Rock Oil / Coal Oil

Oleum petrae

We all are aware that petroleum is a crude liquid oil that is obtained from under the surface of the earth. Since its discovery, this crude oil has been used for various purposes, including ship building, road construction as well as burned as a fuel, especially to run automobiles and machines. In the present day world, petroleum is among the most vital resources obtained from the earth and is widely used as a fuel.

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Petroleum has also been used for medicinal purposes, especially in orthodox medicine. Earlier, this crude oil was applied on wounds to heal them. However, in contemporary medicine, petroleum is used as a remedy only in homeopathy and is extensively used to treat a number of health conditions.

Most of us are also aware of the fact that petroleum offers us numerous benefits and has an assortment of uses. Nevertheless, many people are not aware of the fact that petroleum is a very usual and common mineral that is enormously useful in homeopathy.

It may be noted that the homeopathic remedy prepared from rock oil virtually does not retain any trace, whatsoever, of the original mineral. At the same time, this medicine is remarkably effective in healing numerous health conditions.

The process of preparing the homeopathic medicine with rock oil involves distilling the purified crude petroleum oil and diluting it with sulfuric acid. The solution is then succussed or stirred repeatedly. The end product obtained by this process is a very potent homeopathic remedy that is used for treating a variety of health conditions.

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While most of us are already aware about the wide ranging uses of petroleum, in this article we shall only discuss about the various healing properties of this natural mineral oil. In homeopathy, the remedy prepared from crude petroleum oil is effective in treating a whole host of problems ranging from migraines to skin disorders, such as eczema.

Like in the case of other homeopathic medicines, petroleum is also natural and very effective. However, it is important to use this potent homeopathic remedy in the right doses to derive the utmost benefits. In other words, using the homeopathic remedy petroleum in appropriate dosages ensures is efficacy in treating different health conditions.

While this homeopathic medicine has a completely individual therapy profile, it has been found to be beneficial for anyone suffering from specific medical problems.

The homeopathic remedy prepared by distilling purified crude petroleum works best for people who have a tendency to be petulant or tetchy, become angry quickly and are quarrelsome in nature. Such people are also susceptible to being easily perplexed and are also likely to lose their way even in a known area.

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In addition, individuals who benefit most from the homeopathic medicine petroleum may also have a feeling of possessing a dual personality, something like they are divided down the middle occasionally. While they are inclined to remain cold almost all the time, such people may also perspire heavily and this is likely to result in considerable smell with their sweating.

People for whom this medicine is appropriate have a strong dislike for fat-rich foods and specific odors and this occasionally makes them very sensitive in nature. Moreover, such people may also seem to be difficult to cope with at times. People enduring such conditions and related symptoms are known to benefit immensely by using the homeopathic remedy petroleum.

Parts used

Purified crude oil.


As aforementioned, petroleum, the powerful homeopathic remedy obtained by distilling purified crude petroleum and diluting it with sulfuric acid, offers multiple and varied health benefits and, hence, is used to treat numerous ailments and related symptoms. This homeopathic medicine is primarily prescribed to treat skin disorders like eczema wherein the skin turns dry with deep cracks that ooze blood, particularly on the hands and the tips of the fingers.

Such bloody cracks on the skin worsen during cold weather. In addition, this medicine is also recommended by homeopaths to treat diarrhea, nausea and vomiting, especially when they are related to motion sickness. In such cases, the patients may have a constant hunger or appetite in spite of the nausea and vomiting.

As mentioned earlier, people who suffer from foul smelling perspiration as well as are averse to fat-rich foods and certain smells need this homeopathic medicine most. This type of people also suffers from digestive disorders when they consume foods that induce formation of gases in the stomach. They have a different mental set-up too. They easily become excited, are often a confused lot and very argumentative in nature.

In addition, the homeopathic medicine petroleum is effective in several other health conditions and some of these condition specific uses of the remedy are discussed in brief below.

Eczema and psoriasis

The homeopathic remedy petroleum is appropriate for treating skin complaints, such as eczema and psoriasis. In fact, these are not the dry skin conditions that an individual may suffer from occasionally, but somewhat genuine health conditions. In this instance, the skin is not just dry, but also appears more or less like leather and begins to crack. Such symptoms may result in extreme itching as well as bleeding.

In addition, these symptoms are also likely to cause a burning sensation in the affected areas and may prove to cause immense uneasiness and distress as they heal. While the homeopathic medicine is very effective for healing such conditions, it is especially effective when used in conditions wherein the skin is extremely dry owing to a number of factors - exposure to chemical substances as well as manual and hard toil.

Diarrhea and nausea

Petroleum, the homeopathic remedy prepared from the mineral oil petroleum, has been found to be extremely useful in treating diarrhea and nausea. However, it needs to be noted that there are different levels of nausea and diarrhea - occasionally, some of these conditions actually become a very difficult part of life in many people. In other words, life becomes really difficult for people enduring these conditions.

In effect, the remedy petroleum is extremely beneficial for people who suffer from a condition where there is a voracious appetite for food resulting in continuous eating and the very next moment they suffer from stomach disorders. Such stomach upsets are almost incurable, no matter what medication one may have.

In such situations, people also generally suffer from a strong dislike for foods, especially foods that have high fat contents or have the potential to form gases in the stomach. Precisely speaking, the two symptoms - diarrhea and nausea, usually accompany each other and make the lives of people enduring them miserable.

In addition, these symptoms may also be accompanied by vomiting, dizziness and even halitosis. Although other medicines may not work in such situations, the homeopathic remedy petroleum not only cures the condition, but also helps to provide relief from the associated symptoms.

Travel sickness

This homeopathic remedy - petroleum, is extremely beneficial for people suffering from motion sickness or those who often become ill while travelling. It is advisable that such people should try petroleum, the homeopathic medicine prepared from the crude mineral oil, for relief. People suffering from motion sickness may endure symptoms that may include nausea as well as vomiting. In addition, they may also experience acute headaches and other bothersome symptoms.


Chilblains, a condition wherein the patient's hand and feet are inflamed owing to exposure to moisture and cold, is frequently associated with other skin disorders, such as eczema and psoriasis. However, on some occasions chilblains may deteriorate even further and in such situations, the patient has an urge to scratch the skin raw repetitively owing to the unceasing burning and itching sensation.

This may usually result in the formation of a pus-like substance or any other discharge that may come out of from the affected skin areas. Homeopaths generally prescribe the medicine petroleum in such cases since it is known to be the most appropriate remedy for such conditions as well as related symptoms.


Homeopaths recommend the medicine petroleum to people suffering from migraines. People suffering from migraines endure severe headaches which are frequently associated with additional symptoms like sensitivity to light as well as any change in temperatures.

Some patients suffering from migraines may also have a sensation of heaviness in the region that is at the back of their head. In such situations, turning to Petroleum may prove to be immensely beneficial as this homeopathic remedy not only provides relief from the piercing headaches, but also the accompanying symptoms.


The crude mineral oil petroleum that is used to prepare the homeopathic medicine by the same name is created from decomposed plant and animal material. It is a natural resource that is obtained from beneath the earth.


From Zoran - Jun-02-2013
There are so many cases in the world where people witnessing how medical petroleum has saved their life and healed them from very serious types of cancer.
I have find few witnesses myself from Germany and Balkans on the first place is Dr Paula Ganer from clinic "Jakob" of Majn who is live example and someone who's treating her patients with medical petroleum..
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