Tiger Lily

Lilium tigrinum

The homeopathic medicine lilium tigrinum is prepared from the tiger lily plant which belongs to the Lilium genus that comprises as many as 80 species. Tiger lily is a perennial plant that grows straight from bulbs and bears flowers that resemble the shape of funnels, while the fruit of this plant has the shape of a capsule.

While some species of Lilium genus are cultivated for its edible bulbs, the remedial properties of tiger lily were first established in 1869 by homeopaths. This is a very popular plant and widely cultivated in various regions of the world. Tiger lily is native to China and Japan from where it was introduced to the West.

In fact, most of us are well acquainted with the tiger lily flower, more often than not owing to all the beauty it possesses. It is a very popular garden plant which enhances the beauty of any garden. In several cultures, this plant is cultivated for its remedial properties, but in the United States this plant is generally grown as a garden plant.

Years ago, the medicinal properties of this plant were discovered within the homeopathic community and soon became very popular as a homeopathic medicine. Medical preparations from the tiger lily plant are basically used to treat emotional disorders. In addition, it is especially beneficial for alleviating pain in the uterus. Precisely speaking, the tiger lily plant has been evolved by homeopathy into a very effective medicine.

Like in the instance of any other homeopathic medicine, the process involved in the preparation of lilium tigrinum is crucial. This medicine is prepared using the fresh stalk, leaves and flowers of the tiger lily plant. After collecting the fresh stalks, leaves and flowers of this plant, these parts are chopped into fine pieces and subsequently macerated in alcohol for a minimum of 10 days.

When the elements from the plant parts have diluted in alcohol, the solution is filtered, watered down and stirred to obtain the desired levels of dilution of the medicine lilium tigrinum. The process is continued till the resultant solution is bereft of all traces of the original tiger lily plant. The end product is a homeopathic medication called lilium tigrinum that is useful in treating several conditions.

The homeopathic medicine lilium tigrinum is a medication that is especially beneficial for women. It is appropriate for women patients who are frenzied, passionate and filled with anger. Usually, such patients experience a profound conflict between a deep sexual nature and an equally potent moral side within them.

Such types of conflicts or any other tough variances inside them actually result in a sort of aggravation or dissatisfaction that is mostly vented through anger. In fact, it can be said that among all other homeopathic remedies, lilium tigrinum is the tetchiest remedy. It needs to be mentioned that no matter how compassionately they may be dealt with, such patients will always take offense or be offended.

These types of patients have a dual behaviour which is contradictory to one another. Occasionally, these patients are very kind and sincere, while, at other times, they are filled with anger and in a spiteful condition.

Interestingly though, patients who benefit most from the use of the homeopathic medicine lilium tigrinum, are women who possess extreme sexual stimulation and often turn out to be nymphomaniacs. When such women cross certain limitations, they become extremely sexual and are unable to control their sexual urge.

Nevertheless, when the other side of their character - an equal and deep moral or religious sentiment, returns they start feeling very repented and this results in deep depression. Hence, from the materia medica (the science dealing with the sources, physical characteristics, uses, and doses of drugs) we come to learn that 'religious hopelessness interchanges with sexual stimulation'.

In other words, an inclination to lustfulness alternates with anger. At the same time, the repression of sexual energy emerges a kind of frenzied state accompanied by a passionate or untamed or wild sensation in the head. In addition, lilium tigrinum patients are likely to always be in an extremely hurried state. On many occasions, such alacrity is so strewn that the patient generally fails to achieve not productivity at all.

The homeopathic medicine lilium tigrinum also works fine with people who regularly feel impatient. They are so fidgety by nature that they may attempt to do so many things at the same time that they fail to achieve much when everything is over. Such patients may also feel uncontrollable and, at times, may also suffer from the feeling that they are becoming insane.

Additionally, lilium tigrinum patients may also be overcome with feelings of repentance regarding certain things they might have done at certain periods in their life.

Parts used

Fresh plant in flower.


The homeopathic medicine lilium tigrinum is a very beneficial remedy for women. Homeopaths generally prescribe this medicine to treat complaints of the female reproductive organs, including itching of the vulvas, swollen ovaries as well as uterine prolapsed (a condition wherein condition of the pelvic floor permits the uterus or a part of the uterus to stick out of the vagina).

In addition, this homeopathic medication is also beneficial for women who usually endure painful menstruation or benign uterine tumors (fibroids) accompanied by a pressing down pain in the pelvis as well as a continuous urge to urinate.

People suffering from angina may also find the use of lilium tigrinum useful in treating their condition as well as alleviating the acute pain associated with this ailment. Homeopaths also recommend this medicine for people suffering from complaints of the bladder, rectum and blood circulation through the veins.

It has been found that patients who require this homeopathic medicine have a preference for a cool weather and always endure a burning sensation in their hands. Lilium tigrinum also serves as a tonic or stimulant for the circulatory and the nervous systems. Owing to this particular property of this medicine, it facilitates in treating several disorders, some of which are discussed briefly below.

Unwinding the nervous system

As aforementioned, use of the homeopathic medicine lilium tigrinum serves as a tonic for the nervous system. This medicine aids in enhancing the functioning of the cells of the nervous system and, at the same time, helps in easing tension of the nervous system caused by hormone imbalance during the menstrual cycle.

Women experience such hormonal imbalances during their menstruation owing to disparity between estrogen and progesterone. Use of lilium tigrinum helps in diminishing the symptoms of endometriosis (the presence of endometrium in areas excluding the lining of the uterus) like weepiness and anxiousness.

Lessening ovarian cramps

Conventionally, homeopathic medical practitioners are of the view that pain in the ovary is primarily owing to blood or Qi stagnation in the region of the ovary owing to some kind of stress. When the blood or Qi stagnation is released, it facilitates in the free flow of blood to the ovary and adjoining regions, and in that way, decreases the tension of the muscles in the ovarian region.

This, in turn, alleviates the pain in the ovarian region. It is said that lilium tigrinum is one homeopathic medication that is useful in this regard and, thus, helps in providing relief from the pain women suffer in the abdominal region during their menstrual cycle.

Diminishing menstrual cramps

Homeopaths are of the view that lilium tigrinum prepared from the tiger lily plant aids in increasing blood flow in the ovarian area. By doing so, this homeopathic medicine also helps to diminish the pain that usually extends from the ovarian region downwards to the thigh. Such type of ovarian pain is caused by blood or Qi stagnation in the region.

Healing depression

The homeopathic medicine lilium tigrinum is very useful for people suffering from depression. It is especially effective for treating despair where people might be requiring some kind of salvation - those of the religious type. Such people have a tendency to become offended easily as have a feeling as if others are trying to harm them intentionally.

Lilium tigrinum is a homeopathic medicine that has the aptitude to assist the body to heal itself naturally of the different physical symptoms and also provide relief from the emotional symptoms endured by them.

Treatment for heart disorders

Lilium tigrinum is an effective homeopathic medicine to treat numbness or lack of sensation in the right arm accompanied by an aching heart. In such conditions, the sufferers have a sensation as though their heart is just about to explode and also experience an irregular or abnormal pulse. In addition, such patients may also experience palpitations. The homeopathic medicine lilium tigrinum is useful in treating all these complaints.

Curing urinary disorders

The homeopathic medicine lilium tigrinum is also useful for treating urinary disorders. This type of urinary problems causes the sufferer to endure a burning or stinging feeling when they pass urine. In addition, such people may also have the feeling to urinate very often or constantly although no urine may pass at all despite trying hard. This type of problem is generally very common in women.


The tiger lily plant belongs to the Lilium genus and is native to China and Japan. Later, it was introduced to the West and is now found growing in different regions of the globe. They are generally adapted to forest environments or grassland habitats.


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