Hepar sulf.
Crude Calcium Sulfide

Hepar sulphuris calcareum

The homeopathic remedy hepar sulf. is prepared from the peeling inside layer of oyster shells that supplies the necessary calcium for this medication, which is primarily used to treat infections of different types. The homeopathic medication hepar sulf. is commonly also known as calcium sulfide.

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Homeopathic practitioners presently prescribe this medication for patients suffering from health conditions that have a tendency to be infected and in most cases producing pus. People suffering from this type of health condition usually also experience associated symptoms like mental as well as physical reactions accompanied by inability to bear cold and pain.

Hepar sulf. is prepared chemically by mixing sulfur flowers and powdered oyster shells together and subsequently heating the mixture in a hermetically sealed container. The blended powder is then liquefied in hot hydrochloric acid and subsequently processed by adding milk sugar or lactose by means of a pharmaceutical method of dilution known as trituration.

It has been learnt that traditionally people have been extensively using calcium sulfide as a medication to treat several types of skin complaints by applying it topically. Although calcium sulfide is no longer used for this purpose for humans, it still has several commercial utilities.

In homeopathy, calcium sulfide was discovered years ago in the form of an antidote for complaints caused by ingestion of mercury. In effect, calcium sulfide continues to be used in homeopathy and the homeopathic remedy prepared from it is called hepar sulf.

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In homeopathy, hepar sulf. is considered to be a very dependable medication, especially for people who have a very sensitive or quick-tempered nature. Such people have an inclination to turn out to be systematic and disciplined workers, however, their tolerance ends at this point since they do not possess the aptitude to bear other people.

People who require the homeopathic remedy hepar sulf. are very tetchy or even bad-tempered and usually find it very hard to appease others. Such people may possibly also feel highly sensitive or get hurt easily and have a tendency to have a very poor sense of worth or confidence owing to such feeling in them.

Patients who respond to the homeopathic remedy hepar sulf. best are those whose conditions or symptoms improve when they are in a humid, wet weather condition, have warmth, cover their ears and head, as well as after eating anything.

On the contrary, the conditions/ symptoms of the patients deteriorate when someone touches them even a little; when clothes brush on the tender areas; when they are lying on the side that is aching; and when they are exposed to dry and cold air during the mornings. In addition, they feel worse when they are not wrapped up to protect them from colds or from drafts and on consumption of cold foods or drinks. Their condition is worst when they are exposed to chills.

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Parts used

In homeopathy, hepar sulf. or calcium sulfide is an effective remedy for a number of health conditions and, hence, it is considered to be a very reliable medication in this stream of alternative medicine. This homeopathic remedy is prepared chemically using finely ground oyster shell powder and the flowers of sulfur. Both these substances are mixed and heated together in an airtight container.

Subsequently, the heated mixture is dissolved in hot hydrochloric acid and processed (triturated) using milk sugar or lactose. The resulted solution is diluted to desired levels to obtain the homeopathic medication hepar sulf. While the process involved in preparing this homeopathic remedy is very extensive, the medication is considered worth undertaking such a process.

As is the case with any other homeopathic remedy, the final product or hepar sulf. does not possess even the slightest trace of the original substances it is made from.


The homeopathic remedy hepar sulf. is primarily prescribed for people suffering from infections, for instance, earache, tonsillitis and skin disorder, wherein the skin becomes very susceptible to touch and damp and discharges pus somewhat easily.

Turning to hepar sulf. helps in getting rid of the pus, for instance in the case of contagious pimples caused by acne, or boils that are extremely susceptible to touch and are just about to burst.

In addition, homeopathic practitioners prescribe hepar sulf. for treating sinus congestion; tender throats accompanied by ear pain while swallowing anything and loss of voice or croakiness; cold sores and ulcers in the mouth; formation of ulcers or tenderness and swelling of the eyes; and colds that begin with a scratchy and tickly throat.

In homeopathy, hepar sulf. is a remedy for cold and flu, which are generally accompanied by symptoms like fever, sneezing and patients require a lot of warmth to keep them well. Patients suffering from these conditions may endure excessive catarrh that often changes from being running to dense.

The nostrils of such people become red and tender, while the throat may become scratchy. These conditions may also be accompanied by symptoms such as ear aches, which may generally develop into sinusitis (inflammation of the membrane lining the sinus). Many patients enduring these health complaints may also suffer from a dry and hoarse cough or a crowing cough (a type of whooping cough) accompanied by loose and clattering phlegm in the chest.

In addition, homeopathic practitioners prescribe hepar sulf. for patients experiencing a dry hacking cough which is generally related to a tender throat. Over the passage of time, such types of cough are likely to deteriorate and may result in the patient feeling as if he/ she is actually being suffocated owing to it.

The homeopathic remedy hepar sulf. is an effective medication for any cough in the chest that is worsened when the patient is exposed to cold air, sweating and flu accompanied by a fever.

People who respond to the homeopathic remedy hepar sulf. well are those who are very susceptible to cold air, any sort of disturbance, pain and touch when they are ill. In addition, all excretions from their body - such as sweat, urine and stool, have a disgusting odour when they are sick.

In effect, people belonging to the Hepar sulf. type are know to be suffering from nervous anxiety and tetchiness accompanied by irrational likes and dislikes and have an inclination to be hurried in whatever they do. They also are offended quite easily.

Homeopathic physicians often recommend use of hepar sulf. for patients who generally suffer from queasiness, vomiting and also diarrhea. In such cases, the patient simply does not feel comfortable, as there is a perturbing sensation in the abdomen. This homeopathic remedy is also useful in the later stages of curing an abscess (formation of pus by tissue destruction in an aroused area of a localized infection).

When hepar sulf. is administered to patients in such cases, it usually results in the maturation of the abscess and it begins to drain out pus. In addition, the homeopathic remedy hepar sulf. has been proved to be effective in treating conditions like dental abscesses as well as aching and bleeding gums.

Hepar sulf. is also useful for treating ear infections that gives rise to a sensation as though something is deposited in or glued to the ears. In such conditions, the patients experience a stitching pain and discharge from the ears. As the pain is intolerable, when children suffer from this condition, they usually become touchy and want their ears to be covered by something.

Some patients suffering from this condition may even have distended lymph glands. Turning to the homeopathic remedy hepar sulf. in such conditions, not only helps to cure the main complaints, but also provides quick relief from the associated symptoms.


The homeopathic remedy hepar sulf., commonly known as calcium sulfide, is prepared synthetically by heating finely ground oyster shell powder and the flowers of sulfur.


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