Although most of us are not aware of the homeopathic medicine psorinum by its name, we all are aware of the health condition called scabies (an infectious skin disorder distinguished by extreme itching, tenderness, and the formation of fluid-filled cysts). Scabies is basically a health condition wherein the scabies mites eat their way into the skin of the sufferer and lay eggs causing severe itching and irritation and other botheration.

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The homeopathic remedy psorinum is one of the most effective remedies for scabies and its usefulness was established by Hahnemann. More interestingly, this homeopathic medicine is prepared from the fluids obtained from the vesicles of an affected person. According to Hahnemann, the blisters produced by the scabies mite in some people are actually a manifestation of a more serious 'ailment'.

While such blisters may fade away, the individual is still not entirely healed and the ailment actually continues to attack other organs within the body. Later, the occurrence of such a dormant disease was known as a miasm (a hypothetical tendency to a particular disease) and 'psora' was considered to be the first among the three fundamental miasms.

Talking about psorinum, it is basically a general homeopathic medicine meant for animals, especially sheep. As in the instance of other homeopathic medicines, the process involved in preparing this homeopathic medicine is very important. The process involves extracting the fluid from a blister formed due to scabies on the skin of an already infected person.

Subsequently, this fluid is sterilized and dissolved with sanitized water. Next, the solution is diluted further and the concentration forms the basis of a medicine that does not retain any of the characteristics of the condition called scabies. At this point of time, the scabies blister is successed or stirred, as is done in the instance of preparing any other homeopathic medicines.

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The processed solution or the end product obtained by this process is known as the homeopathic medication psorinum. In homeopathy, this medicine is considered to be very useful in treating various health conditions and is, therefore, esteemed.

People who seem to respond well to this homeopathic medicine or those who need psorinum are those who are somewhat restless and also lack ambition in their nature. In general, such people always feel that they are lacking in stamina or motivation. Moreover, this type of people recuperates very slowly from any illness, which they suffer quite often.

They also have a tendency to suffer from various ailments during season changes and especially suffer from poor health conditions during the cold and dark winter days. Another characteristic of such people is that they easily succumb to their apprehensions and are always troubled with the thought that they may not recover from their illness.

In fact, people who are likely to benefit most from the use of the homeopathic medicine psorinum actually suffer from several health problems and in general, they usually show a worrying nature regarding life. They are also restless as well as apathetic by their nature.

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Parts used

Fluid from scabies blisters.


Apart from being an effective remedy for scabies, psorinum is also useful in treating several other skin disorders. In addition, to some extent, this homeopathic medicine is also beneficial for people who are suffering from bowels and respiratory tract problems. Psorinum is one of the best homeopathic medicines to treat skin conditions that easily exude pus - for instance, acne, eczema, ulcers and boils.

It may be noted that all these skin conditions worsen during the winter months and are provoked by heat. These conditions may occur more when an individual is sleeping on a warm bed, over-exerting him or her physically as well as when they over dress.

The bowels' problems that can be treated effectively with psorinum include stomach flu, diarrhea accompanied by irritable bowel syndrome as well as diverticulitis (inflammation of one or more diverticulum - an irregular pouch or sac opening from a hollow organ).

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This homeopathic medicine is also prescribed for treating problems of the respiratory tract, such as hay fever and asthma, and may also prove to be beneficial for people suffering from physical weakness caused by any grave illness.

This homeopathic medicine is also effective for treating other skin complaints, including psoriasis and rosacea. In fact, psorinum is listed as a therapy for chronic or unceasing skin disorders. This medicine helps to heal skin conditions when use of other preferred medications fail to provide relief from the conditions or cure the problem permanently.

For instance, this medicine is useful for treating skin disorders when sulfur has been prescribed for the patients, but failed to provide the desired relief to the patient.

The homeopathic medicine psorinum is especially effective for treating chronic blood pressure problems particularly when the weather changes. In addition, psorinum is a familiar nosode (a homeopathic medicine prepared from diseased tissue or the product of any disease) for the miasm type of psoric.

People who respond best to this homeopathic medicine are actually very sensitive to cold as well as weather change; they suffer from numerous ailments; they also endure extreme debility following any illness; have various skin ailments that are burning and itchy, and, most significantly, they suffer from ailments only on one side of their body.

In addition, when such people suffer from any ailment, the healing is very sluggish. The homeopathic medicine psorinum is also effective for treating episodic migraines.

A number of health condition specific uses of psorinum are discussed in brief below, which you may find useful.

Skin disorders

The homeopathic medicine psorinum prepared from the fluid obtained from scabies blisters on the skin of an affected person is particularly useful for treating numerous types of skin disorders. Several similar types of skin disorders caused by the scabies mite are generally cured by administering psorinum.

Using psorinum, which is prepared with great care from a nosode, make a lot of sense when used for treating skin problems since this remedy offers many help to people who suffer either from scabies or any other skin disorder of similar type.

This homeopathic medicine is appropriate for treating skin complaints that exude pus, for instance, blisters, pimples, crusting as well as skin eruptions that cause itchiness and may result in acute irritation. Such skin eruptions that have some resemblance to acne are similar to that one would expect to find in eczema, but they are more irritating and itchy.

Such eruptions or growths on the skin's surface may be filled with pus and discharge frequently making the condition appear dirty, as if the affected area has not been cleaned for a long time.


The homeopathic medicine psorinum, a well known nosode for the miasm type of psoric, is especially useful for treating the sort of diarrhea that is generally associated with spasms and cramps in the abdomen. Such patients usually have a good appetite; however, they do not have any real weight.

In such case, the abdomen of the patient is often swollen up and they have a sensation of bloating making them feel like there is too much or build up of gas in the digestive system. People who suffer from this sort of diarrhea may also endure irritable bowel syndrome or associated disorders in the abdomen that may also lead to analogous kind of symptoms.

Respiratory ailments

Psorinum is very useful in healing respiratory problems that are chronic or appear periodically and cause similar contagions on a regular basis. The symptoms that generally accompany any sinus infection or also bronchitis are commonly predictable in people suffering from this type of respiratory ailments.

People who suffer from this type of respiratory problems are also likely to feel short of breath and also have problems in catching their breath. Some patients suffering from this type of respiratory problems may even experience wheezing as a side-effect of this ailment.


The homeopathic remedy psorinum is the appropriate medication to cure depression in people who are constantly suffering from a genuine fear of failure in life and, in some cases, even of death. Usually, such type of people are very pessimistic and feel that there is no expectation or promise remaining in their lives.

Such feelings of depression frequently transform into feelings of despair and desolation. In some instances, such feelings may perhaps even result in tendencies to commit suicide. It is important to note that the homeopathic medicine psorinum is a very effective remedy for treating the physical as well as mental symptoms related to such type of depression among the patients.

Eye and ear infections

Such conditions usually emerge as sites within the eye and are accompanied by symptoms like inflamed or tender eyelids and sometimes even discharging a yellowish stream from the eyes. In the instance of ear infection, the patient may endure pain, while there may be a foul smelling discharge from the ears.

It is important to note that these are among the few conditions where administration of the homeopathic medicine psorinum is very useful. This medicine not only cures the condition itself, but also helps to get relief from the bothersome symptoms.


The fluid from the blisters or vesicles on the skin of a person infected by scabies forms the source of the homeopathic medicine psorinum, which is considered to be one of the most effective remedies for this skin condition.


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