The homeopathic remedy iodum is also generally known as iodine, a non-metallic trace element required by our body. Although a tiny amount of it is required by our body, it is a necessary ingredient in our daily diet as it energizes the body. Iodine is essential for the amalgamation of the thyroid hormones produced by the human body.

Deficiency of this element in our body may result in serious health problems, which are endured by people around the world. It may be noted that the oceans form the major source of iodine, while the content of iodine in the soil differs from one place to another. The soil surface that has been exposed for a longer period contains lesser amount of iodine, as much of it is washed away due to erosion.

For instance, the mountainous terrains like the Andes, the Himalayas and the Alps as well as the inundated river valleys like the Ganges plains are few of the areas in the world which are acutely affected by iodine deficiency. In other words, such areas have a severe dearth of iodine.

Iodine has multiple functions in the human body. In fact, it ensures that our body functions normally. Deficiency of iodine in the human body results in several symptoms - hair loss, dry skin, feeble muscles, puffed up face and swollen thyroid gland, mental lethargy, weight gain as well as fatigue or exhaustion. In the West, these problems seldom occur since they add potassium iodide (a salt of iodine) to table salt. When the levels of iodine in the body fall or go up, it may result in serious health conditions.

When the levels of iodine in the body drop, it may result in the anomalous functioning of the thyroid and this may cause individuals to endure a number of very grave symptoms. Since iodine has very specific functions, it occupies an exceptional position in modern-day medicine. In homeopathy, the medicinal properties of iodine were discovered many years ago and, therefore, it is not surprising that iodine is especially used to treat issues related to metabolism.

As aforementioned, iodum is a homeopathic medicine that has been derived from iodine and it has a range of uses for treating different health conditions. This homeopathic medicine is prepared very cautiously by liquefying iodate salts in alcohol. Subsequently, the solution is continuously diluted and stirred to achieve the desired levels of dilution. The end product obtained by this process is iodum, a very useful homeopathic medicine.

Iodum is the most appropriate homeopathic medicine for people who experience mental strife or unrest most of the time. Such people may also suffer from extreme nervous anxiety and, as a result of such feelings, they are also likely to behave compulsively or whimsically. Although they may appear to be very busy all the times, in general, they are actually quite unorganized or unprepared. In some areas of their life, such people may even appear to be obsessive or fixated.

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The homeopathic remedy iodum that is prepared using iodate salts has various uses in homeopathy. It is primarily prescribed to cure symptoms related to an overactive or overcharged thyroid. When the thyroid is overcharged, individuals may experience symptoms like enlarged glands, eye pain as well as a voracious appetite along with an inclination to lose weight and a feeling of weakness due to hunger. Even when they exert themselves a little, they start perspiring.

Iodum works best for people who have a compulsive desire to always remain hysterically hectic or busy as they have continuous thoughts that are frightening or scary if they are sitting idle or doing nothing. By nature, such people are unable to remain still or sit quietly at one place for long. Although they may be very busy all the time, such people are never organized in what they do.

They are also very forgetful and, therefore, they need to recheck everything time and again. For instance, in order to be certain that they have locked the doors at night, they would get up to check it several times. Such people are also very talkative and suffer from extreme mental disturbance. The homeopathic remedy iodum is ideal for such people as it is effective in curing all the symptoms mentioned above.

In addition to the uses of this homeopathic medicine mentioned above, iodum is also prescribed to treat problems of the mucous membranes, especially those associated with the larynx. It is also useful for treating disorders of the heart and the blood vessels. Homeopaths also administer iodum for relieving bone pain that generally occurs at night time as well as profound, lacerating toughs.

In homeopathy, iodum is used to treat several dissimilar health conditions and some of the condition specific uses of this homeopathic medicine are discussed briefly below.

Overactive metabolism

When the metabolism works in the highest level, it generally gives rise to a series of physical symptoms, which may include hollow or depressed eyes, dry and flaky skin and hair as well as an enhanced appetite without having any weight gain. Administering iodum in such cases helps to cure these symptoms.

Eating disorders

The homeopathic remedy iodum prepared from iodate salts is useful in treating eating disorder, such as voracious appetite that does not result in weight gain in any way. In effect, it has been found that the iodum type of people may eat excessively, but they have a slender or shrunken appearance, instead of gaining weight.

Administration of this homeopathic medicine in such cases not only helps to cure the disorder, but also the symptoms - such as enlarged liver, extreme thirst, diarrhea and nervousness - associated with it.

Respiratory ailments

Some people may endure watery catarrh in their nose quite often and this symptom is likely to be related to hay fever or may occur just by itself. In some cases, the patients may also have a dry nose accompanied by swollen adenoids (tissues in the throat). Turning to iodum not only alleviates these symptoms, but also provides relief from hay fever as well as asthma.


Iodum is very effective for treating dry coughs which makes the sufferer feel as if they are being choked. People suffering from this condition may have some kind of mucous present in their respiratory tract and over and over again feel a clattering sound in their chest. It is possible that such symptoms are associated with other conditions like pneumonia or may occur on their own. Administering the homeopathic remedy iodum helps to heal all such disorders effectively.

Heat intolerance

It has been found that administration of the homeopathic remedy iodum works excellently to ease physical problems as well as too much sweating owing to an individual's helplessness to deal with heat. Such profuse sweating causes physical distress as well as uneasiness, particularly when it occurs just after exerting oneself physically only a little.


While the oceans on the earth are the main source of iodine, much of the iodine that is required by us is obtained from the seaweeds. In addition, the saltpeter deposits, especially those in Chile, also fulfill much of our iodine requirements.


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