Plumbum met.

Plumbum metallicum

Going by the records of ancient history, lead was perhaps the first metal produced ever by man. In fact, the British Museum has on display the most ancient piece of lead that dates back to 3800 B.C. In fact, the Chinese produced metallic lead sometime around 3000 B.C.

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Since the lead does not have any reaction with water, early Romans used the metal to make water pipes, hairpins and tokens for entry into their stadiums as well as the lining of baths. They also used metallic lead to process boiling grapes in the wine making process. During the medieval period, the use of lead was more widespread and for multiple purposes.

During this time, metallic lead was used for roofing, making tanks, cisterns, coffins and even gutters. Lead was also used for making ornaments and statues. In addition, this metal was also used in strips for joining pieces of tinted glass that adorned church windows.

It may be noted that lead is also a toxic metal and the signs of toxicity caused by this metal (lead poisoning) include a condition called wrist drop characterized by the debility in the muscles that control the movements of the wrist and colicky (spasmodic and uncontrollable pain in the bowels) as well as abdominal pain.

It is important to note, that these symptoms of lead poisoning have been generally observed in people who have consumed water that contained high concentration of the metal. In fact, the homeopathic medicine plumbum met. or plumbum metallicum prepared from metallic lead is used to treat damaged nerves as well as colicky pain.

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As metallic lead is the base for the homeopathic medicine plumbum metallicum, this therapy is deep acting that is more in demand from the homeopathic medicine practitioners compared to aficionados.

Nevertheless, this homeopathic medicine is effective in treating certain severe applications, such as a silent melancholy that deteriorates during the nights as well as during foggy weather; colic and constipation accompanied by hard dark colored stools and occasional vomiting which improves or makes the suffer feel better when someone applies hard pressure, rubs their belly and bends double or backwards; and pains that spread out everywhere especially with digestive problems.

Although most amongst us are not familiar with the medicine plumbum met. by its name, we are all definitely aware of what metallic lead actually is. Like many other homeopathic medicines, plumbum met. is very useful for treating an assortment of dissimilar health conditions.

It may be noted that while metallic lead is known to be harmful for humans in its original state and also when it is used in children's toys as well as in paints, the homeopathic medicine plumbum met. prepared from this metal is not only safe for use, but also very potent. In fact, plumbum met. is prepared in a very special manner with a view to offer a safe substance that is useful for treating numerous different health problems.

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Like in the case of making any other homeopathic medicine, the process of preparing plumbum met. is also crucial. The process involved in preparing plumbum met. includes extracting pure lead and pounding it finely till it is in a state that is soluble in alcohol. After putting the pounded lead in alcohol, the fine particles are continuously stirred with a view to dilute it in the liquid.

As in the instance of other homeopathic medicines, the end product or plumbum met. obtained by this process does not retain any trace, whatsoever, of metallic lead. This is an important aspect to understand when a substance or metal like lead is used to prepare a medicine that is effective for curing several different types of health problems.

While the homeopathic medicine plumbum met. is mainly or most often administered to treat physical symptoms, owing to its effectiveness, it is also useful in healing a number of emotional as well as mental complaints. People who respond well to plumbum met. may also be enduring emotional problems, as a part of their entire health condition.

It has been found that many of these physical or emotional problems may commence from one's childhood. In such instances, apart from other potential complaints like restiveness, the patient may also suffer from emotional unsteadiness.

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It has also been observed that adults who respond well to the homeopathic medicine plumbum met. are likely to be self-centered (egocentric or selfish) and occasionally even be on the edge of being somewhat destructive.

Such people also suffer from loss of memory as well as have a lack of capability to express their feelings and thoughts appropriately. These symptoms are very common among such people and these may eventually lead to grave physical as well as emotional difficulties.

Parts used

Lead, the acetate or the carbonate.


Plumbum met. prepared from pure metallic lead is a vital homeopathic medicine for treating condition that usually take substantial time to become visible or appear. Such ailments include sclerotic conditions (diseases that are related to the hardening of tissues or their parts) - for instance, multiple sclerosis, arteriosclerosis and Parkinson's disease.

This homeopathic medicine has extensive impact on the tissues, particularly on the nerves and the muscles. Homeopaths generally prescribe plumbum met. for treating spasms, weakness and trembling sensations in the muscles. The different symptoms of muscle debility may comprise retention of urine in the bladder, colicky pain as well as constipation. The condition specific uses of this homeopathic medicine are discussed in brief below.

Neurological conditions

People who have been suffering from specific neurological conditions may try and use the homeopathic medicine plumbum met. to get relief from their symptoms. Such neurological problems may include the whole lot of symptoms ranging from muscle spasms and shuddering in the muscles to authentic weakness in the muscles.

Since this homeopathic medicine is useful in alleviating physical symptoms, it works excellently in relieving pain or numbness (lack of any sensation) - the common sufferings of patients enduring any type of neurological condition.

Muscle weakness

The homeopathic medicine plumbum met. is not only useful in treating actual physical weakness suffered by patients enduring neurological conditions, but it also effective to restore the sensation that the organ or limb (extremity) is being retracted into the body.

Thus, this medicine is effective in treating any type of muscle contraction, trembling or even exhaustion or tiredness commonly endured by patients in their muscles owing to such weakness. Administering plumbum met. may actually be useful in treating genuine physical weakness as well as any of the side effects caused by the problem.


It has been seen that people who suffer from neurological conditions or weakness owing to the complaint may experience a regular urge to have a bowel movement or expulsion of feces, but, actually they do not get any relief from the condition. They generally suffer from constipation, which can turn out to be a grave health condition.

In such cases, administering the homeopathic medicine plumbum met. may prove to be very helpful in relieving the problem of constipation. This medicine not only helps suffers to have normal bowel movements, but also relieve them of the pain associated with this health condition. In fact, getting back normal bowel movement is very much desired by people enduring this condition - constipation.

Dupuytren's contracture

Although many people are not familiar with the health condition Dupuytren's contracture by its name, it is a widespread problem as many people suffer from this problem. In other words, the condition Dupuytren's contracture is actually a condensing of the fibrous tissue stratum beneath the skin of the palm and fingers.

People suffering from this health condition find that the tissues or the tendons of their fingers or palms gradually turn thicker as well as shorter. The fingers become so thick that they may often get jammed in any vent. This particular health condition may affect the either or both the hands of the sufferer. In such cases, turning to the homeopathic medicine plumbum met. may be of immense use in treating as well as preventing the condition.


The metal lead is found in most parts of the world, including places like the United States, Australia, Africa and different regions of Europe.


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