Latrodectus mac.
Black Widow Spider

Latrodectus mactans

The homeopathic remedy latrodectus mactans (latrodectus mac.) is prepared from the spider species Latrodectus belonging to the family Theridiidae that comprises roughly 31 identified species of spiders.

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Occasionally, the spiders of genus Latrodectus are also commonly denoted as widow spiders primarily because the females of this genus generally consume the male partner after mating. However, this is not true in the case of most of the spider species as the males are not eaten by their female partners after mating and they often continue fertilizing other females of their species.

Among all the species belonging to this genus, the black widow spider is maybe the most familiar to us. When any individual is bitten by the black widow spider, it injects venom known as latrotoxin into the person.

Black widow spider bite is considered to be relatively hazardous and the injection of its venom causes a condition called latrodectism - a term derived from the name of the genus. In fact, the bite of a female black widow spider is particularly harmful for humans as this species possesses exceptionally large glands containing the venom. In fact, the female black widow spider is known to be the most venomous spider found in North America.

Usually, the adult female black widow spiders display a red colored hourglass shaped mark on their abdomen. However, not all adult female black widows bear this mark, as a number of them also exhibit a pair of red spots or do not have any kind of marking whatsoever. But the adults that do have any type of marking have them only in vivid red color.

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While the females of this species are considerably large sized, the adult male black widow spider's size is one-fourth of its female counterpart. Even their color is normally gray or brown and not black and red like the female black widow spiders. Again, contrary to the bite of the female black widow spider, the bites of the adult male black widow spider are not considered to be hazardous for humans.

On the other hand, the large venom gland of the female black widow spider has made its bite dangerous resulting in different symptoms. Although spiders belonging to one species vary greatly with another as also by their gender, normally any spider that displays a red colored hourglass mark on its abdomen and has a glossy black body can undoubtedly be recognized as an adult female widow spider.

It may be noted that very often spiders belonging to the genus Steatoda, which is also a member of the family Theridiidae, are mistaken by people to be widow spiders. Therefore, spiders belonging to the genus Steatoda are often called 'fake widow spiders'. Nevertheless, this genus of spiders is not considered to be as harmful as the adult female black widow spiders for humans.

As is with any other member belonging to the Theridiidae family, the widow spiders also weave a web of asymmetrical, knotted and clammy silken fibers. Very often, the widow spider is found hanging in an upturned position close to the hub of its web waiting for its prey, generally insects, to commit a blunder and get entrapped in the sticky mesh.

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And even before the trapped insect is able to free it from the mesh, the widow spider rushes to it, bites the prey and eventually covers the victim up with the silky fibers. On the other hand, in case the widow spider gets a hint of any threat, it will hastily drop itself down to the ground below to safety swinging along the fine silky fiber of its web.

Similar to all other insects, precisely speaking spiders that weave webs for their inhabitancy, the widow spiders also have very pitiable eyesight and generally rely on vibrations reaching them via the fine fibers of their web to locate their prey trapped in the web or even to any threat from any larger animals.

Generally, the widow spiders are not antagonistic or hostile by nature, except for when they are hunting for food. In fact, most of the injuries caused to humans owing to venomous bites of widow spiders are a result of either irritating, intimating or pinching the spiders.

According to some theories, some of the bites are also a result of the spider mistaking a finger inserted into its web for its usual prey or, in other cases, humans interfering with the female black widow spider protecting its egg sack are also victims of their bites, but here it is entirely for defensive reasons. However, when any comparatively large animal invades its web, the widow spider will generally flee from its home - the web, immediately for safety.

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The venom produced by the black widow spider, especially the female of the species, is highly toxic and it can prove to be life-threatening both for humans as well as animals. When any human is bitten by an adult female black widow spider, he or she will experience certain symptoms, including cold sweating, vascular spasms, cramps in the muscles and even severe chest pains as in the case of angina pectoris.

Interestingly enough, the homeopathic remedy prepared from the venom of the female black widow spider is effective in curing the severe chest pain related to heart attacks and angina. This is because homeopathic remedies are based on the simple theory 'Like cures like'. In other words, certain health conditions and associated symptoms caused by the substance can be cured well using very minute and heavily diluted doses of that same substance.

Parts used

The entire body of a live adult female black widow spider found in the warmer places of the globe, especially in the United States, is used to prepare the homeopathic remedy latrodectus mactans or latrodectus mac.


The homeopathic remedy latrodectus mactans prepared from the adult female black widow spiders of genus Latrodectus is effective in treating a number of health conditions, especially those related to the heart. This medication is very useful in treating acute and constant chest pain related to heart attacks as well as angina.

People who have attacks of angina (any painful spasmodic attack distinguished by choking or suffocating feelings) also experience numbness that gradually spreads to the left arm and hand. In addition, the homeopathic remedy latrodectus mac. is also prescribed for people who have a tendency to collapse frequently and suffer from nervousness, restiveness as well as a fright of breathlessness or gasping.

The symptoms of such patients improve when they are sitting peacefully at one place for quite some time and when they take a hot bath. However, the symptoms aggravate or deteriorate during night time, when the weather condition is humid and prior to a thunderstorm. Turning to the homeopathic medication latrodectus mac. does not only cure angina and other mentioned disorders, but also helps to provide relief from associated symptoms quite fast.


The adult female black widow spider, which forms the basis of the homeopathic remedy latrodectus mactans or latrodectus mac., is native to North America, particularly the United States. In addition, this species of spider is also found in other warm places across the globe.


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