Mygale las.
Cuban Spider

Mygale lasiodora / M. avicularia / Aranea avicularia

The large black Cuban spider (mygale lasiodora) forms the basis of the homeopathic remedy mygale las. Any individual bitten by this species of spider endures swelling and tenderness as well as a violet staining that changes to green and extends from the place of the bite down the lymph vessels.

The other symptoms of the mygale lasiodora bite may include coldness giving rise to fevers, intense thirst, dry mouth, shuddering, breathing problems, hopelessness, depression as well as trepidation about passing away.

As aforementioned, mygale lasiodora is a considerably big spider that is indigenous to the Cuban island. The homeopathic remedy prepared from this spider species is considered to be among the most effective medication for treating simple cases of chorea. People who are affected by this disease tend to have low spirits and feel depressed.

The patients also endure a blunt pain in their forehead along with continuous trembling of the facial muscles. In addition, they also suffer from the head jerking to one side of the body, generally the right side. Besides, such patients also have shuddering and tweaking of muscles of only one arm and one leg, again it is normally on the right side. Such people also do not have any control over their muscles.

When the hand of such patients is tweaked backwards, they try to put the hand above their head. When they make an endeavor to talk, the words virtually come out in jerks from their mouth.

A case related to the treatment of a little girl suffering from chorea with the homeopathic remedy mygale las. has been documented. It says that the use of mygale las. was found to be effective in curing the convulsive symptoms endured by the girl rapidly. In fact, the girl became well and lived in good health for many years.

People who require the homeopathic remedy mygale las. most are those who endure twitching of the facial muscles, inability to put their hand to their face, seizure of the hand halfway and pushing it down and closing of the mouth and eyes in quick succession. While such patients walk, their steps are usually unsteady.

In fact, while they are sitting, their legs are in motion and when they try to walk, they have to drag their legs. When they walk, their whole body is also in motion. Turning to the homeopathic remedy mygale las. helps not only to cure the primary health condition (chorea), but also the associated symptoms.

Another homeopathic remedy is very similar to mygale las. as far as treatment of chorea is concerned. This medication called agaricus, is also effective in curing the angular movements associated with this ailment. However, people who need mygale las. also endure a typical symptom - they suffer from itching of the eye-lids as well as other parts of their body.

The itching causes a feeling like they have been suffering frostbites. In addition, the eye-lids of such people close and open in rapid succession. At the same time, the spine of these patients is very sensitive to touch.

It may be noted here that it is very typical of venoms produced by spiders to result in spasmodic ailments. In homeopathy, mygale las. is not only a proven, but also among the best cures for simple cases of chorea. As mentioned earlier, people suffering from chorea are generally low in spirit and remain depressed most of the time.

In addition, they also experience continuous tweaking of the facial muscles, while their mouth and eyes open and close in rapid succession. Their head is also jerked on one side of the body; generally the right side and they seem to have no control over their muscles. When such patients make an endeavour to raise their hand above their head, the hand is jerked, stopped midway and bent violently backwards.

Even when they try to speak, the words come out in a jerking manner. While they are in a sitting position, the legs of such patients are in constant motion, but they need to drag their legs while trying to walk.

Parts used

The entire body of the live mygale lasiodora, the large black spider found in the island of Cuba, is used to prepare the homeopathic remedy mygale las.


The homeopathic remedy mygale las., which is prepared using the whole body of the large black spider Mygale lasiodora, is primarily used to cure nervous disorders, for instance chorea, which are associated with tweaking and paroxysmal movements of the limbs, especially the upper portion of the body.

People suffering from such nervous problems endure constant movement of the body as well as twitching of the muscles, facial and others. In addition, this homeopathic remedy is also prescribed for people suffering from venereal ailments (infections caused due to sexual intercourse).

It has been found that people who require mygale las. the most are those who are very restive, nervous and fearful, including the fear of death. Such patients may also experience hallucination, particularly when they suffer from fevers.


Mygale lasiodora, a large black spider, which forms the basis of the homeopathic remedy mygale las., is native to the Cuban island.


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