Nat. carb.
Sodium carbonate / Soda ash

Natrum carbonicum

The homeopathic remedy nat. carb. is prepared chemically using sodium carbonate and is used to treat a variety of ailments, especially digestive problems and nervous disorders.

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In fact, sodium carbonate has multiple uses, industrial as well as medicinal. It is used in making glass, soaps, and detergents as also to make water softer. In conventional medicine, sodium carbonate was used for topical applications for healing eczema, burns and also for treating nasal mucus and vaginal discharge.

Individuals said to possess a Carbonicum personality are generally more like the Muriaticum, but to a lesser degree. Precisely speaking, a Carbonicum person has all the characteristics of the Muriaticum individual, but they are much gentle in nature. Hence, the Carbonicum personality is usually very careful and reliable, but is unlikely to be a stickler.

Such individuals are somewhat private, but can open up to people whom they love and also articulate their warmth to them. They have a preference for giving up what they have to their loved ones, but also do not hesitate to receive anything from them. In effect, this would mean that in some sense individuals with Carbonicum characteristics were emotionally healthier compared to a Muriaticum, as they are not able to suppress their emotions as much as the Muriaticum and, hence, there was lesser requirement for avoiding means.

Nevertheless, individuals belonging to the Carbonicum type have a very obsessive characteristic, which is much stronger compared to the Muriaticum personality. And this particular trait is anxiety. While the Muriaticum personality is more inclined to be in a depressive mood rather than nervous anxiety, the opposite is true for the Carbonicum personality.

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In other words, those having Carbonicum personalities suffer from anxiety more. In effect, most individuals belonging to this type are basically nervous and are short of self-assurance. This is one reason why Carbonicum personalities are generally wrongly considered to be Lycopodiums, particularly because the Carbonicum individuals struggle with comparable digestive indications and also have an analogous physical form.

Nevertheless, the Carbonicum personality's inclination to conceal negative feelings, to be somewhat self-critical or humble and to put immense stow by others' views distinguishes the patient to be of the Natrum type.

In effect, the nervous anxiety of the Natrum Carbonicum personality is particularly associated with meeting people as well as partying or mingling with people. Similar to a number of people of the Muriaticum type, the Carbonicum personalities also have a tendency to feel uncomfortable when they are in any alien company, and at times their condition becomes so worse that they begin to panic.

On the other hand, similar to some Lycopodiums, the Carbonicum is also prone to be anxious regarding almost anything and everything. The Natrum Carbonicums have a particular fear and that is of thunder storms. In other words, they suffer from nervousness during times of thunder storms.

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While this trait is also present in quite a number of Muriaticums, not many of them possess this attribute and never to this degree as the Carbonicum. On the contrary most of the people belonging to the Carbonicum type are extremely uncomfortable when there is a thunder storm.

While the Natrum Muriaticum is likely to be alarmed by thunder and lightening, they are never nervous due to them. The Carbonicum type personality, on the other hand, is very apprehensive owing to the change in the atmospheric conditions - in fact, the anxiety endured by them is felt even before the first sound of a thunder is even audible.

In addition, the physical symptoms of Carbonicum patients are also prone to deteriorate when there is a thunder storm and even before it. This is, however, not usual among the Muriaticums. It may be mentioned that a Natrum Muriaticum patient usually possesses an interesting characteristic and that is they usually feel very livid on a breezy day.

The Natrum Carbonicum patient also suffers from another widespread mental obsessive behaviour, and that is tetchiness or irritability. It may be noted that any Natrum personality who is extremely nervous as well as highly touchy, but is not susceptible to depression to any extreme degree, is expected to be a Carbonicum. In fact, it is rather amazing to find that a nervous individual like this is also highly tetchy.

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Generally, the Carbonicum individual takes out his or her irritability on their family, as they find this to be the most prudent decision. Carbonicum individuals are especially irritated by noise and are generally frightened when they hear loud sounds all of a sudden.

It is important to note that if one wishes to differentiate a Carbonicum from a Muriaticum, he or she would find the generals and physicals very useful. For instance, individuals known to be belonging to the Carbonicum type are comparatively very susceptible to heat, cold and even flow of water.

They generally have a noticeable dislike for milk or their symptoms may deteriorate following consumption of milk. This particular attribute is rarely witnessed among the Muriaticum. However, there are several Muriaticums who have been found to keep away from drinking milk because it makes them susceptible to have mucus - but this is altogether a different thing.

The symptoms of a Carbonicum patient usually also worsen due to acids, for instance consumption of citrus fruits and/ or vinegar.

In addition to having recurrent problems of post-nasal emissions, majority of the health problems are inclined to concentrate on the intestines and the joints. This too is very different from the Muriaticum. Moreover, people who belong to the Natrum Carbonicum type also have a tendency to bloat and experience imprecise pain in the abdominal region.

While the latter health problem is quite similar to the complaints suffered by the Natrum Muriaticum, but in such circumstances the Muriaticums may also endure from more acute inflammatory symptoms of ulcerative colitis (continual ulceration in the large intestine) and Chrohn's disease. In effect, one typical symptom endured by the Carbonicum is a burning sensation, particularly in the soles of the feet. The Natrum Carbonicum personalities also experience this burning feeling in their joints.

Talking in terms of the physical appearance, individuals belonging to the Natrum Carbonicum type are more conventional compared to the Muriaticums. Majority of the people belonging to the Carbonicum type have a thin and lean body type.

The face of such people is generally full of minute creases/ folds that manifest the nervous anxiety endured by them, while their complexion is spotted or flecked in nearly all instances. However, on an average, the hair of the Carbonicum type personalities is typically brown, instead of being blonde or red. Their hair is also usually straight.

Parts used

The homeopathic remedy nat. carb. is prepared chemically using the compound sodium carbonate.


In homeopathy, nat. carb. is prescribed to treat digestive disorders like indigestion, nervous problems, such as headaches as well as skin conditions like corns, blisters, herpes, moles and warts. In addition, this homeopathic medication is also known to be effective for curing exhaustion and colds. Below is a brief discussion on some of these condition-specific uses of nat. carb.

Digestive problems

In homeopathy, nat. carb. is widely used to treat a number of digestive problems, especially indigestion occurring together with belching and a feeling of queasiness. People who suffer from this condition often snack on food constantly all through the day. Such people have a particular fondness for bread and sweets. In addition, the homeopathic remedy nat. carb. is extremely beneficial for people who suffer from milk intolerance.


Nat. carb. is widely prescribed by homeopathic practitioners for people suffering from nervous disorders, inclusive of headaches. This type of headaches is acute causing immense pain and is accompanied by pain in the stomach. People suffering from this type of headache are also very sensitive to loud sound and/ or music.

In effect, this kind of headache may set off owing to studying at a stretch for prolonged hours or any kind of mental activity that may cause tension. In addition, being exposed to the sun for a prolonged period may also trigger this kind of headache, which is often accompanied by a dizzy feeling. Turning to the homeopathic remedy nat. carb. in such conditions not only helps to provide relief from the severe headache, but also alleviates the associated symptoms.


The homeopathic remedy nat. carb. is very effective for treating colds, especially colds that worsen when the patient is sitting outside in a breezy condition. The symptoms associated with this kind of cold may include catarrh, which may often smell disgusting and trickle down the back of the patient's throat.


Nat. carb. is also very useful for treating exhaustion or nervous tiredness owing to working overtime or being exposed to the sun for prolonged periods. People suffering from such kind of nervous exhaustion are usually inclined to feel shoddier when they are close to heat or in a very ear-splitting atmosphere.

Ankle weakness

People enduring feeble ankles that are easily susceptible to sprains or even dislocated simply with no precise occurrence of trauma may find the homeopathic remedy nat. carb. very useful in treating their condition. This medication is said to be more effective for children suffering from this condition.


Earlier, the homeopathic remedy nat. carb. was hauled out or extracted from the ashes of seaweed, but now it is prepared chemically using the compound sodium carbonate.

Nat. mur.
Sodium chloride / Rock salt

Natrum muriaticum

The homeopathic remedy Natrum muriaticum (Nat. mur.) is prepared by adding unadulterated sodium chloride to boiling water and is used for a number of health conditions, especially those related to emotional disorders. When sodium chloride completely dissolves in the boiling water, the resultant solution is strained and subsequently evaporated to obtain crystals of the salt. These crystals are diluted in water to the desired potency level or strength to obtain the medication Nat. mur.

Therefore, it may be said that the homeopathic remedy nat. mur. is just a salt or rock salt - sodium chloride, a chemical compound that is present in abundance in the nature. It is found in such abundance that after water, sodium chloride is the second most plentiful substance available across the globe.

Sodium chloride is indispensable for our health as well as life and has been held in high esteem in commerce all through history. In effect, going back to the Roman era, one would find that the soldiers in ancient Rome were given a remuneration known as 'salarium' with which they purchased salt.

The present day English word 'salary' has its origin in the Roman term 'salarium'. Homeopathic physicians recommend diluted solution of Natrum muriaticum for treating health problems that are accompanied by symptoms, such as a strong craving for salt, emotional sensitivity as well as intense thirst.

Undoubtedly, Natrum muriaticum is the most common constitutional type - in any case, in the contemporary industrialize societies. In effect, the people said to be belonging to the Natrum muriaticum type are the largest in number in the contemporary period, which actually manifests the concealed emotional hurting that is caused by the usual nurturing in the present day society.

In addition, it has been found that generally majority of the individuals belonging to the Natrum type have the capacity to camouflage their emotional pains and susceptibility which often makes the homeopathic physicians to mistake a patient to be open, healthy and well-balanced even as the patient may be concealing his or her inner hurting.

This problem enhances when several homeopathic practitioner are themselves Natrum Muriaticum individuals. In effect, many such homeopaths are not even aware that they are Natrum Muriaticums and, therefore, they fail to identify the problems or symptoms endured by the patients.

This is primarily owing to the fact that they consider the patients' symptoms to be quite normal as they are very identical to theirs. It may be mentioned that it is very easy to miss a Natrum Muriaticum personality because they are so dominant in the contemporary society - in effect, they are the most that are missed out. However, the fact is that this constitutional type is the easiest to learn and ought to be learnt first. In addition, it is presumed that this type of personality is usually easier to recognize.

Traditionally, it has been observed that the Natrum type of individuals are usually recluse persons, who conceal their feeling/ emotions, keep away from the company of others and also loathe sympathy. They are the type of people who find it difficult to cry to vent their feelings and also are unable to openly show their affection to their loved ones.

While these attributes of the Natrums are very true, but it can be said that describing them in this manner is actually tantamount to taking a broad view about their characteristics. Hence, the homeopathic practitioners who are able to identify this typical Natrum would actually miss out on the majority of the people belonging to this type.

Parts used

The homeopathic remedy nat. mur. is prepared using rock salt or sodium chloride.


The homeopathic remedy nat. mur. is generally prescribed for people enduring emotional difficulties, including nervousness and depression that may be a result of held back or concealed sorrows as well as other feelings.

In homeopathy, nat. mur. is an effective remedy for other health conditions too, especially those accompanied by runny emissions like colds, phlegm or copious lucid mucus. The problems usually deteriorate when the patients are close to heat and are normally triggered by stifling heat or prolonged exposure to scorching sun.

All these conditions and related symptoms are effectively and quickly cured by using the homeopathic medication nat. mur. Other health complaints that can be cured using Natrum muriaticum are eye strain accompanied by painful eyes, migraines accompanied by crisscrossed lines in front of the patient's eyes, cold sores, and headaches that are brought on following menstrual cycles.

In addition, Natrum muriaticum is also an excellent homeopathic remedy for treating problems related to the mouth, for instance dry and cracked lips, ulcers, halitosis or foul smelling breath, and swollen and sore gums (gingivitis). It is also a good remedy for skin disorders, including boils, warts, aching acne, unclean skin at the base of the nails, and hangnails or peeling skin on the finger.

Homeopathic physicians also prescribe Natrum muriaticum for people suffering from indigestion, anemia, goiter (enlarged thyroid glands), backaches, bleeding anal fissures, constipation accompanied by dry and hard stools as well as slow or belated flow of urine.

Natrum muriaticum is also a beneficial homeopathic remedy for problems experienced by women, especially problems related to menstruation.

Homeopathic practitioners prescribe this medication to treat abnormal menstruation, lack of menstruation brought on by distress or sorrow as well as the common sensation of being ill prior to and subsequent to menstruation. In addition, nat. mur. is an effective remedy for vaginal discharge, dry or painful vagina as well as pain in the vagina all through sexual intercourse (vaginismus).

People who need the homeopathic remedy Natrum muriaticum most are usually unpleasantly cold and abhor heat when they are unwell.


Rock salt forms the basis of the homeopathic remedy Natrum muriaticum (Nat. mur.). Rock salt is found in abundance in nature in many parts of the world, especially in the Dead Sea. In addition, large deposits of rock salt can be found in India, the United States and various regions of Europe.

Nat. phos.
Sodium phosphate

Natrum phosphoricum

The homeopathic remedy Natrum Phosphoricum (nat. phos.) is chemically prepared using the compound sodium phosphate, a Schussler tissue salt, and is prescribed to cure a number of ailments, especially indigestion and those related to the digestive tract.

A Schussler tissue salt, sodium phosphate is found as a natural element in the tissue cells of our body and it facilitates in controlling the acidity level of the body as well as breaking down the fatty acids. In homeopathy, the medication Natrum Phosphoricum is widely used to treat health conditions generating from the presence of excessive uric or lactic acid in the body.

While it is very effective for treating gout, a health condition arising out of excessive uric acid, it is also useful as a remedy for indigestion caused by consumption of too many fatty and sour foods.

Parts used

The chemical compound sodium phosphate is used to prepare the homeopathic remedy nat. phos.


In homeopathy, nat. phos. is generally prescribed for people suffering from indigestion accompanied by sour belching due to consumption of food that are rich in fat content as well as sour or owing to too much of acid in the stomach. This condition may be seen in children who have taken excessive amounts of milk as well as sugar. Nat. phos. is also very effective in treating gout and firmness of the muscles following any hard work.

Being a tissue salt, the basic function of the homeopathic medication nat. phos. is to putrefy acids in the body. In other words, this homeopathic remedy works to regulate the acid level in our system. Therefore, it may be said that Natrum Phosphoricum is a very safe medication to cure a variety of health conditions related to excessive acid in the body among people of every age and in all their periods of life.

When present in the digestive system, sodium phosphate facilitates in breaking down the acids produced in the stomach as well as controls the secretion of bile. When our body is overcome by excessive of fatty and sugary foods as well as beverages, inclusive of alcoholic drinks, it is unable to produce sufficient sodium phosphate that would be required to deal with all the stomach acids that are necessary for proper digestion.

Consequently, people suffer from acid symptoms, including gas, diarrhea, heartburn, sour belching as well as a yellowing coating at the rear end of the tongue. When infants are given the homeopathic remedy nat. phos., it naturally and gently helps to provide relief from colic, bitter vomiting as well as green diarrhea having a sour smell.

When this medication is administered to children, it is helpful in alleviating the collapses and headaches they endure owing to high levels of sugar in the body. In homeopathy, Natrum phosphoricum is considered to be the safest and unique medication to provide relief from heartburn during pregnancy.

People suffering from severe headaches as well as sick headaches accompanied by bitter vomiting caused by dietary excesses, morning sickness or any ailment find great relief when they turn to nat. phos.

The presence of the compound sodium phosphate in our muscles facilitates in keeping them flexible as well as moving smoothly. When our muscles do not receive enough oxygen when we are exercising or owing to shock, they are packed with lactic acid and they experience spasms and stiffness.

This painful condition is eased only when there is enough supply of sodium phosphate to the muscles, as it facilitates in breaking down the acids. Hence, it is needless to say that turning to the homeopathic remedy nat. phos. is extremely helpful in preventing prolonged discomforts that are generally experienced following rigorous exercise, accidents and/ or lifting excessive weight.

In addition, presence of sodium phosphate is also vital for the health of the joints. In effect, sodium phosphate helps to keep the joints free from deposits of acids produced by the body or from ingested foods. Therefore, it is obvious that the homeopathic remedy nat. phos. is effective in controlling the acids in the joints, thereby providing us relief from rigid and tender joints.

Here is a word of caution for all those who may be ignoring acidity thinking it to be a trifle thing. In fact, overlooking acidity usually results in exhaustion, sick headaches, slow and acidic digestion, head colds accompanied by yellow mucus and a hurting cough as well as rigid musculoskeletal symptoms.

People suffering from any of these conditions find relief when they take the homeopathic medication Natrum phosphoricum, a Schussler tissue salt remedy. In effect, taking nat. phos. helps our body to achieve its normal balance of acidity and sodium phosphate.

It may be noted that the homeopathic remedy Natrum phosphoricum is needed most to cure two distinctive symptoms - accumulation of acids in the body and the consequential congestion, sourness, which includes vomiting, acidic belching, sweats having a sour odour, and discharge of yellow mucus, a yellowish coating on the rear end of the tongue, as well as the skin turning yellowish.

In effect, the symptoms that are cured by taking nat. phos. usually deteriorate when the patients consume foods that are acidic or rich in fat content. In addition, these symptoms also aggravate when the patient undertakes mental hard work. People who require this homeopathic medication most are those who become apprehensive or nervous at night time and also endure nervous exhaustion, unconcern or inertia and mental insipidness.


The homeopathic remedy nat. phos. is prepared chemically using phosphoric acid and sodium carbonate. The chemical reaction between the two yields sodium phosphate, which forms the basis of this medication.

Nat. sulf.
Sodium sulfate / Sal mirabile, Glauber's salt

Natrum sulfuricum

The homeopathic remedy Natrum sulfuricum (Nat. sulf.) is chemically prepared using the compound sodium sulfate and is used to cure a number of health conditions, especially liver and digestive ailments.

As a natural compound, sodium sulfate is found in a solid white crystalline form or as powder. Apart from medicinal uses, this chemical compound also has industrial uses. It is widely used to manufacture glass, paper, paperboard as well as detergents.

This is basically a Schussler tissue salt that is present naturally in the tissue cells of our body and facilitates in maintaining the water equilibrium in the body. As a homeopathic medication, nat. sulf. is extremely beneficial for people who are floppy and feel shoddier when they are close to water, in any moist room or when the weather turns humid.

Individuals belonging to the Natrum Sulfuricum type are not so regular as Natrum Muriaticum, which is again quite common to the other type of Natrum - Natrum Carbonicum. In fact, people belonging to the Natrum Carbonicum type are usually realistic and unoriginal. On the contrary, a Natrum Sulfuricum individual has all the flaming characteristics associated to Sulphur.

However, these properties of Sulphur are present in a much milder manner in Natrum Sulfuricum as these attributes are yoked with the withdrawn fieriness common to all Natrums. In addition, the fiery characteristics of the Natrum Sulfuricum individual are also somewhat quieter because individuals belonging to this type are of female nature.

Parts used

The homeopathic remedy Natrum Sulfuricum (Nat. sulf.) is prepared chemically using the chemical compound sodium sulfate, which is found in a powdered or white crystalline form.


The homeopathic remedy Natrum Sulfuricum is used to treat a number of health conditions, especially liver disease like jaundice and chest problems like asthma and bronchitis. Homeopathic practitioners also prescribe this medication for people who may feel suicidal and depressed or experience other emotional changes.

The cell salts of sodium sulfate is beneficial for people suffering from a variety of symptoms - respiratory, digestive, tenderness as well as emotional, which generally worsen owing to moisture or humidity, particularly when the patients are exposed to cold wet weather conditions or are in chilly and moist places.

This medication helps to alleviate sick headache, nausea, heartburn, sour vomiting, colic (spasmodic pain in the abdominal region or the bowels), bitter belching, diarrhea, indigestion as well as the recurrent urge to pass urine. In addition, this homeopathic medication is also prescribed for patients suffering from colds accompanied by yellowish mucus, wheezing and sporadic despondency.


Sodium sulfate, which forms the basis of the homeopathic remedy Natrum Sulfuricum (Nat. sulf.), is generally found in saltwater lakes in many regions of the world as well as in Russia's Kalunda steppe.


From Olivia Steel - Dec-27-2013
My teenage son suffers depression & has been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. He can't handle disappointments & becomes suicidal at times. The evening looked like things were headed that way & I consulted the ailments section under "depression". I prefer to use homeopathic remedies as the results are usually fast.
Nat. Mur. seemed to fit his symptoms & I gave him 3 pills of 30c. Within 5mins he said he was extremely hungry & ate a substantial meal. It was noticeable his mood had definitely improved. 2hrs later I gave a second dose ...2pills of 200c Nat. Mur. He was laughing & joking around for the remainder of evening & has gone off to sleep with no issues ( he is quite an insomniac).
I am really impressed with these results.
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