The homeopathic remedy phos. (Phosphorus) is prepared from the essential mineral phosphorus. In fact, phosphorus is one of the fundamental minerals that are neededd for life to sustain. While the chemical component phosphorus is present in all living tissues, particularly in the cellular fluids, in humans it is found in its natural form in the DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid), teeth as well as the fluids present in our body. Phosphorus is mainly derived from the element present in bone ash as well as from the volcanic ash calcium phosphate.

It may be noted that phosphorus actually has a very crucial function in our body. Phosphorous is involved in the activities of the cells in our body - it is especially important in transferring genetic information. Thus, phosphorus has a long history as a medication that has been traditionally used to treat an assortment of health conditions. This vital mineral has also proved to be very useful and effective in the alternative medical science called homeopathy.

People's conception regarding the use of phosphorus as a homeopathic remedy may often be misleading since many of us are aware that in its natural state phosphorus is extremely inflammable and it is necessary to always keep it under water for its exposure to air results in ignition.

Nevertheless, as in the case of any other homeopathic remedy, phosphorus is also useful for our health when it does not possess even the slightest trace of its inflammable properties. In other words, the homeopathic medicine phos. is prepared in such a manner that the end product does not retain any sign or attribute of the element found in its natural form.

In homeopathy, phosphorus is a vital mineral that is very effective in treating a number of health conditions and, hence, it is not only a familiar, but also very popular homeopathic medication. While all living tissues, include those in humans, enclose phosphorus in different natural levels, the homeopathic remedy phos. is an absolutely special therapy that has proved to be very useful for various conditions.

In fact, in homeopathy, phosphorus is used for a variety of reasons. Phosphorus is exquisite in the sense that while this rare mineral works wonderfully as a homeopathic remedy for different physical complaints, it also facilitates in treating mental as well as emotional problems.

It may be noted here that a number of compounds containing phosphorus are used commercially in producing fertilizers, laundry detergents and even toothpastes.

Nevertheless, phosphorus also has the aptitude to result in toxicity and when anyone is poisoned by this mineral, they experience exasperation of the mucus membranes as well as a sensation as if their tissues are on flame. What is worse is the fact that constant phosphorus poisoning has the potential to devastate bone over a period of time.

In homeopathy, minuscule dosages of the remedy prepared from phosphorus are prescribed to treat health conditions that come along with symptoms like exhaustion and nervousness or edginess. People suffering from these symptoms are susceptible to bleeding and have a great thirst for cold water that seems to be unquenchable.

People who usually respond best to as well as get the utmost benefit from the homeopathic remedy phos. are those individuals who have an inclination to be sociable or extrovert by nature. In addition, such individuals are also somewhat charming to others. Such people are usually somewhat inventive as well as ingenious and always take pleasure in being the center of attraction.

Such people generally detest being alone or hate loneliness. It has been seen that they are just fine or perform wonderfully when they are accompanied by their family members, relatives and close friends. Whenever they are disturbed or saddened by anything, they want to be showered with lots of attention and compassion.

The homeopathic remedy phos. is basically indicated for patients who are imaginative, sincere or magnanimous, emotional or highly stung, get worried easily and are always full of extreme and vivid apprehensions. Such people may suddenly experience intense fretfulness that may be generated by merely thinking just about anything.

Such individuals are not only nervous, but also sensitive to other people. In addition, these people are capable of going too far while expressing sympathy - so much so that they begin to feel exhausted and even sick. Such people usually require plenty of companionship as well as comfort and encouragement.

While the homeopathic remedy phos. is most appropriate to treat such symptoms, people enduring these symptoms often feel much better when they are in a conversation or get a massage on their back. People requiring the homeopathic remedy phos. most, have also been found to suffer from palpitations, intense thirst, face becoming easily flushed and a strong craving for cold and energizing foods or beverages.

Parts used

To prepare the homeopathic remedy phos., unadulterated or pure phosphorus is watered down in large amounts of milk sugar. The end product, or the homeopathic remedy phos., does not retain any of the traces of phosphorus in its natural form and is useful for treating a number of health conditions.


As discussed above, although phosphorus is a volatile substance and needs to be handles with care for the mineral in its natural form is highly inflammable and ignites readily when exposed to air, the homeopathic remedy prepared from this rare and valuable mineral is effective in treating a variety of health conditions - both physical as well as mental and emotional.

The homeopathic remedy phos. is very useful in treating conditions, such as fright and nervousness that may result in stress, sleeplessness as well as fatigue. In addition, this homeopathic medication is also used to cure circulatory problems, for instance, cold fingers as well as flaming hot extremities.

Phosphorus is also useful in treating profuse bleeding, for instance, in bleeding gums, nosebleeds, profuse menstrual flow as well as bleeding from the stomach lining. People suffering from these conditions will find great relief if they turn to phos.

The homeopathic medication phos. is also a wonderful remedy for digestive problems, including nausea and vomiting owing to food poisoning or stress, heartburn, flu and stomach ulcers, which are indicated by a saliva-filled mouth. People who suffer from digestive disorders owing to stress have a strong craving for chilled foods and beverages, but vomit these substances immediately when they become tepid inside the stomach.

Administration of the homeopathic remedy phos. also helps in providing relief from respiratory problems, such as bronchitis, asthma and pneumonia wherein patients experience a constriction in the chest or breastbone. Homeopathic medicine practitioners also prescribe phos. to treat dry and tickly coughs that occasionally result in retching (making efforts to vomit) as well as vomiting.

It is also useful for curing phlegm that is splashed with dark red blood. This homeopathic medication is also effective in providing relief from headaches which tend to deteriorate prior to a thunderstorm as well as in the case of laryngitis (inflammation of the larynx). All ailments that are distinguished by a sensation of burning pain are curable using the homeopathic remedy phos.

As aforementioned, it has been found that people who need the homeopathic remedy phos. actually detest being alone or lonely and require the company as well as sympathy of others when they are sick.

The homeopathic remedy phos. is effective in treating a variety of health conditions - physical as well as mental and emotional. Below is a brief discussion on the condition specific uses of this homeopathic medication.

Digestive disorders

While the digestive problems suffered by people may seem to be somewhat temporary in nature, often they are actually very frustrating. Using the homeopathic remedy phos. in such cases provides instant relief from these conditions as well as associated symptoms.

This homeopathic medication is known to work wonders when people enduring food poisoning, stomach flu, common nausea and/ or vomiting owing to aversion towards foods or any other short-term problems. Turning to phos. helps to get relief from the conditions as well as related symptoms.

Respiratory complaints

People suffering from respiratory problems that cause constriction in the chest as well as problems in breathing, using the homeopathic remedy phos. proves to be effective in providing relief from these complaints. In addition, homeopathic medicine practitioners prescribe phos. to treat respiratory problems, such as bronchitis, asthma and pneumonia faster and without any adverse after-effects.

Bleeding and circulatory problems

The homeopathic remedy phos. has the potential to cure any type of bleeding problem easily. As a homeopathic remedy, phos. penetrates to the basis of the main problem and permits the body to naturally cure anything that may cause chronic bleeding nose, bleeding gums, profuse menstrual flow and even hemorrhage from the stomach lining.

In addition, turning to phos. helps to get immense relief for bleeding problems, irrespective of its nature. In homeopathy, phos. is also prescribed for patients suffering from circulatory problems, including extreme cold extremities. In other words, phos. is not only effective in curing all types of bleeding problems that one may suffer, but this homeopathic remedy is equally useful in curing various types of circulatory complaints.

Anxiety and fear

As discussed earlier, the homeopathic remedy phos. works wonders when used to treat anxiety/ nervousness and fear. In addition, phos. has proved to be equally useful in treating other symptoms that may be associated with either nervousness or fear, for instance, fatigue, sleeplessness/ insomnia and/ or nervous tension.

Phosphorus has achieved great attention as an important homeopathic remedy owing to its potential to facilitate solving mental as well as emotional problems, besides curing a host of physical ailments that may be associated with the mental and emotional disorders.

Burning pain

People suffering from any type of disease or health problems that are accompanied by a sensation of burning pain can be treated effectively using the homeopathic remedy phos. In effect, as a homeopathic remedy, phos. starts working on the actual problem or health condition and, thereby, forces the weakening pain to disappear very rapidly.


Pure phosphorus, which forms the basis for the homeopathic remedy phos., is by and large found in volcanic regions of North Africa, where it is present in volcanic ash as calcium phosphate. Phosphorous has an illuminating property and, hence, smoulders in the dark. Since it is a highly inflammable substance, in its pure form (known as white phosphorus), ignites easily and instinctively when it is exposed to air. In addition, phosphorus is known to be a very unstable or volatile mineral.


From Sheree - Jul-22-2015
Phos. 30c has been effective in treating fear, anxiety and panic issues - as well as resolving nightmares, keeping in mind that personality profile is spot on.
From Dr. Komal Sharma - Jan-18-2013
Phosphorous patients are generally taller, and are inclined to stoop, and have quick perception, and very sensitive nature. Their chest feels heavy as if stones is kept on it. In pregnancy woman does not like water. She vomits when seeing water. She has to close eyes while bathing.
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