Nux Vomica
Strychnine / Poison Nut / Quaker Buttons

Strychnos nux-vomica

The homeopathic remedy nux vomica is prepared from strychnine, the toxic substance enclosed by the seeds of the poison-nut tree, and is used to treat a variety of health conditions, especially problems related to the digestive and nervous systems. This medication is mainly related to people who are workaholics and, hence, suffer from stress and tension.

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The poison-nut tree is indigenous to southeastern Asia from where it was transported to Europe in the 15th century. The seeds of this tree enclose a toxic alkaloid called strychnine. This toxic substance was a very well-known poison until the 17th century when physicians came to learn about strychnine's invigorating influence on the digestive and nervous systems.

Small doses of this toxic alkaloid are also used as a diuretic, for encouraging hunger as well as assisting in the digestive process. However, when taken in large amounts, this substance can even prove to be life-threatening. The homeopathic remedy nux vomica, prepared with strychnine, was created as well as proved by the founder of the alternative stream of medicine homeopathy, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann way back in 1805.

As aforementioned, the homeopathic remedy nux vomica is mainly related to workaholic people who usually force themselves into excesses and tensions. Individuals belonging to the Nux Vomica types are known to be very go-getting and full of drive. They like to thrive on challenges and usually work as entrepreneurs or managers.

One of the typical characteristics of such people is that they are oversensitive and cannot tolerate criticism. On the other hand, they are sticklers and usually very critical of other people.

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In effect, people who are so highly motivated often have an inclination to take up extra burden both at work as well as at play. Such people also possess a strong libido; consume excessive rich food, coffee and alcohol. Substance abuse, precisely speaking medicaments, is another part of their nature.

Such type of indulgence often results in extreme tension as well as sleep disorder or insomnia and these, in turn, causes digestive problems. The most important digestive disorders experienced by people said to be belonging to the Nux Vomica type may include irritable bowel syndrome, peptic ulcers an/ or liver problems. These problems occur when such people are not in a position to continue with their hectic as well as erratic lifestyles.

When the homeopathic physicians find these attributes in any patient, they prescribe nux vomica for treating tetchiness, colds and influenza, digestive disorders, insomnia, cystitis, asthma, menstrual complaints as well as pregnancy problems. Generally, symptoms worsen when the patients are exposed to cold, light, noise and various odours.

In the early days, poison-nut tree was usually used as a natural medication. In fact, the use of poison-nut tree dates back to the plague that occurred during the Middle Ages. However, presently it is seldom used as a natural medication since it is known to be highly toxic in nature.

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When used as a homeopathic medication, nux vomica is extremely watered down to desired levels and, hence, it is safe for treating a variety of health problems that may vary from headaches to sensitive issues, such as nervous anxiety. While almost all people respond well to this homeopathic remedy, it works best in individuals who may be having problems in holding back their emotions and/ or anger.

While taking any homeopathic medication, inclusive of nux vomica, it is essential to match the symptoms of the patient along with the cause of the precise problems he/ she may be enduring. In case the patient has any queries, it is advisable to talk to a homeopathic physician.

This is crucial keeping in mind the fact that if any one takes a homeopathic remedy without having any symptoms related to a particular health condition, he/ she would display similar symptoms on taking the medication that it is meant to treat, for instance, headaches, stress, digestive problems and others.

At the same time, it needs to be remembered that one should not take the homeopathic remedy nux vomica in excess of the prescribed dose of 30x. This homeopathic medicine should only be taken once daily and not more than a few days at a stretch. In case the patient does not experience any improvement in the condition or the symptoms do not alleviate, it is advisable to discontinue with the medication and talk to a homeopathic physician of proper guidance, possibly prescription of alternative medications.

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Parts used

The toxic alkaloid called strychnine enclosed by the seeds of the poison-nut tree is used to prepare the homeopathic remedy nux vomica. This homeopathic medication is prepared by grounding the seeds of the poison-nut into powder and subsequently diluting the toxic powder to the desired levels by adding plenty of milk sugar (lactose).

As with any other homeopathic remedies, even the end product here nux vomica does not retain the slightest trace or toxicity of the original seeds of poison-nut and is safe for human use as well as treating a variety of health problems.


Nux vomica is primarily prescribed for people who are highly emotional and suffer from tetchiness. Individuals requiring this medication are generally fuming and frustrated when their expectations are not fulfilled and subsequently fall sick when they try to suppress their anger.

In order to suppress their anger and frustration, such people may indulge in plenty of stimulants which may eventually cause them to suffer from sleep disorders or insomnia. They also suffer from digestive problems, for instance, vomiting, constipation, diarrhea with aching cramps in the region of the abdomen, indigestion, nausea accompanied by colicky pain (spasmodic abdominal or bowel pains) and even hemorrhoids that may result in contractions of the rectum.

In fact, the above mentioned health problems may be a result of the patient's attempt to suppress his/ her emotions, particularly anger, frustration and irritability. Alternately, they may also be caused by overindulgence of alcohol, coffee and also certain foods. Turning to nux vomica may help cure all the health conditions as well as provide relief from the associated symptoms.

In homeopathy, nux vomica is an effective remedy for colds that causes blocked nose during night and runny nose in the daytime, coughs with vomiting, flu accompanied by fever as well as tremors, firm and throbbing muscles, and also irritating coughs accompanied by pain in the larynx.

This homeopathic medication is also effective in treating headaches and migraines, usually caused by a hangover and wherein the patient has a sensation that his/ her head is chunky or weak, especially while walking. Some of these patients may also have a feeling like nails have been pushed inside over the eyes.

Nux vomica is also very useful in treating specific health problems endured by women. For instance, homeopathic practitioners prescribe this medication for women who may be suffering from premature, profuse or erratic menstruation periods wherein the patients tend to faint before the start of their menstruation cycle.

In addition, nux vomica is also given to treat cystitis (inflammation of the urinary bladder), cramps, frequent passing of urine, labor pain as well as morning sickness during pregnancy.

In homeopathy, nux vomica is used to treat a number of health conditions. Some of the specific uses of this homeopathic remedy are discussed in brief below.

Emotional issues

While not many people seem to be interested in taking the homeopathic remedy nux vomica to treat the emotional issues endured by them, it is important to note that this medicine has been proved to be most effective in dealing with emotional health problems.

It is advisable that you always keep a small bottle of nux vomica at hand, especially for help during those nerve-racking times when you need to soothe your nerves or calm down your anxiety. Nux vomica is most appropriate homeopathic remedy for people who have a tendency to hold back their anger, frustration as well as other emotions.

Such repression of emotions is often likely to result in a number of other health problems. Usually such people fall sick when their try to repress their anger, irritability, frustration and other emotions. Hence, the homeopathic remedy is not only effective in curing the pent up emotions, but also treating the other health conditions that may arise out of the situation.

Irritability and insomnia

Nux vomica is an ideal medicine for treating symptoms akin to hangover accompanied by sleep disorders and intense irritability (provoked anger or tetchiness) which may be a result of unwarranted lifestyles eating heavily and/ or consuming plenty of alcohol, coffee or other different stimulants.

Such individuals often have a sensation as if a nail has been pushed through their forehead and even suffer from distorted sleep, generally waking up around 4:00 in the morning. When they wake up at such odd hours, they feel very petulant and are unable to fall asleep again till the morning. Turning to the homeopathic medication nux vomica helps to cure all these problems as well as alleviate the associated bothersome symptoms.

Women's health

As aforementioned, nux vomica is a very useful remedy for various health problems suffered by women. It is especially effective in treating cystitis (inflammation of the urinary bladder) accompanied by sporadic pain in the bladder and an urge to urinate frequently. Nux vomica is also useful in treating untimely, profuse and erratic menstruation periods that are accompanied by cramping aches.

In addition, nux vomica is an appropriate homeopathic medication to treat symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) accompanied by a violent temper. Homeopathic practitioners also prescribe nux vomica for pregnant women to alleviate frequent urination, exhaustion, leg cramps, lack of sensitivity of the arms, constipation as well as morning sickness.

Colds and influenza

In homeopathy, nux vomica is an effective medication to treat cold and influenza. It is given to patients suffering from runny catarrh during the day, particularly when they are in a warm room, and congested nose during the night. In such cases, some patients may experience sneezing, throbbing throat, dry and scratchy coughs, watery and sensitive eyes, headaches and/ or influenza accompanied by painful muscles and fever along with tremors.

It has been proved in homeopathy that nux vomica is very helpful in curing symptoms of some of the most aggravating cold and flu effectively. People who suffer from bothersome cold that is related to a runny nose during the day and congested nose at night time will be highly benefitted if they turn to nux vomica.

In addition, taking this homeopathic medication also helps to alleviate various other symptoms like shivering, fever as well as excruciating and rigid joints that people usually endure when they have flu. The homeopathic remedy nux vomica is also helpful in providing relief from scratchy and irritated throat conditions that are caused by coughs.

Digestive disorders

Nux vomica is an effective remedy for indigestion as well as vomiting accompanied by a hurting heaving. It is also useful in curing diarrhea with nausea and cramps in the abdominal region. In such cases, the abdomen is usually distended and filled with gas generated in the alimentary canal.

Some people who suffer from constipation that may make it problematic to drain the bowel fully may also benefit by turning to nux vomica. In some cases, patients may suffer from hemorrhoids and constipations owing to rectal constrictions or spasms.

While these conditions may be a result of the excessive lifestyle of the patients and their overindulgence of alcohol, coffee and other stimulants, in such conditions, they still crave for more stimulants or foods that are rich, fatty and spicy. When they take such foods again, it only results in the worsening of their condition.


The toxic substance enclosed by the seeds of the poison-nut tree forms the basis of the homeopathic remedy nux vomica. This species of trees are native to India as well as the Malay Archipelago. They were introduced into Europe in the 15th century when some explorers brought the seeds of this species from Southeast Asia.


From Jasvinder - Feb-11-2018
Nux vomica is a very good medicine for piles.
From Sheree - Feb-01-2017
30 c one dose cured hiccups. 30 c one dose helped immensely in a loved one with suppressed anger. Lifted mood quickly and brought calm. I love this remedy!!
From Dave - Feb-21-2016
I've been suffering abdominal pain for many months with nausea, doctors could find no real reason for this even after many blood tests and scans, went to naturopath and was prescribed nux vomica and a few dietary changes and within a few days I am feeling a hell of a lot better. Pre and probiotic protein isolates have been great as well.
From Rasika - Nov-09-2015
Nux vomica worked like miracle in my migraine pain. My migraine pains are almost gone and not severe as before. It has to be combined with proper changes in diet, like quitting tea/coffee completely.
From Joana Dougherty - Aug-15-2015
It has helped with bad headaches. Amazing.
From Betty L. - Sep-27-2013
I have been taking Nux Vomica as a last resort after a year of treatment for gastritis of the stomach. Much of the prescription medications were very expensive and often created many side effects. I went from many different prescription drugs but was still having problems. I have found Nux Vomica to be very helpful combined with diet change and avoiding food and drink that I know causes stomach irritation. I would suggest individuals give it a try as it has really helped me.
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