Hyoscyamus niger

Henbane (scientific name Hyoscyamus Niger) is also known as common, black and hairy henbane, stinking nightshade, stinking roger, cassilata and hog's-bean. Greek physician Dioscorides was the first individual to recommend the use of the henbane plant as a painkiller as well as a medication to induce sleep way back in the first century.

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Over the years, it was found that henbane is basically a toxic plant which his harmful for humans, but safe for consumption by pigs - hence, it is also known as hog's-bean.

Later, homeopathy practitioners found that the plant possessed certain remedial properties and a medication prepared from it could be used effectively to treat emotional disorders - both mental as well as physical disorders. The homeopathic medicine prepared from this plant is known as Hyoscyamus.

The plant henbane derived its scientific name from the Greek terms 'hys' denoting pig and 'kyamos' meaning bean. Therefore, it is not surprising that the toxic plant is safe for consumption by pigs, while it is harmful for humans.

The plant also finds mention in literature, as Shakespeare "used" the poison from hyoscyamus to get Hamlet's father murdered, while the famous American homeopath Dr. Hawley Harvey Crippen made use of henbane to murder his wife. In 1805, Hahnemann has proved that hyoscyamus could be effective in treating emotional disorders as well as coughs.

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The homeopathic medicine prepared from henbane is an excellent remedy for people having paranoid characteristics and enduring behavioral problems. The most common symptoms experienced by hyoscyamus people include confused state of the mind, agitated behavior, always murmuring or grumbling and indecent or lewd sexual exhibitionism.

Such people may also be found to usually laugh out loud at the wrong times and suffer from a feeling that they have been ostracized to live in their private world - they are often misfits in social gatherings.

Besides the above mentioned mental conditions, this homeopathic medicine - hyoscyamus, is also prescribed to treat physical disorders that are associated with uncontrolled trembling, for instance delirium or hallucination, and also for bouts of dry coughing.

Homeopath medical practitioners also recommend hyoscyamus for treating specific types of seizures or convulsions like epilepsy and petit mal (a nervous disorder distinguished by moderate, episodic loss of concentration or sleepiness). In addition, homeopaths prescribe this medicine for children suffering from febrile convulsions or seizures accompanied by quick rise in body temperature.

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In some instances, hyoscyamus may also be prescribed to treat conditions, such as Parkinson's disease and schizophrenia provided they are accompanied by distinct obscenity, withdrawal and laughter at wrong times and places.

As aforementioned, this homeopathic medicine was discovered ages ago and basically used to treat emotional disorders. As years passed, homeopaths have discovered that hyoscyamus may also be effectively used to treat other mental and physical symptoms.

The homeopathic medicine hyoscyamus is based on the toxic henbane plant and is prepared making use of the entire plant. However, the plant needs to be fresh as well as harvested along with its roots when it is in blossoms. Soon after it is harvested, the plant is chopped up into fine pieces and drenched in alcohol for around 10 days.

Following this period, the solution is watered down and filtered. The product (solution) obtained through this process is the hyoscyamus medicine that does not retain any trace, whatsoever, of the toxic plant.

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It has been found that the homeopathic medicine hyoscyamus works excellently for people who suffer from paranoid or suspicious characteristics since their birth. In other words, this medicine is effective for patients who have inherited paranoid traits in them.

Occasionally, such people may seem to be incoherent or in a confused state of mind and transform from a keyed up condition to murmuring to themselves unreasonably or without any cause. In addition, they also have a tendency to laugh out loud at the wrong times and find it difficult to socialize with others. They virtually are ostracized in their own private world.

Parts used

As discussed above, the homeopathic medicine hyoscyamus is prepared using the entire henbane plant, including its roots, just when it is in bloom. The freshly harvested plants are chopped into fine pieces and submerged in alcohol for 10 days. Subsequently, the resultant solution is diluted and filtered. The final product does not possess any of the characteristics, including its toxicity, of the plant and is used to treat numerous conditions, especially emotional disorders.


Traditionally, the plant henbane was used as a tranquilizer, analgesic or painkiller and as an anticonvulsant remedy. The medicine extracted from the plant was known as hyoscine and, even to this day, is used as an anti-spasmodic in ailments of the gastro-intestinal tract.

Presently, homeopaths prescribe hyoscyamus to treat emotional disorders like paranoid, suspicion and jealousy. People who benefit most from this homeopathic medicine are likely to be obsessed with feeling like they are being watched by somebody or someone is trying to poison them.

In addition, they may also feel suspicious about others thinking that they are bent on deceiving or tricking them. At the same time, such people may display two different characteristics. While sometimes they may feel as outsiders or that they have been ostracized in their own private world, at other times, they may be very talkative or even remain quiet for several hours simply spending their time sitting at some place or staring at something.

In addition, hyoscyamus is also prescribed to people suffering from epilepsy; dry and spasmodic coughs as well as other conditions which may be accompanied by shuddering, jerking and cramps. In fact, this homeopathic medicine is useful for people suffering from a number of mental and physical disorders.

Below is a brief discussion on the condition specific use of this homeopathic medicine which you may find useful.

Behavioral disorders

Hyoscyamus people usually experience aggressive outbursts and possess a desire to shock others with their actions varying from being simple stupidity to unabashed and lewed display of sexuality. Their typical traits include whims to masturbate, become naked and handle their genital organs.

Some of these people may also develop vulgarity or lewdness, indiscriminating sexual behavior (promiscuity) and/ or an erotic fixation. Feelings like jealousy are very common in such patients. In the instance of children, they usually become jealous with the arrival of a new infant in the family. Administration of hyoscyamus has been found to be effective in treating all such conditions and their symptoms.

Since its discovery, hyoscyamus has been traditionally used to treat emotional disorders and behavioral problems and, even to this day, homeopaths recommend this medicine as a remedy for these conditions. In fact, it has been proved that hyoscyamus is very useful for patients suffering from such conditions.

This homeopathic medicine is said to possess the potential to naturally facilitate the treatment of any type of aggressive outbursts and any behavior related to these conditions. As aforementioned, patients are occasionally likely to be obsessed or have a desire to become naked or be seen naked by others.

This is because they have a tendency to shock others. In addition, their desire to go naked may also be associated with a feeling of jealousy towards others.


The symptoms usually associated with the mental conditions of hyoscyamus patients include involuntary twitching, flinches and frowning expressions on their face. Some of these people also may be enduring some type of mania that may perhaps be set off owing to any type of addiction, fever, injury to the brain or, in the instance of some women, it may also be the result of the trauma they might have experienced during childbirth.

Although the flow of urine of such people is too little, they are likely to have a desire to urinate very often. Other symptoms experienced by patients may commonly include continuous shuffling with their hands or clothes. They are also likely to have seizures, occasionally accompanied by uncontrolled urination. It is needless to mention that the homeopathic medicine hyoscyamus has been found to be beneficial for all such patients.


Patients may have symptoms, such as dry, tickly and spasmodic coughs. Often the bouts of cough may seem to be suffocating and set off spasms or convulsions that are so acute that they may result in doubling over as well as the patient coughing up blood. The homeopathic medicine hyoscyamus has been proved to be effective in treating such symptoms.


Symptoms of mistrust or suspicion may be inherent in hyoscyamus patients or set off with a feeling of jealousy. Nevertheless, it is also true that people enduring this condition are often able to themselves control the symptoms that may be caused by suspicion or mistrust.

Typically, people enduring such conditions may have a feeling that they are being watched by others or people may be trying to trick or deceive them. Worse still, they may have a feeling as though some people may be trying to poison them. All such conditions are alleviated by administering the homeopathic medicine hyoscyamus.


As mentioned earlier, the plant henbane is also known by several other names, such as stinking nightshade and black henbane. This toxic plant belongs to the Solanaceae family that is native to Eurasia. Later, however, the plant was introduced to different regions of the world and is now found growing at many places across the globe.


From drwagner - Jul-20-2011
Although the description may seem extreme, think about how it would look in a child. Example is 7year old child who came to the office for behavior problems, most notably disrupting other children at school with silly behavior, no responding to discipline, aggravating siblings by teasing them and "accidentally" kicking or pushing them down.
Despite aggressive nature of actions toward siblings, she would laugh during these times. She did not feel pain and could fall down, have ear infections and never cry. She quickly moved from one activity to another, never finishing her work. She wanted attention and the remedy became clear when she would show or talk about her panties and giggle. The remedy helped her be quieter, not demand to be the center of attention, and to finish her work.
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