The homeopathic remedy medorrhinum is prepared from urethral discharge from a male patient who has gonorrhea, and is used to treat an assortment of health conditions, including gynecological problems. This homeopathic remedy was introduced by a New York homeopath Dr. Samuel Swan in 1842 and proved by Dr. Swan himself along with Dr. Edward Berridge in a publication in 1889.

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As aforementioned, gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted disease (STD) caused by the bacterium Neisseria gonorrhoeae, which develops and thrives in the warm and moist parts of the body, especially in the urethra (the tube that transports urine out of the body). In the case of women, this bacterium may be present in their reproductive tract, including the uterus, fallopian tube and cervix). Interestingly, the bacterium Neisseria gonorrhoeae also has the aptitude to grow even in the eyes.

In homeopathy, medorrhinum is used to cure a variety of health conditions, including gynecological problems. Roman physician Galen named this infection as gonorrhea, which was possibly also recognized by the ancient Egyptians and Chinese. Long back, silver nitrate injections was administered to patients who suffered from this sexually transmitted infection.

According to the founder of the alternative stream of medicine homeopathy, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, this ailment was the root cause for sycotic miasm - one among the miasms (infectious principle) that deals with hereditary characteristics.

It may be noted that people have been suffering from the sexually transmitted infection gonorrhea for several centuries and today it has turned out to be even a bigger concern in contemporary health. Owing to the specific symptoms of gonorrhea, it was discovered as a latent medication in homeopathy decades ago.

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Since then, the bacterium responsible for causing gonorrhea has been modified and transformed into a highly useful homeopathic medication known as medorrhinum.

Individuals to respond well to the homeopathic remedy medorrhinum are those who feel hastiness and nervousness during the most part of their lives. Such people also have an empty feeling frequently and think that they are somewhat cut off or secluded from the remaining world or the society around them.

In addition, people requiring this homeopathic remedy may also experience extremes in their manners and can be found to be introvert or sensitive at one split second, and subsequently be self-seeking and overconfident in the very next moment.

People said to be belonging to the Medorrhinum type are interesting and usually the overlooked constitutional kind. While the mentals of this type of individuals have been very inadequately characterized in the earlier Materia Medicas, the extensiveness of the temperament of the Medorrhinum type of people may result in the homeopathic physicians to confuse them with different types.

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The character of this type of people is full of extremes - ranging from being recluse at one moment to being an extrovert the very next moment, from being kind to mean, from intellectual and isolated to being extremely poignant and instinctive.

To understand the wide span as well as the assortment of characteristics of people belonging to the Medorrhinum type, it would be useful if one bears in mind that such type of individuals has a vast enthusiasm regarding life as well as a craving for different experiences of all types. Consequently, he or she is likely to be allured to take on all the different conduct of experiences, which may either be acceptable to the society or not, simply to find out what they are akin to.

Generally, people acquired the gonorrheal infection by engaging in exhilarating sexual experiences to fulfill their appetite for lust and sex. It may be noted that although it is possible that acquiring the gonorrheal infection may cover up a medorrhinum condition upon another constitutional type, most of the individuals belonging to the Medorrhinum type have actually got this constitution hereditarily, most probably owing to the gonorrheal infections acquired by their ancestors.

Individuals belonging to the Medorrhinum type are usually adventurous by nature. Some Medorrhinums may travel around the world physically accumulating the sweet and exhilarating new experiences as they move from one place to another around the globe.

There are other people belonging to the Medorrhinum type who prefer to explore the emotional world getting into one passionate liaison after another, usually with people who vastly differ from each other in various aspects. While there are still other types of Medorrhinum people who look at the infinite panorama of scholarly thoughts, getting through philosophies with equal eagerness as they would be taking up scientific theories and advances.

There are several other types of Medorrhinums, and some of them may be undertaking exhilarating expeditions into the land of the mind's eye as well as supernatural perceptions. Thus, generally speaking, majority of the people belonging to the Medorrhinum type are very passionate explorers in all and different aspects of life. They are keen to learn from the unfamiliar and are always positive that they will endure all the dangers that may come in their way.

Parts used

The homeopathic remedy medorrhinum is prepared with extreme caution using the urethral emissions of a male patient who has been infected by the bacterium Neisseria gonorrhoeae. Subsequently, the urethral discharge is diluted and sanitized in water and shaken thoroughly to the extent that not a single molecule of the ailment is left behind in the final product, the medorrhinum tincture.

In fact, similar to the process involved in preparing any other homeopathic remedies, even medorrhinum does not possess even the slightest trace of the original substance - the bacterium gonorrhoeae, it is prepared from. In fact, many people who use this homeopathic remedy to cure any of the conditions they may be suffering from would be surprised to learn the source as well as the process of preparing medorrhinum.


The homeopathic remedy medorrhinum is used to treat a number of health conditions, especially ailments related to the pelvic region. It is an effective medication to cure pelvic inflammatory ailment, ovarian pain as well as painful menstruation. In addition, homeopathic physicians also prescribe medorrhinum to treat health conditions that have any type of effect on the spine, nerves, kidneys as well as mucous membranes.

Medorrhinum is also an ideal remedy for emotional problems endured by some individuals. This homeopathic medication can also be prescribed for persons or their parents who may have a history of the sexually transmitted infection gonorrhea or even to people whose family may be having a history of early heart ailments. People enduring the above mentioned health conditions usually find that their problems have disappeared when they are close to the sea.

Individuals who require the homeopathic medication medorrhinum most are those who are hasty by nature and always suffer from nervousness or have a feeling of expectation. Such people often experience an empty feeling within, as if they have been isolated or abandoned.

At the same time, they are always in a surreal state of mind where everything seems dreamlike. Interestingly enough, the soles of the feet of people who require this homeopathic medication are very susceptible.

Homeopaths prescribe medorrhinum for people who generally display extremes of behaviours. For instance, this is an ideal remedy for people who are self-seeking, arrogant or proud and introvert at one moment and may change to forgetfulness, withdrawn from their surroundings as well as become extremely receptive to beautiful thing in nature the very next moment.

As aforementioned, the homeopathic medication medorrhinum is useful in curing a variety of aliments and some of these condition specific uses of this remedy are discussed in brief below.

Women's health

Medorrhinum is a very useful homeopathic remedy for women. It is an excellent medication for women who suffer from profuse menstrual flow, which has a disgusting odour. Such women may also experience intense sensitivity in the cervical region, while having tender breasts. All this is accompanied by a foul smelling and usually inconvenient menstrual discharge.

When such women turn to medorrhinum, it not only helps to cure the main condition, but also provides relief from the associated symptoms.

Urinary tract infections

Certain people often suffer from a specific type of infection of the urinary tract that is generally accompanied by intense pain and a burning sensation, especially when they pass urine. In some cases, the urine may also contain pus or blood.

Such patients usually have a very strong desire to pass urine, but they are unable to excrete even a small amount despite trying very hard. In such cases, administration of the homeopathic medication medorrhinum not only helps the body to fight the infection, but also alleviates the associated symptoms and provides relief to the patients.

Testicular pain

The homeopathic medication medorrhinum is extremely beneficial for men suffering from an enlarged and usually heavy prostate gland. This medicine facilitates the body to heal the sore and swollen urethra naturally and, at the same time, aid in discharging substances that may usually be related to this condition. Thus, turning to medorrhinum in such cases, not only cures the infection, but also alleviate the associated symptoms.

Genital warts and herpes

People who endure large warts on their genitals that are accompanied by an itchy rash can benefit by using the homeopathic medication medorrhinum. In such cases, the prickly rashes in the form of small blisters may also be very aching and reddened. Turning to medorrhinum helps cure all these symptoms quickly.

Rhinitis and sinusitis

People suffering from copious catarrh (an inflammation of a mucous membrane, particularly of the respiratory tract, accompanied by too much secretion) that is related to the tenderness of the mucus membranes in the nose may benefit greatly by using the homeopathic medication medorrhinum. Such patients may also experience postnasal trickles and frequent sneezing.

At the same time, they may endure pressure as well as pain in the sinus area. Medorrhinum is effective in curing all these symptoms and providing quick relief.


The homeopathic remedy medorrhinum is prepared from the bacterium Neisseria gonorrhoeae which is responsible for the gonorrhea. The bacterium is collected from the urethral discharge of a male patient suffering from gonorrhea.


From Mary Kings - Nov-28-2015
For the past month I suffered very much from heel pain. Every step I did was very painful. It really takes all the pain away. What a lovely feeling walking pain free. Just one warning; when I took Medorrhinum the first time I had an unexpected site effect of an OCD attack. I clean my house but in a very normal way.
After taking this remedy I had to clean from the early afternoon till VERY LATE IN THE EVENING. My head just forced me even though I was exhausted. But my homeopath said- don't give up. So I continued and had no further OCD attacks; no idea why. So, if anyone has OCD or knows someone with OCD I highly recommend it. At least I understand now what OCD people are going through every day.
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