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Sanicula aqua

The homeopathic remedy sanicula is prepared from spring water containing vital minerals. This homeopathic medicine has derived its name from a spring named Sanicula located in the state of Illinois in the United States.

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Geographically, a spring is defined as a flow of water from beneath the earth and flowing on its surface. Therefore, a spring may also be described as the meeting place of the ground surface and aquifer (any geological arrangement containing ground water) surface.

It is said that springs are caused by pressure from any subversive source in the earth, usually in the form of volcanic commotions. As a result of such volcanic activities, the water flowing on the earth's surface from beneath it may have a higher temperature and such a phenomenon is known as a hot spring.

In addition, a spring may also be caused by karts topography (landscape characterized by several caves, sinkholes, fissures and underground streams) wherein the surface water infiltrates the surface of the earth and becomes a component of the underwater in the region.

Subsequently, the groundwater flows through a grid or network comprising breaks and crevices as well as breaches that may vary from mere inter-granular spaces to huge caves. Finally, the groundwater flows from beneath the earth's surface as a spring - including hot spring.

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The flow of the groundwater continuously dissolves the porous bedrock or substratum, for instance, dolomite and limestone causing large caves to come into existence. During the course of its flow through the subversive rocks water dissolves numerous minerals into it providing flavour to the water.

At the same time, depending on the geology or the physical nature of the earth through which the water flows, it may also result in the formation of carbon dioxide bubbles. This explains why water collected from the springs is bottled and sold commercially as mineral water.

It may be noted that the springs whose water is very rich in mineral content are also known as 'mineral springs'. On the other hand, springs whose water possesses or dissolves large quantities of sodium salts, mainly sodium bicarbonate, are also known as 'soda springs'. In fact, taking advantage of the mineral water of the springs, several entrepreneurs have developed resorts in the vicinity of springs and such resorts are often called spa towns.

As aforementioned, the homeopathic remedy sanicula has got its name from the name of a spring in the state of Illinois in the United States. It is said that this homeopathic remedy was proved almost by accident by a physician Dr. J. G. Gundlach way back in 1890. It is also said that Dr. Gundlach as well as his family members drank water from the spring in Illinois for over a period of a year and suffered from the effects of the mineral water even five years thence.

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The water from the spring in Illinois contained salts that occur naturally as well as an uncommon blend of minerals, several of which are used to prepare different and independent homeopathic remedies. Thus, it may be said that the homeopathic medication sanicula is actually a combination of different such independent homeopathic remedies.

This water contains:

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The water flowing from the spring called Sanicula in Illinois is transparent (colorless) and does not have any smell, whatsoever. However, the water from Sanicula spring possesses a somewhat alkaline flavor and is quite pleasant to drink. Dr. Gundlach was the first to establish the therapeutic benefits of drinking the water from the Sanicula spring. In fact, he and his family members drank this ware for over a year.

Sanicula kids are usually very touchy and irritable always wanting to be carried and have a constant requirement for breast milk. Such children feel much better when they are outdoors rather than being confined to any room.

When any child endures such eccentricity and are tetchy, it is ample indication that he/ she needs to be administered the homeopathic remedy sanicula. In fact, sanicula has been found to be the most appropriate remedy in homeopathy for treating such symptoms.

In addition to crankiness and irritability, Sanicula children also have copious dandruff that is scaly and accompanied by pain and discomfort at the back of their ears. The Sanicula type of patients suffers from several other symptoms and some of them are mentioned below.

Sanicula patients suffer from sluggish digestion, especially children who vomit milk or thick curd after breast feeding.

Such children are usually wayward, obstinate, easily become irritated and have a tendency to throw themselves backwards.

The Sanicula type of patients generally does not have any desire to excrete stool until there is a long build-up. They are able to pass stool only after a long and painful straining, that too only partially. In many cases, the stool even slips back into the rectum making excretion of feces all the more painful and difficult.

In addition, the stool of such people smells like rotten cheese and they are unable to get rid of the foul odour despite washing again and again.

Children have cold feet, which are always damp or clammy.

Such patients have an intense craving for salt and even fat bacon. Soon after eating anything they feel the need for stool and have to leave the table. In addition, they always have an intense thirst, but are able to drink only little for as soon as the fluids reach the stomach, they vomit.

Any vaginal secretion of Sanicula type of women smells like fish brine. The odour of condylomata penis (wart like growth on the skin near the penis) is also similar.

Such people also suffer from rheumatic pains in their shoulders.

When Sanicula type of people suffers from diarrhea, the color as well as the character of the stool varies and is usually unpredictable. Often the stool resembles scrambled eggs and is frothy with a green hue like grass.

Parts used

The minerals or salts present in the spring water from Ottawa in the state of Illinois are obtained by evaporating and later pulverized into fine powder to prepare the homeopathic remedy sanicula.


The homeopathic remedy sanicula is used to treat a number of health conditions and symptoms. The primary use of this homeopathic medication is in treating problems, such as constipation accompanied by aching exertion causing stool that slide back into the rectum, bedwetting, diarrhea soon after consuming anything and motion sickness accompanied by vomiting, nausea and an intense thirst.

Sanicula is also effective in curing conditions wherein the patients have a tendency to vomit soon after the fluids get to the stomach.

In addition to the above mentioned use of sanicula, in homeopathy, this is also a good and effective remedy for treating amenorrhoea (absence of menstrual periods), asthma and anterior crural neuralgia (a nerve disorder wherein the left arm becomes numb, while there is an excruciating pain throughout the other parts of the body).

The homeopathic remedy sanicula is also useful in healing bee stings, boils, borborygmus (a gurgling sound caused by the movement of gas in the intestines), condylomata (a growth on the skin resembling warts, typically in the anus or genitals area), pain in the coccyx (formation of a small triangular bone at the end of the spinal column), conjunctivitis and constipation, especially in children.

Use of sanicula has also been found to be effective in treating cough, ulceration of the cornea, sluggish digestion, indigestion, coryza ( a severe inflammation of the mucous membrane of the nasal cavities), nightmares, cramps in the rectum, emaciation (abnormal thinness of the body due of diseases or lack of nutrition) and leucorrhoea (white or yellowish secretion of mucous substances from the vagina).


The mineral water from springs that is used to prepare the homeopathic remedy sanicula is obtained from Ottawa located in the state of Illinois in the United States.


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