Spongia tosta

Sponge was a familiar substance since time immemorial, but it only attained reputation for its medicinal properties in the 14th century. In the initial stages, sponge was used to treat goiter (an enlargement of the thyroid gland) caused due to a dearth of iodine content in the body.

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Nevertheless, it took another 500 years for scientists and researchers to establish the fact that sponge enclosed considerable quantities of bromine and iodine. Hence, it is not difficult to understand why sponge is used to treat conditions, such as goiter as well as thyroid problems.

It may be noted here that the common sponge (scientific name Spongia tosta) is basically an animal which is not capable of physical mobility by itself. The sole movement noticed in this animal seems to be its capability to propel water through the canals present in its body.

The walls of sponge possess numerous canals that soak up nutrients when any substance passes from one end of the animal to another. The walls of canals in a sponge's body are built with cells which possess minuscule feather-like swellings resembling whips that have the aptitude to push the water through the animal's body.

Usually, the waters in Mediterranean region close to Greece and Syria are the places from where Spongia Tosta is collected. Following the collection of sponge, it is cleaned meticulously in order to get rid of sand and subsequently toasted in a drum made of any metal. Once it is dried out, sponge is crushed to obtain a powdered form of the substance.

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Therapeutic sponge can be obtained from the health food stores in different potencies as well as in tablet and liquid forms. For usage, it is important to follow the directions mentioned on the labels of the products.

Common sponge or Spongia Tosta possesses numerous therapeutic properties and, hence, it is recommended for treating a number of conditions associated with the respiratory organs - for instance croup (a throat condition characterized by a hoarse cough and difficulty in breathing), cough and others.

This homeopathic remedy is also effective for treating health affections as it is usually prescribed for treating tubercular diathesis. This is especially effective or beneficial for fair-complexioned children with lax fiber and having swollen glands. In addition, Spongia Tosta is useful for curing tiredness and heaviness of the body following a minor physical exertion, anxiety, and troublesome breathing.

Improved symptoms: Generally Spongia people feel better when they are positioned in a descending manner - lying with his or her head in a position lower to the remaining body.

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Worsened symptoms: Spongia people feel bad when they are in an ascending position, before midnight and when there is wind.

As aforesaid, sponge encloses considerable amounts of bromine and iodine and are made use of by the allopathic mode of medication as well as the homeopathic system of treatment to cure conditions, such as goiter, as well as other problems related to the thyroid gland. The symptoms of the conditions that are treated by Spongia Tosta include:

  • The most significant symptoms include breathing problems owing to croup (any condition of the larynx or trachea distinguished by a hoarse cough and difficult breathing), coughs, heart conditions and even asthma.
  • It may be noted that Spongia coughs are generally accompanied by wheezing sounds and obstinate mucous.
  • Patients may also endure laryngitis accompanied by a burning feeling. The coughs are preceded by a wheezing breath.
  • It is also effective in treating the problems of children who are scared of difficulty in breathing when they wake up from sleep.

Spongia people are not generally mornings people. Such patients usually wake up scared and nervous and are habitually depressed and complaining. They are apprehensive of death and believe that they may perhaps succumb to any disease related to the heart. In addition, they are also fearful of suffocation. On many occasions, such patients wake up in the middle of the night in a condition of extreme trepidation and nervousness.

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Parts used

Roasted sponge.


As mentioned above, Spongia Tosta possesses numerous therapeutic properties and, hence, is prescribed by allopathic as well as homeopathic medical practitioners to treat a number of ailments. In general, this homeopathic remedy is used to cure toxic symptoms which may be caused by goiter - breathlessness, palpitations and flushing.

In addition, this remedy is also effective in treating asthma, severe, dry, croupy coughs as well as heart ailments. The symptoms usually related to the above mentioned conditions comprise a feeling of being tired and immensity following any trivial physical exertion; a blushing face or neck; cruel palpitations accompanied by anginal chest pains as well as a feeling of suffocation which usually wakes the patient soon after midnight.

Medications prepared from Spongia Tosta are also administered to patients suffering from laryngitis accompanied with a dry, burning feeling in the throat that is highly sensitive to touch. This remedy is especially effective for people who have a family history of chest problems and tuberculosis.

Spongia is an excellent remedy for coughs. This homeopathic remedy is beneficial for people who have a dry and persistent cough that sounds like barking. It may also be given to people who have a burning sensation in the throat and chest when they wake up or whose sleep is disturbed by coughing.

Spongia is also helpful in alleviating any burning sensation or pain in the chest. This remedy is also prescribed for treating coughs that become worse when the patient is in a warm room.

As mentioned before, Spongia Tosta is an effective remedy for croup. This remedy is an effective medication for treating dry cough that is not only excruciating, but also hoarse.

Medications prepared from Spongia Tosta may also be given to patients enduring a ticklish sensation low down in the chest as well as a feeling as if something is obstructing the larynx.

In addition, Spongia is effective in treating problems like severe nervousness accompanied by cough when an individual wakes up abruptly in the middle of the night feeling suffocated. Spongia Tosta is especially given to patients when Aconite fails to yield the desired results in these conditions.

Before we conclude the discussion on this topic, it needs to be reiterated that both allopathic as well as homeopathic medications prepared from Spongia Tosta are effective for treating laryngitis. Laryngitis is a very painful condition characterized by an inflamed, dry, flaming, contracted and aching larynx.

People enduring laryngitis feel hurt most when they talk or try to swallow any food. In addition, people suffering from laryngitis find it difficult to breathe and they are hurt while trying to turn their head.


The waters in the Mediterranean region, especially places close to Syria and Greece, as well as other seas across the globe form the main resources for Spongia Tosta.


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