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The homeopathic remedy silica is prepared using the chemical compound silica or silicon dioxide. The term silica or silox has been derived from the Latin word 'silex' denoting silicon dioxide and having the chemical formula SiO2. While silica is familiar for its solidity since ages and has been in use since the 9th century - generally, silica is present in nature in the form of sand or quartz.

Owing to its firmness, silica forms the main element in almost all varieties of glass and other materials, for instance concrete.

The use of the homeopathic remedy silica prepared with flint or silica is very restricted. Homeopathic physicians prescribe small doses of this medication to treat health conditions that come along with debility, profuse sweating and intense susceptibility to cold.

The homeopathic remedy silica is prepared by pulverizing purified silica into powder and then blending it with sodium bicarbonate by means of a pharmaceutical method called dry substance dilution.

It may be mentioned here that speaking in homeopathic lingua, all remedies are actually substantiated through experiments as well as the documents authored by reputed homeopathic medicine practitioners. The founder of the alternative stream of medicine - homeopathy, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (1775-1843) himself proved the efficiency and safety of the medication silica.

Another significant aspect of homeopathy is that it not only helps to cure different health conditions, but also attributes specific personality types to specific medications. People who are said to belong to the silica type of personality are those who remain tired persistently and suffer from the absence of vigor. Such people usually are very lethargic and do not want to do any work.

They are more than happy to sit back and watch others working. People who are said to belong to the silica type are also extremely susceptible to cold and always have a cold sensation. While such individuals may be very intelligent, they suffer from absence of self-belief or confidence. Interestingly, silica type individuals are fixated regarding minute details and may go to the extent of getting them tired since they are apprehensive about failure as well as being upset or hurt.

In addition, these types of people have an inclination to possess good manners and are usually timid. However, at the same time, they are likely to be vociferous and resent any kind of interfering from outside.

People belonging to the silica type are comparatively of a rare constitutional kind. As is with all other sophisticated types, this category of individuals forms a very minute part of the entire population, most possibly a mere one or two per cent, and owing to this uncommonness they go unnoticed very easily. This particular aspect may result in homeopathic physicians over prescribing people.

A number of attributes of silica and other homeopathic remedies, such as calcarea, nux vomica, pulsatilla, arsenicum and graphites are quite similar and, hence, one may easily mistake one for the other. Nevertheless, overall, people possessing the attributes of silica have a very different and inimitable appearance - especially physical appearance.

Here are some words of caution for those using the homeopathic remedy silica or who may be intending to use it. Homeopathic practitioners actually advise that people who have any type of implant or any artificial part in their body ought to avoid taking silica since it has a tendency to expel foreign or alien substances out from the body.

Taking excessive doses of silica may result in several side effects. However, if this homeopathic medication is taken according to the recommendations of the physician and in watered down form, there is practically no adverse after-effects of taking this medicine.

Parts used

It is important to note that the source material of all homeopathic medications, in this case silica, is purified and pulverized into fine particles like powder and subsequently diluted extensively to attain the desired levels of dilution.

In the initial days, when the alternative stream of medicine homeopathy was established by Samuel Hahnemann and even after, the chemical compound silica was prepared from naturally found rocks, such as quartz and sand. However, in the present times, majority of the silica produced is done chemically or synthetically.

The silica mixture prepared chemically is first diluted, shaken thoroughly, filtered and diluted again several times until the desired level of potency is reached. Subsequently, the final blend it's added to milk sugar or lactose tablets or pellets. The final product is the homeopathic remedy silica, which is always stored in such a place so that the medicine is not spoilt.

Commercially, this homeopathic remedy is available in tablet form in various potencies. The potency and dosage of silica depends on the condition of the patient that is being treated as well as the patient's response to the therapy with this homeopathic remedy.


The homeopathic remedy silica is primarily prescribed for people who are undernourished and often suffer from a poor immune system and persistent infections, such as flu, cold and contagions of the ear, owing to such malnutrition.

In addition, silica is also useful for treating skin and bone problems, for instance a sickly complexion that may occur together with acne, fragile nails encircled by tough skin, sluggish growth of bones, slothful healing of fractures, and in the instance of infants, the fontanels (the spaces covered by membrane between the bones of the young skull) take a long time to close up. Silica is also effectively used to get rid of splinters that may have entered the tissues.

Silica is also effective for treating problems of the nervous system wherein the patient may find it difficult to pass stool and even after passing some amount of stool, it may slip back into the rectum. Use of silica facilitates in eliminating stools from the rectum easily. This homeopathic remedy is also useful for curing migraines, especially those that begin at the back of the head and spread over one eye.

Homeopath physicians also prescribe silica for people who may be suffering from a condition called 'glue ear' wherein there is presence of some fluid in the middle ear, enduring disturbed sleep owing to strain or working too hard, individuals suffering from persistent phlegm and also for those who sweat profusely.

Silica is an excellent homeopathic remedy which is effective in treating symptoms of chronic or persistent ailments that are accompanied by common debility as well as the absence of physical or emotional vigour. Since the chemical compound silica is naturally present in some rocks that are firm and dense, the homeopathic remedy silica is generally used to fortify several parts of the body and pass on the firmness, compactness as well as the strong attributes of silica to the patients.

In addition, the homeopathic remedy silica is prescribed to patients who have been suffering from health conditions that may be related to recurring and frequent ailments owing to a feeble immune system. Such health conditions may include flu, recurrent colds as well as persistent infections in the ear, particularly those accompanied by a dense, yellowish discharge or retention of some kind of fluid in the middle ear.

In addition, silica is an excellent homeopathic medication that helps to force out alien materials from the body. Homeopathic physicians generally prescribe silica to eliminate things like splinters, tiny particles of glass entrenched in the body as well as other alien irritating materials from the body.

The homeopathic remedy silica is also useful in effectively treating specific skin and bone disorders. Such disorders may include acne, fragile nails, coarse or peeling lips, toenails that might have ingrown, and fractures that heal very sluggishly.

Silica is also an ideal homeopathic remedy for treating conditions, such as migraines that begin behind the head and spread to one ear, profuse sweating in the region of the neck and head, dental abscesses, mumps, vaginal cysts and general poor vigour. In homeopathy, silica is also an effective remedy for mastitis.


In the early days, silica, the chemical compound, used for preparing the homeopathic remedy silica, was made from naturally available sand or quartz. However, these days the chemical compound is prepared synthetically.


From Dr. Abhishek
The typical silica patient will always require the help of others in their work. Timidity will be in his background. He will retire himself from any demanding situation, but if he is kept under such a condition, he will be compelled to rebel. He will be mild yielding yet obstinate.
From Dr. Sheryl Wagner
Have had two little girl silica patients, both of them with larger head and eyes and smaller, thin legs and arms. Both seem well behaved, but can be very abstinent. Even if they obey, they have a bad attitude about it and are generally negative during that time (silent pouting).
Both with smelly sweat which is more pronounced on feet (socks are wet and don't last long) and head at night (making pillow wet). Because of the tendency to sweat, in kids a lot of times you see that they are warm rather than cold. When these kids need silica it shows as fatigue, trouble with schoolwork, and tantrums.
Also both kids were positive for parasites, and I'm not sure how that comes in (what comes first). Both girls prefer art to sports, perhaps with anxiety that they won't live up to team expectations.
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