Bushmaster / Surukuku


Fresh venom of the South American bushmaster snake forms the basis of the homeopathic remedy lachesis, which is used to treat a number of health complaints, especially circulatory problems.

The bushmaster snake normally grows to up to seven feet in length and kills its victim, animals as well as humans, either by encircling the prey and constricting its body or by infusing its extremely poisonous venom lachesis.

In fact, the South American bushmaster is known to be among the most poisonous snakes found anywhere around the globe and even a minute amount of its venom has the potential to obliterate the red blood cells of the victim and damage its ability to form blood clots.

When the bushmaster stings its victim and injects its venom lachesis, large amounts of it rushes to the heart. In fact, homeopathic physicians are of the view that the remedy lachesis is appropriate for treating the health conditions that are related to those that occur in a person who has been stung by a South American bushmaster snake.

While the bite of a South American bushmaster snake may result in complete devastation, possibly even death, in homeopathy the venom of the snake has been found to be useful and is used to make a very effective remedy for several health conditions.

Since the venom of the South American bushmaster is extremely poisonous, it is all the more important that one needs to be extra cautious and ensure and maintains the precise requirements while preparing the homeopathic remedy lachesis with it. As mentioned before, the homeopathic remedy lachesis is prepared from lachesis, the highly poisonous venom of the South American bushmaster snake.

This homeopathic remedy was developed depending on the properties of the snake's venom and examined/ experimented to corroborate the usefulness of this poison helping cure different ailments suffered by humans.

People who respond best to the homeopathic remedy lachesis are those who are basically very go-getting, creative and somewhat sensitive in nature. To be precise, such individuals are very conversational and have an inclination to enjoy their life to the hilt.

At times such people may be very passionate, but this may generally be owing to the reason that they are always very intense about things that they seem to be important for them. On the other hand, they find it very difficult to be confined to anything and may make a big deal of such situations.

In effect, the South American bushmaster snake is a coiled reptile which best manifests the characteristics of any individual who is said to belong to the Lachesis type, who responds best to the homeopathic remedy lachesis made from the venom of this snake.

According to esoteric (abstruse) customs, the coiled serpent is a symbol for the 'kundalini' energy or power that resides at the base of the vertebrae. In most people, the 'kundalini' energy is considered to be of a sexual character. However, it is possible to raise this energy upwards from the base of the spine and as it raises it is transformed into an ingenious potential and eventually into a spiritual experience.

In fact, an individual belonging to the Lachesis type may be compared to an intensely strung bow that is stretched tight with sexual energy that needs a vent or it will boomerang upon on the owner itself.

Most of the individuals of the Lachesis type usually find that the sole outlet of this 'kundalini' energy is sexual activities. To be precise, most people who are of the Lachesis type are usually extremely sexual in nature and when they make love they become highly passionate. Sex is not something that only entertains the Lachesis type individuals, but it also helps to relieve their stress and tension.

However, there are other types of Lachesis individuals who are able to channel their sexual power into a avid search or quest for art, career and/ or spirituality. Summing up the discussion, it may be said that the Lachesis individuals are not only very passionate in nature, but every time they are comprehensively pander to or express their excitement, they not only feel relaxed, but also experience extreme elation.

The Lachesis type of people throbs with sexual energy right from the days of their puberty. This type of sexual energy provides them with an obsessive craving for life, for exhilaration as well as for motivation. Individuals belonging to the Lachesis type remain in the best of physical as well as psychological health till this appetite for life remains contended.

However, when this 'kundalini' energy is suppress and is unable to find an opening, such type of people start developing physical as well as mental problems or tension. There could be several reasons for developing such tensions. For instance, the Lachesis individual may have a partner who may not be keen in sexual activities or even that the person may not be having any partner in life for a long time.

In case the individual is a female, it is possible that she was grown up with ethical lessons that sexual activities prior to marriage is forbidden and, therefore, she may have remained a virgin all the years.

It is important to note that in such situations if the Lachesis individuals find any other activity to engage themselves in, it would help them to channel much of their intense 'kundalini' energy and get relief from tension. However, if they fail to find an alternative way to express or spend their energy, individuals belonging to the Lachesis type would suffer from nervous anxiety, restiveness and tetchiness.

The strong craving or desire for sex of the Lachesis type individuals is often mitigated by a sophisticated and responsive nature. On the other hand, to some extent, people belonging to the Nux vomica as well as Sulphur types may follow their strong sexual desire in an unsophisticated and unsympathetic manner.

However, those belonging to the Lachesis type, particularly women, usually reserve their sexual cravings for a romantic partnership and they are even more passionate, since sex for them is an expression of their love for their partner, not just a physical relationship.

In fact, when a woman belonging to the Lachesis type is in love, her sexual character will be intensified and, as a result, she would become extremely emotional if she cannot make love very often with her romantic partner. At the same time, if her partner's sexual drive does not match up to hers, it is likely that she would start feeling that her partner does not love her as much.

Such disappointment as well as upsetting mood would result in tears and anger together. In effect, when a Lachesis woman feels frustrated owing to lack of or adequate sexual pleasure, she can be somewhat compared to a rebuffed Ignatia - very sensitive and extremely emotional.

It is interesting to note that the subject of tension that needs to be liberated or channeled through some route can be found running all through the characteristics of the Lachesis type of people, physically as well as mentally.

As far as the physical level is concerned, when the energy is discharged, it helps the symptoms of the patients to improve, particularly discharge sexual energy and menstruation discharges in the case of women. In addition, Lachesis people may also engage themselves in rigorous physical workouts to get relief from tension as it helps them to discharge some of their energy.

On the mental or emotional side, physicians recommend that the Lachesis people talk or converse more as it would be helpful in releasing pent-up tensions. Hence, it is not difficult to understand why people belonging to the Lachesis type are so verbose. It is significant to note that the more the sexual energy of the Lachesis type of people are suppressed, they tend to become more and more talkative.

Parts used

The homeopathic remedy lachesis is prepared from lachesis, the highly poisonous venom of the South American bushmaster snake. The fresh venom is obtained from the snake and attenuated or watered down in huge amounts of lactose (milk sugar). It is important to exercise caution as well as follow all the precise specifications while preparing this medication since lachesis is a highly poisonous venom.

Like with all other homeopathic remedies, the final product lachesis does not retain even the slightest trace of the venom and is not only safe for human use, but also effective in curing several health conditions.


Although the homeopathic remedy lachesis is used to cure a number of health conditions, it is primarily used to treat circulatory problems. In effect, this medication works especially on the blood and blood circulation. Homeopathic physicians prescribe this medication to cure swollen and excruciating veins, for instance varicose veins.

In addition, lachesis is also an effective medication for treating purplish-blue skins of the ears, face, fingers and the toes owing to disorders in blood circulation.

The homeopathic medication lachesis is also effective in treating health problems, such as a feeble heart; fast and weak, but erratic pulse rate, angina, palpitations as well as breathing difficulties. People requiring lachesis may often have a feeling that their heart is distended, which may be associated with even nervous anxiety.

Homeopaths often recommend the use of lachesis, prepared with the venom of the South American bushmaster snake, to people suffering from tender throat, which may be swollen and deep purple in color, accompanied by a pain in the left ear. Usually, this throat complaint deteriorated when the patient tries to swallow any fluid. Turning to lachesis not only cures the condition, but also alleviates the associated symptoms.

The homeopathic remedy lachesis also has a number of other uses. It is prescribed for people suffering from problems of the nervous system, for instance petit mal attacks - a form of epileptic attack, as well as fainting.

It is also used to treat sluggish healing wounds that have a bluish rim, nosebleeds, reddish boils, headaches on the left side, hot sweats as well as tremors, fever, excruciating feeling in different parts of the body, stomach aches, and ulcers as well as vomiting in appendicitis. In addition, this homeopathic medication is effective in treating gastrointestinal problems and hemorrhoids that result in blood loss.

Lachesis is a very useful medication for women, especially those suffering from hot flashes during menopause and when the condition is associated with palpitations and fainting.

As a homeopathic medication lachesis is also effective in alleviating painful menstrual periods accompanied by mood swings and also fainting and palpitations. In effect, in homeopathy, lachesis is a crucial medication that is prescribed for women who are in their menopausal stage and experience hot flashes.

In addition, it is also helpful in treating problems related to premenstrual syndrome (PMS) as well as convulsive, congestive menstrual tenderness, which gets better with enhanced menstrual blood flow.


The bushmaster snake, whose extremely poisonous venom lachesis forms the basis for the homeopathic remedy lachesis, is found only in South America.


From Robin - Nov-03-2013
I had facial rosacea that developed in my twenties. My dermatologist gave me "metrocreme", a medicine that did work to quell the red bumps. However, if I was in the sun, my skin would feel like it was burning. Later, I tried lachesis. I stopped the metrocreme and dosed three times per day for three days.
My rosacea completely disappeared. I did not have to continue the lachesis after this initial treatment. My dermatologist was incredulous and wanted to know what I did. I told her but I am doubtful she passed this quick safe inexpensive cure along to patients. No profit. I suppose.
From Karen N. - Dec-21-2012
I was given this remedy for stage 3 rosacea and continuous bladder infections requiring antibiotics. After just a few days of taking this remedy, I needed only 7-8 hours of sleep per night instead of the usual 10-12 hours. I have increased vitality and just feel great. Many people are commenting on how well I look. I am hoping it will also diminish heart palpitations, heat and flushing.
From Sherri C. - Sep-16-2011
I gave this to my dog after a snake bite. He was fine in 3 days. I gave the 18 pond dog 26 drops then 12 drops 3 hours later, then 8 drops, then 7 drops decreasing by 1 drop every 3 hours until I was down to 4 drops every 4-6 hours. I took it for ant bites. I stepped on an ant pile and got stings all over my foot. I grabbed 8 drops then put some essential oils on my foot. Took 2 drops every hour for 4 times. Works great, I keep it in my first aid kit!
From Kitty Ferguson - Apr-01-2011
I have been taking this remedy for 5 days, for breast lumps, lots of energy moving through some pain where it is bluish, feeling relaxed, lots of the menopause systems have stopping excessive sweating with hot flushes not as apparent, just taking 2 drops a day, I have noticed that I can meditate easier not so much monkey mind happening. I wrote this on here may help someone.
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