Witch Hazel

Hamamelis virginiana

The homeopathic remedy hamamelis is based on an herb called witch hazel, also known as snapping hazelnut and spotted elder. The medicinal properties of this plant were first discovered by the Native Americans who used it for several medicinal purposes. In fact, this herb was indigenous to the eastern region of North America.

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The indigenous people inhabiting this region used the herb for healing bruises, wounds, cuts, throbbing joints and muscles, painful menstruation cycles and much more. The early European settlers in North America also adopted this remedy and till today this herbal remedy is extensively used by people suffering from such problems and more.

In fact, the new settlers in North America evolved this medication and also used it as a first aid therapy owing to the astringent properties possessed by the herb. In homeopathy, these medicinal benefits were discovered several centuries back and till date the medicine is used to treat various health conditions.

The witch hazel is a tall shrub growing up to approximately 12 feet bearing oval leaves that are around six inch in length. The branches of this plant are very flexible or supple and were used by the indigenous tribes of North America for making bows. However, it was always difficult to find a branch of the shrub that was straight and fit for being transformed into bows. This is because the branches of witch hazel are usually crooked.

Hamamelis is a very popular homeopathic medicine. This remedy encloses an assortment of tannins, flavonoids and catechols that aid in lessening bleeding as well as inflammation that has the potential to constrict blood vessels affecting the blood circulation to the extremities, such as the hand and feet.

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Blending hamamelis and water brings about combined actions that diminish the permeability of the capillaries, thereby restricting the fluids escaping from the walls of the blood vessels. This, in turn, strengthens the blood vessels as well as enhances the efficiency of blood circulation throughout the body.

This homeopathic medicine is very useful for people who usually have a feeling that they do not receive due respect and appreciation from other people before they are affected by any ailment. As a result of such feelings, this type of people normally has an inclination to become lonely as well as dejected.

When such people are suffering from any illness they are susceptible to restive and irritating feelings. People who are said to belong to the hamamelis type often feel that they are being neglected or ignored. Such feelings become more intense when they are sick and it may eventually cause deep depression as well as a feeling that they are unwanted and a burden on other people.

Hamamelis is basically prescribed to heal haemorrhoids and varicose veins. It is useful for people who are susceptible to haemorrhaging, for instance, profuse bleeding during menstrual cycles in women or nosebleeds. In addition, this homeopathic medicine may also be prescribed for healing any injury to the eye.

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The indigenous tribes of America traditionally used the herb witch hazel in poultices to treat tumours and inflammations. Owing to the astringent properties of this plant, it is often used as a first-aid herbal remedy.

The homeopathic remedy hamamelis is known to work wonders in people who have a feeling that they are not duly appreciated by others. Such type of individuals is likely to suffer from emotional problems as they feel that people do not give them their due respect.

In addition, they are very susceptible to ailments and this may result in them becoming depressed. At times, they may even feel that they are isolated or very lonely. Such negative feelings as well as their ailments may often make them irritable.

Parts used

Fresh, chopped bark from the twigs and root is steeped in alcohol.

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The early European settlers in America actually discovered the importance of this herb many years ago and since then it has continued to evolve. As aforementioned, this plant is used as an herbal first-aid remedy owing to its astringent properties. In homeopathy, this plant was discovered several hundred years back and it still continues to be used to treat several health conditions.

In homeopathy, the herb witch hazel is studied to determine the medicinal properties offered by it. Homeopaths prepare the medicine utilizing a method precisely known as potenization. The end result from this process is the homeopathic medicine called hamamelis. The process involved in preparing hamamelis is crucial like preparing any other homeopathic medicine.

The freshly chopped bark obtained from the twigs and roots of the witch hazel plant is used to prepare this homeopathic remedy. The bark is subsequently drenched in alcohol. The end product is the potent homeopathic medicine hamamelis, which does not retain any trace of the original herb - witch hazel.

As mentioned earlier, hamamelis is mainly used to cure haemorrhoids as well as varicose veins wherein the veins are fragile and tender. In addition, this homeopathic remedy is prescribed to treat venous bleeding which takes a long time to stop or heal, for instance, nosebleeds.

This homeopathic remedy is very effective for treating chilblains (a swelling of the hands and feet owing to exposure to cold and moisture) related to tender or swollen veins. In addition, hamamelis is an effective homeopathic medicine for bleeding haemorrhoids that protrude, throbb and also itch. If a person is on his/ her feet throughout the day, they may suffer from varicose veins that may emerge on the abdomen, legs as well as the swelling of the ankle.

In fact, varicose veins particularly deteriorate when the patients are close to heat and this is likely to rob the person's inability to walk. At the same time, the person may suffer from nosebleeds.

This homeopathic medicine is especially useful for treating numerous conditions related to haemorrhoids, including congestion of veins, varicose veins, haemorrhages as well as haemorrhoids that are accompanied with injury and pain in the affected parts. This homeopathic medicine is also useful in healing passive haemorrhages from the veins in any part of the body.

Hamamelis works wonders in treating open and painful wounds that are accompanied with debility owing to loss of blood or profuse bleeding. Homeopaths generally recommend the use of this medicine following any surgery and it is said to be superior in actions compared to morphia.

Hamamelis is also effective in providing relief from headaches that become better following nosebleeds, tender and bruising pains owing to any injury, excruciating, bloodshot (red eyes owing to open blood vessels) or black eyes as well as coughs that are accompanied by phlegm spotted with blood.

Administration of this homeopathic remedy is also appropriate for easing painful ovulation or profuse bleeding during menstrual cycles accompanied by an aching sensation in the abdominal region as well as tenderness of the ovaries or the uterus.

As discussed earlier, the homeopathic remedy hamamelis is also effective for treating depression, especially when the affected individual desires to be left on their own and endures a restive and irritable feeling accompanied by high-flying ideas.

When hamamelis is applied externally to treat a strained knee, it is said to cause inflammation in the veins in the affected area and people who have suffered from varicose veins claim that they felt an enhanced sensitiveness and extraordinary sensations. In fact, many of them have even claimed that they have been cured of their varicose veins problems by applying this homeopathic remedy locally.

In addition, hamamelis has an assortment of actions when it is used to treat congested, inflamed and bleeding haemorrhoidal vessels (distended and twisted veins in the anus and lower rectum region). In addition, as in the instance of aesculus, another excellent homeopathic remedy for pile, hamamelis also has a distinct action in the throat.

Homeopaths also recommend hamamelis for people suffering from varicose angina, a condition wherein the veins of the pharynx become large and bluish in color.

This homeopathic medicine also helps in curing conditions, such as menorrhagia (excessive flow of blood during menstrual cycles); vicarious menstruation (haemorrhage from a surface excluding the mucous membrane of the uterine cavity that happens when menstruation should occur normally); metrorrhagia (unusual bleeding from the uterus) as well as haemorrhages between periods.

Apart from the above mentioned conditions, the homeopathic medicine hamamelis is also indicated for treatment of other health conditions, especially those that causes loss of blood from the body. Below is a brief discussion on some of the condition specific uses of this potent homeopathic medicine.


The homeopathic medicine hamamelis is known to work effectively for treating profuse bleeding, especially if haemorrhaging (heavy and uncontrollable bleeding) is likely. In addition, hamamelis is effective in providing relief to women who suffer from profuse bleeding during their menstruation cycles as well as useful for curing very ordinary problems like nosebleeds.

Haemorrhoids and varicose veins

In both the cases, the veins are generally fragile and have a tendency to be somewhat inflamed - a condition which is very agonizing. As a result of such condition of the veins there may be profuse and uncontrollable bleeding (haemorrhaging). In both the conditions, use of the homeopathic remedy hamamelis not only provides relief from the excruciating pain, but also helps to ease the side effects that may occur due to these symptoms.

Eye injuries

The homeopathic remedy hamamelis is very effective for treating any type of injury to the eye. This medicine helps the body to heal the injured region naturally as well as provide relief from the pain associated with the damage to the eye.


The herb witch hazel is a genus of flowering plants that belongs to the Hamamelidaceae family. Three species of this genus are found in North America, while Japan and China are home to one each. While the species found in North America are usually known as winterbloom, the species found in China is known as H. mollis and that in Japan as H. japonica.


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