Opium Poppy

Papaver somniferum

The homeopathic remedy opium is prepared with the poppy or opium seeds and the effectiveness as well as the safety of this medication was substantiated by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of the alternative stream of medicine known as homeopathy.

Opium poppy is a very interesting plant - it is both helpful to humans as it possesses numerous therapeutic benefits and harmful owing to the misuse of this plant and its produce. Generally, opium poppy is described as a plant possessing extreme attributes.

While the opium poppy plant forms the source for preparing morphine which is one of the most potent painkillers, heroin, also prepared with the poppy seeds, causes extreme addiction. Interestingly, history also records the striking roles played by opium poppy, which, to certain extent, has been responsible for wars as well as major social disorders.

Precisely speaking, opium and heroin that are usually obtained unlawfully have resulted in destructive drug problems. On the other hand, codeine and morphine are produced lawfully and have always played a crucial role in traditional medicine. As aforementioned, the homeopathic medication opium was personally proved by the founder of this alternative stream of medicine Dr. Hahnemann way back in 1805.

It is also interesting to note that the homeopathic remedy is administered to patients who may be demonstrating one of the two specific conditions or both. While one of these conditions include symptoms like trance, lack of concern and blunted feeling to pain, people suffering from the other condition experience hyperactivity or excitement and tremendous sensitivity accompanied by sleeplessness very often.

In case any patient experiences either one or both the symptoms, homeopathic physicians prescribe opium for treating sleeping problems, insomnia, constipation, respiratory troubles as well as shock. In addition, the homeopathic medication opium is also effective for treating as well as facilitating recuperations from health conditions, such as brain injuries as well as stroke paralysis.

As a homeopathic remedy, opium is held in high esteem and is in high demand owing to its aptitude to treat a range of dissimilar health conditions. In effect, opium possesses astonishing curative properties and it is believed that this homeopathic medication has the potential to offer the missing solution to the different health problems that a person may be enduring.

Considering that this homeopathic medication is prepared from a plant that is known to be a plant of extremes, opium is also likely to possess the attributes that may facilitate treating patients who may be suffering from any type of physical or mental health problems on any ends of the gamut of health problems.

If people who have endured intense medical problems or life threatening incidents, for instance recuperating from a brain injury or paralysis caused following a stroke turn to opium, they are sure to be immensely benefitted.

Use of the homeopathic remedy opium may also work wonders for people experiencing withdrawal symptoms after giving up alcoholic beverages or enduring delirium/ hallucination. Therefore, all the above instances are enough to prove that the homeopathic medication opium is tremendously helpful in extreme conditions.

Parts used

The homeopathic remedy opium is prepared from the seeds produced by the opium poppy plant. Like in the case of preparing any other homeopathic remedies, the seeds obtained from the opium poppy are reduced to a small amount by boiling and, hence, the medication does not pose any danger of addiction or any other health problems that are related to consuming the raw form of opium.

In other words, the final product or the homeopathic remedy opium obtained by boiling the opium seeds does not retain the slightest trace or attributes of raw opium and is safe for use.


Ever since the age of the Romans and Greeks, people have been using opium as a painkiller or palliative. It has been found that when ingested, opium imitates the action of endorphins, chemical compounds that occur naturally in the brain and, thereby, help to promote sleep and also ensures the good health of the individual. A number of substances derived from opium, for instance codeine and morphine, have been used in traditional medicine since ages.

The homeopathic remedy opium is usually prescribed for treating mental conditions, especially those occurring following a critical fright, shock or panic, for instance following the demise of a beloved person. It is also given to people who endure acute hearing - so intense that they can possibly even hear things like insects crawling.

In addition, opium is also administered to people suffering from constipation and breathing troubles, for instance erratic inhalation. Administration of this homeopathic remedy is also considered to be very effective after a person has suffered a stroke and also for people enduring delirium tremens (a syndrome involving visual hallucinations, tremor and instability) as a result of withdrawing from alcohol.

A brief discussion regarding a few condition specific benefits of using the homeopathic remedy opium is presented below.

Insomnia and narcolepsy

People who require the homeopathic remedy opium most are those who suffer from insomnia and narcolepsy (a condition marked by recurrent and irrepressible periods of deep sleep). Such type of people cannot fall asleep in spite of being tired or exhausted and have short spells of overwhelming stupor.

In addition, people requiring opium have very light, restive sleep that is easily disturbed accompanied by acute hearing, so intense that they may even hear the sounds of insects moving. In addition, they also have a very heavy sensation and once they fall asleep they find it difficult to wake up.

In such instances, people may be in so deep sleep that they face respiratory problems, such a irregular breathing or breathing may even stop for a moment. Some patients who respond to the homeopathic medication opium well may also be found talking while they are asleep.

In effect, any of these acute sleep conditions - insomnia, on the one hand, and profound sleep with respiratory problems, on the other, may often cause genuine disruption in one's life and even prove to be threatening for the person's life and mental condition. Hence, in homeopathy, opium is a very helpful remedy for both narcolepsy as well as insomnia and generally provides relief when all other medications fail to cure these problems.

When people suffering from either narcolepsy or insomnia turn to the homeopathic medication opium, it helps to control their sleeping patterns and provides them relief from the extreme sleep-related conditions by ensuring that their sleep is not disturbed and they do not suffer from any abnormalities, such as respiratory problems. In effect, opium is a very effective remedy for both - people who find it difficult sleeping as well as those who remain asleep and find it difficult waking.

Precisely speaking, opium is one of the best remedies for quiet slumber. It may be noted that turning to opium can help people who are deprived of sleep and suffer from insomnia as a result of any major commotion in their life. All said and done, opium may be best described as a plant and a homeopathic medication that genuinely works in extremes.

Delirium tremens

The homeopathic medication opium is an excellent remedy for delirium tremens, especially for people suffering from extreme lethargy or hypersensitivity (antipathy), tremors and convulsions or spasms. Such people may also experience terrifying visions and probably endure blackouts following overindulgence with alcohol.

In effect, such individuals may suffer from delirium or hallucinations at any given time or all of a sudden. Hallucination may also be caused owing to many other things, such as symptoms of alcohol withdrawal. In homeopathy, opium helps to treat hypersensitivity that may be caused by delirium as well as other symptoms that may be accompanying the problem.

Paralysis following a stroke

In homeopathy, opium is an excellent remedy for paralysis of the hands and legs accompanied by lifelessness and trance, something akin to what an individual may experience following a shock. Such patients may endure blackouts, breathing difficulties and even the color of the face turning somewhat bluish.

In effect, many people who have just recovered from a stroke find that very often paralysis of the limbs is a very ill-fated, but widespread side-effect of the condition. People who have actually been suffering from paralysis following a stroke may turn to the homeopathic remedy opium with a view to facilitate the healing or minimizing the actual paralysis they have been enduring.

Since the limbs of people suffering from post-stroke paralysis become lifeless and languid, turning to opium may help to invigorate them to start functioning normally once again.

Shock and injury

In homeopathy, opium is prescribed for people who are emotional or sensitive and suffer from any sensory collapse or enduring volatility and hypersensitivity. Such people may be found to be very lethargic as well as apathetic accompanied by blurred feeling to pain.

On the other hand, it is possible that such individuals are very distraught or tensed, probably also suffering from sleeplessness and spasms. People requiring the homeopathic remedy opium may experience any or both these conditions when they are subject to anguish, shock or any type of injury.


Homeopathic physicians often prescribe opium for people who suffer from constipation, but do not feel the urge to pass stools for prolonged periods at a stretch and this may lead to fecal impaction (a rigid accumulation of hardened feces in the colon or rectum). In such cases, the digestion is very slow and people lose their appetite, while they may suffer from drowsiness during the day.

The stool is small, dark and quite hard almost resembling black balls. Even when they pass a small amount of stool, it tends to slip back into the rectum. Often people suffer from constipation alternatively enduring diarrhea, especially after they receive any kind of a shock. This homeopathic medication is even administered to newborn babies with a view to come out of the shock of childbirth.


The opium poppy plants, whose seeds form the basis of the homeopathic remedy opium, are extensively cultivated all over Asia, Europe, North America and South America for their beautiful flowers. Besides growing this plant for its ornamental flowers, opium poppy plants are also cultivated for medicinal purposes.


From Alexa - Oct-06-2011
I was given opium 30 c for severe and chronic constipation. It has worked like a charm for 3 weeks now, I only took it for a few days. Now the problem is back and I am starting it again. I had to go for colonics and that was expensive and the only way I could go at all for 6 years! Before that I had success for 4 months with silica.
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