the method used to prepare Ferrum phos. is vital. This homeopathic remedy is prepared very cautiously by means of blending iron sulfate, sodium acetate and sodium phosphate. Subsequently, the pounded mineral amalgam is triturated and the resultant product is the homeopathic remedy Ferrum phos., which does not retain any trace of the original compounds and is effective for curing various health conditions.

While several people rely on the homeopathic remedy Ferrum phos., it works best for people who are always attentive and have a sociable nature. Such people are most likely to be unprejudiced in nature and very sensitive as well as sympathetic in their constitution.

They also have a propensity to be extremely protective towards their families and may even be inclined to become hyper over issues that they are very passionate about. Individuals who are said to belong to the Ferrum phos. type have a creative nature and several people would acknowledge that they can also be extremely joyful.

Parts used

Iron phosphate.


The homeopathic remedy Ferrum phos. is primarily used for beginning of contagions and inflammations. A cool compress prepared using Ferrum phos. helps to alleviate headaches, while it is effective for treating conditions like laryngitis, gastritis accompanied by throwing up ingested, but undigested foods; rheumatism accompanied by a rise in body temperature and shooting pain that retreats following undertaking mild work-outs. In addition, this homeopathic remedy is also useful in the initial stages of dysentery accompanied by blood in the feces.

Ferrum phos. is also a useful homeopathic remedy for female problems and is recommended for brief menstrual cycle, vaginal dryness, tedious pain in the uterus as well as strain incontinence during the night. People who require this homeopathic remedy most are those who have an aversion to milk and meat, but long for coffee.

This homeopathic remedy is most appropriate for fevers that generally begin slowly and quickly turn into some kind of hot flashes. Use of Ferrum phos. may possibly aid the body to lower the temperature naturally as well as to reach the main cause of the problem and the symptoms related to it.

This homeopathic remedy is also useful for colds that begin gradually and may possibly also be accompanied by a dry cough or nosebleed at the start of the health problem. In such cases, the patient may experience tender throat and find it difficult to breathe normally. Taking this homeopathic remedy Ferrum phos. helps to ease these ailments as well as the associated symptoms.

In addition, Ferrum phos. also works excellently in providing relief from soreness or itchiness within or in the vicinity of the ear. In such cases, the patient may experience a temporary hearing loss and also a pain throughout the area around the ear or the soreness may be intense in only one particular area.

In effect, Ferrum phos. is useful for several health conditions and a few of the case specific health problems treated using this homeopathic medication are discussed briefly below.

Ferrum phos. is an appropriate homeopathic remedy for poor blood circulation, which may possibly result in varicose veins that are tender in nature. This condition may also result in hemorrhages or also a feeble pulse rate. In addition, the patient may experience debility and frequently have a flushed face that is linked to poor circulation.

This homeopathic remedy has an inclination to offer the best help when any individual is suffering from sour burps, indigestion, vomiting and also regurgitation related to digestion. People requiring Ferrum phos. may possible also experience an intense thirst, but have a loss of appetite when they suffer from this problem. All these symptoms may be linked to irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

The homeopathic remedy Ferrum phos. may also be beneficial for people who have been suffering from lack of sensation, tingling and/ or stained fingers and toes (Reynaud's disease). Often there is a constrained blood circulation to the body part that is the root cause of this problem, especially when the environment is cold.


The homeopathic remedy Ferrum phosphoricum (Ferrum phos. or iron phosphate) is prepared by means of a chemical process and using iron sulfate, sodium acetate and sodium phosphate.


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