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Bitch's Milk

Lac caninum

Although it may seem to be incredible, but the fact is that the milk of a bitch or a female dog is considered to possess certain medicinal properties. In fact, in ancient times, the Roman author, naturalist and philosopher Gaius Plinius Secundus, known as Pliny in English, is known to have recommended the use of bitch's milk to expel a dead fetus from the womb as well as to treat the ovarian pain as well as cervical and uterine complaints.

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In addition, an ancient Greek physician Sextus found the milk of a female dog to be beneficial for people who endured mild intolerance and inflammation inside the ear.

While it is true that many people have acknowledged the remedial properties present in a female dog's milk, over the years, this substance has undergone a great transformation in the conventional medicine as well as in homeopathy.

Bitch's milk or the medications derived from it has been useful in treating several health problems and, in homeopathy, this natural substance has transformed over several years to turn out to be a very special and effective homeopathic medication known as lac can. In fact homeopaths have started depending on this medicine, lac can. to cure their patients' current conditions as well as get relief from the symptoms related to them.

The homeopathic medicine lac can. is prepared from the fresh milk taken directly from a nursing mongrel (crossbreed) female dog. Subsequently, this milk is diluted by adding a mixture of alcohol and water to it. This solution obtained by this process is the tincture form of the homeopathic remedy lac can.

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Once it is prepared, lac can., or the homeopathic remedy prepared from the milk of a female dog does not possess any trace, whatsoever, of the original substance, but possesses the aptitude to help in healing several dissimilar health problems.

The homeopathic medicine lac can. has been found to work excellently for people who suffer from an absence of poise or self confidence or have a feeling of contempt or disdain for them.

Such people may also be restive or suffer from nervous anxiety and this may result in a feeling similar to having over stimulated senses. They may often suffer from apprehension that may be unfounded and all these things may occasionally cause them to experience fits of depression.

Lac can., the homeopathic remedy prepared from the milk of a mongrel female dog is known to have distinct actions in healing weakness as well as prostration. Some people suffer from a mental weakness resulting in poor memory or forgetfulness. In other words, the patients may often be absent minded. For instance, such people may buy something and simply leave the place without paying for the purchases.

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It often becomes so severe that the individual may also forget his/ her name. In addition, such people may be unable to focus their mind on reading or studying. While these types of patients have a constant fear of being isolated, they find walking akin to walking in the air.

Moreover, they also experience a sort of dizziness in the stomach accompanied by a sinking sensation in epigastrium (the upper or the middle portion of the stomach). While they feel hungry most of the time, they are not able to eat adequately. Turning to lac can. helps to treat these conditions as well as providing relief from the associated symptoms.

The homeopathic medicine lac can. has also been found to be effective in treating mastitis (inflammation of the breasts). In this instance, the inflammation of the breasts is such that the sufferer may feel that they would exude pus. In addition, the breasts become distended as well as painful when women have during their menstruation cycle.

At the same time, without any known reason, the patients also suffer from loss of breast milk during their nursing phase. In such cases, the breast worsens even with the slight movement or jerking of the breasts and during the evenings. On the contrary, the symptom gets better while the patient's breasts are held firmly while going up or coming down the staircase.

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Lac can., the homeopathic medicine derived from the milk of a mongrel female dog, is also know to be beneficial in treating conditions, such as dysmennorhea (painful menstrual cycles) and leucorrhea (release of whitish mucous substance from the vagina). Such women may also experience sudden and violent outbursts of pains in the bowels and abdomen, especially on the left side (colicky).

Such pains may move swiftly from one side of the abdomen to another and the patient gets relief when there is a profuse discharge from the vagina (menstrual flow). In all such conditions and related symptoms, use of the homeopathic remedy lac can. is considered to be the most suitable.

Besides the health conditions and related symptoms discussed above, homeopaths also recommend lac can. for patients who have been suffering from rheumatism, arthritis and sciatica. People suffering from any of these conditions are likely to experience rheumatic pains in the extreme terminal points of the body (extremities) as well as the back, particularly on the left side.

They may also experience pain in their limbs if they are down with rheumatic swellings at the joints and such pains usually have a tendency to shift from one place to another. In other words, the rheumatic pain travels swiftly from one side to another and one joint to another. The painful condition actually deteriorates when the patient moves from one place to another and also due to heat.

On the contrary, they feel better in a cold condition. The homeopathic remedy lac can. is also effective in healing backache in the region of the kidney or upwards (supra renal) and spreads downwards. In addition, this condition is accompanied with an aching spinal cord right from the bottom of the brain to the coccyx and the patients are extremely susceptible or sensitive to any sort of pressure or touching.

In homeopathy, lac can. has several other remedial uses. This medicine, derived from the milk of a mongrel female dog, is also indicated for treating throat problems. This homeopathic remedy is effective in healing the condition wherein the patient feels pain in the throat accompanied by a feeling as if there is a lump in the throat.

Such patients are also likely to have a continuous urge to swallow foods. However, the throat becomes extremely sensitive to touch - both externally and internally.

People who are suffering from the symptoms of diphtheria (a severe infectious ailment caused by the bacillus Corynebacterium diphtheriae) as well as tonsillitis (inflammation of the tonsil) experience the pain shifting from one side of the body to another and then resting on the side where it had originated. People suffering from this condition demonstrate a scorching and fixed appearance of the diphtheritic membrane.

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Like in the instance of several other homeopathic remedies, even lac can. possesses numerous healing properties and, hence, is used to treat a number of conditions and associated symptoms. In homeopathy, lac can. is indicated for painful throats, tonsillitis as well as cervical erosion (wearing down of the cells lining the cervix).

This medicine is very useful for people who find their symptoms shifting from one side of the body to another and then settling at the place of their origin for a while. For instance, an individual suffering from a sore throat may experience the pain triggering off in the right side of the throat and then shift to the left side and subsequently return to the right side.

Homeopaths generally prescribe lac can. for treating swollen or distended breasts that may occur in some women before the start of their menstrual cycle as well as it is an ideal remedy for problems faced by nursing mothers while breast feeding.

This homeopathic medicine works best for individuals who may experience a sensation as if their body is floating on air; and also people who may have a craving for salty and spicy foods as well as warm drinks. Turning to lac can. helps to provide relief to people who endure the above mentioned symptoms.

As discussed earlier, the homeopathic remedy lac can., which has its basis on the milk obtained from a mongrel female dog, has several remedial properties and is used to treat a number of health conditions. A brief discussion on the condition specific uses of this homeopathic medicine is presented below.

Throat infections

The homeopathic remedy lac can. is an appropriate medicine for treating throat contagions, especially when the sufferer experiences an exceptionally dry sensation in the throat quite frequently. Such type of throat infections is usually accompanied by a burning pain which makes it difficult to swallow anything. In addition, the pain keeps shifting from one side of the throat to another.

Using the homeopathic remedy lac can. in such cases not only helps to cure the throat infection, but also provides relief from associated symptoms, such as pain.


As a homeopathic medicine, lac can. is very effective for treating unreasonable trepidation as well as the behaviour of the individual. For instance, such irrational fears may include or manifest as fright for storms, snakes and even a common animal like dogs. As a result of such unreasonable fears, the individual may often develop neurotic manners. Turning to lac can. helps to overcome such irrational fears and also get relief from the symptoms related to it.


The homeopathic medicine lac can. that is derived from the milk of a female dog (mongrel bitch) is effective in treating hypersensitivity that may develop owing to overcharged or intense thoughts. Such overactive imaginations may result in the development of a hysterical condition and the individual may have a feeling as if he/ she is seeing things which are actually not present, but are a mere imagination of the sufferer.

Breast problems

Some women may experience distended and painful breasts during their menstrual cycles. Like in other cases treated by the homeopathic remedy lac can., in this instance too the breast pain may shift from one side to another and it may expressly be related to breast feeding among nursing mothers.

In fact, lac can. may prove to be extremely helpful if a woman is suffering from the problem of excessive breast milk production or in the instance when there is a hard sensation around the breasts or they seem to be full of lumps.

Vaginal bleedings and discharge

Lac can. is an extremely beneficial homeopathic remedy for treating problems related to women. Besides treating complaints related to their breasts, this medicine works excellently to heal bleeding that oozes out in between the menstrual periods as well as the blood that comes about from the vagina following a sexual intercourse.

In addition, such conditions may be related to discharges from the vagina and, at the same time, the genitalia may become very sensitive to the touch. In such cases, lac can. is not only helpful in treating the actual conditions, but also the related symptoms.


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