Nitric ac.
Nitric Acid / Aqua Fortis

Nitric acidum

The homeopathic remedy nitric ac. is a mineral which is prepared chemically using extreme caution by blending sodium nitrate and sulfuric acid. This chemical composition possesses a variety of healing powers. It is essential to prepare this homeopathic remedy in the appropriate environment and with appropriate caution, since the fumes produced during the amalgamation process may be rather irritating or even prove to be toxic when inhaled.

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The homeopathic remedy nitric ac. is a colorless, highly unstable and extremely caustic liquid which has been traditionally used to get rid of lumps or warts. In a watered down form, nitric ac. was administered to treat bronchitis, fevers and other types of chest contagions. In addition, the diluted nitric ac. is also used to cure the sexually transmitted disease (STD) syphilis as well as to dissolve bladder and kidney stones.

Besides the therapeutic benefits offered by it, nitric ac. also has a number of commercial uses. The commercial uses of nitric ac. include manufacturing of fertilizers and explosives. The fumes produced when sodium nitrate and sulfuric acid are blended are extremely exasperating and may even result in death when inhaled.

Many people choose nitric ac. as the homeopathic medicine for treating an assortment of dissimilar types of pain, which may plague them often. In addition, in homeopathy, nitric ac. is prescribed to treat remarkably diverse skin conditions.

It may be noted that the usual profile of an individual using or who ought to be using the homeopathic remedy nitric ac. is not quite positive. Traditionally, such individuals are found to be extremely repulsive, mean-minded and somewhat harsh persons. Such people offend other very quickly, either intentionally or otherwise.

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Moreover, such people are not the kind who would forgive others and, hence, they do not have a propensity to be the type of people that others would like to be around. It has also been found that such individuals usually mull over the pessimistic, especially the horrid experiences in their life.

Although such people are generally aware that they might be offending other people, they may not actually bother about it at the time when they do it.

Eventually, they have a tendency to agonize over the way their life comes to pass as well as the hurt they might have inflicted on others. Interestingly enough, such persons are likely to fall sick owing to all the depressing emotions that they actually embrace. Using the homeopathic remedy nitric ac. helps to alleviate all such symptoms in this type of individual and lead a rather normal life.

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Nitric acid.

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In homeopathy, nitric ac. is generally used for treating pains that are similar to being struck by splinters. Such pains are likely to appear as well as fade abruptly, for example, pains in mouth ulcers, tender throats and thrush (a disease, particularly among children, distinguished by white spots and ulcers on the membranes of the mouth).

In addition, this homeopathic remedy is also effective for treating piles accompanies by sharp and stitch-like soreness in the rectum. People enduring such conditions usually have discharges accompanied by a burning sensation. Even the urine passed by such patients has a potent and offensive smell.

Individuals requiring the homeopathic remedy nitric ac. are generally chilly and suffer from warts, stomach ulcers, broken skin and ulcers in the vagina and rectum quite frequently.

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Hemorrhoids and anal fissures

No one would disagree that the pain caused by hemorrhoids (unusually inflamed veins mostly owing to constant increase in venous pressure, taking place inside the anal sphincter of the rectum) and anal fissures are usually very perturbing. Nevertheless, the only bright sign is that the use of the homeopathic remedy nitric ac. is of immense help to people enduring these conditions. In fact, nitric ac. helps to provide great relief to anyone who may be suffering from pains due to throbbing fissures and bumps.

Mouth ulcers

The homeopathic remedy nitric ac. is also very effective in treating mouth ulcers. Since the mouth ulcers occur in the form of tiny sores, something very akin to the development of hemorrhoids, it makes sense when the homeopathic remedy nitric ac. is used to cure both the conditions and provide relief to the sufferers.

In the case of mouth ulcers, using nitric ac. helps to heal the body as well as alleviate the splinter-like pain that accompanies such excruciating bumps. In fact, in homeopathy, nitric ac. is used to effectively treat all types of mouth ulcers like canker sores or even others that may be caused by other reasons. This medicine is equally beneficial in all such cases.

Skin conditions

While many people actually do not consider warts to be a genuine health problem, in reality they may be of great concern for your health. In homeopathy, nitric ac. is used to effectively cure various types of skin conditions, including warts, severe acne, cracked or broken skin, and/ or any kind of aching fissure or skin boil.

Using this homeopathic remedy for treating skin conditions actually works much in the similar manner as it works in curing anal fissures. In both cases, using the homeopathic medicine nitric ac. helps to heal the body as well as provide relief from pain associated with these health conditions.

Precisely speaking, using nitric ac. in such cases helps to alleviate the pain, stop all bleeding that may be associated with the health condition and facilitate the healing of the area naturally with no additional consequences.

Catarrh (Inflammation of the respiratory tract)

Although many people are actually not familiar with the health condition called catarrh, they are sure to have suffered from this health issue at some or other point in their life. Catarrh may actually be defined as an inflammation of the respiratory tract accompanied by excessive secretion of mucus.

This condition occurs quite frequently owing to an infection and causes formation of dense mucus at a time when the mucus membranes in the head become inflamed and aggravated. Subsequently, the skin in the region of the nose also becomes inflamed and aggravated. Often the dried out green mucus may be there even when the person wakes up. In such cases, it is best to use the homeopathic remedy nitric ac.

Using this medication in such instance not only helps the body to heal, but also provides relief from the infection as well as its side effects. Moreover, when you use nitric ac. as soon as you notice the symptoms, it will help you to diminish the possibilities of the condition worsening further and, at the same time, this homeopathic remedy will help you to steer clear of other symptoms of catarrh, for instance, nosebleeds.


The homeopathic remedy nitric ac. is basically a mineral solution that is prepared by chemically blending sodium nitrate and sulfuric acid.


From Tia - Feb-01-2011
One of the most puzzling symptoms is the recurrence of symptoms (particularly pain) on alternate days. In my case it was pelvic pain, which is not one of the typical symptoms of nitric ac., but it was in conjunction with other, classical symptoms of this remedy, such as hemorroids, fissures etc.
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