Stannum met.

Stannum metallicum

The homeopathic medicine stannum metallicum (Stannum Met.) is prepared from tin. In other words, stannum met. is known to be homeopathic potentized tin. This metal is related to Jupiter - the planet of hope, faith, and desire for life. According to astrology, this planet is associated with growth, getting bigger, welfare, abundance, wellbeing, recuperation, regeneration, positivity, aims and ideals.

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Some of the organs in our body are also known as Jupitarian body parts and they include the liver, the tongue and enzymes - all of which support the physical regeneration. It is interesting to note that eating from tin plates and drinking from tin vessels are known to stimulate the assimilation of ingested food into our body.

In homeopathy, stannum met. is especially used to treat acute exhaustion and serious debility. In fact, this medicine is mostly used to treat chronic serious ailment wherein the patients have lost their physical reserves and they seem to lack all physical strength need for recovery.

Emotionally, such people are always very pensive and have a feeling that they have lost everything. While they give up all hopes of recovery, they feel like crying, but usually don't as crying results in further exhaustion.

Physically, tin is a malleable metal having a silvery-white color with a tinge of blue. In traditional medication, tin was generally used to treat tapeworm and were administered to patients in the form of tin filings. People believed that administration of tin filings would help to get the body rid of tapeworms owing to the weight and sharp points of the tin filings - somewhat astonishing the worms!

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However, later it was discovered that the tin filings had no role, whatsoever, in eliminating the tapeworms, but they were actually expelled from the body by the action of the purgatives given to the patients soon after they were administered the tin filings.

Since time immemorial, the metal tin has been used for both domestic as well as commercial purposes. However, it was first used for remedial purpose in Scotland in the 18th century when it was administered to patients with a view to eliminate worms in the intestine.

To prepare the homeopathic medicine stannum metallicum, tin is first pulverized with lactose sugar. As mentioned earlier, tin is a very malleable metal and has a white silvery hue with a tinge of blue, while being lustrous or shiny in nature. While the metal is usually stable in air, but when it is in powdered form it oxidizes quickly in the presence of moisture.

Tin is insoluble in water as well as in alcohol, however, it dissolves slowly in cold diluted hydrochloric acid, watered down nitric acid as well as in hot sulfuric acid. And when the metal is put in concentrated hydrochloric acid, it dissolves very easily.

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The homeopathic medicine stannum metallicum (Stannum met.) is most appropriate for people who are always suspicious, nervous, apprehensive, perturbed as well as pensive, probably having fixed ideas in their mind. Such patients may also be feeble, incapacitated and also unable to move or even talk. They are also likely to feel worse during the day time.

As aforementioned, the homeopathic medicine prepared from tin - stannum metallicum (Stannum met.) is primarily used to treat conditions, such as extreme exhaustion following any chronic respiratory problem. In addition, this medicine is also used to treat nervous disorders.

Many homeopaths also recommend stannum met. to patients experiencing weakness in the chest when they are affected by grave contagious ailments like pneumonia or bronchitis. This medication may also be administered to people who have just recuperated from the above mentioned ailments with a view to facilitate their recovery.

Such weakness in the chest, especially the lungs and bronchi, makes the patient vulnerable to inflammation or other serious ailments, such as asthma. Administering stannum met. not only helps to cure the conditions, speed up the recovery process and provide strength, but also prevents the patient from developing other diseases.

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Parts used

Pure tin.


As discussed in the beginning of this article, the metal tin has multiple uses and has been used by people since ages for various purposes - domestic, commercial as well as medicinal. In homeopathy, the medicine prepared from tin (stannum metallicum) is an ideal remedy for various chest sicknesses, including asthma, bronchitis and tracheitis (inflammation of the trachea accompanied by symptoms like hoarseness and dry cough).

The other symptoms cured by this homeopathic medicine, include weakness of the chest and the tearfulness associated with the condition as well as wracking cough having sputum that is greenish in color and sweet to taste. In addition, people who suffer from any type of cough induced by walking, talking or singing and hoarseness may also benefit from the use of stannum metallicum.

In addition to the above mentioned conditions and symptoms, stannum met. is also effective in treating conditions, such as neuralgia and left-sided headaches. These symptoms normally occur progressively, but take time to get rid of. The process of recovery is very slow in such cases.

Stannum met. is also an excellent medicine to cure cough. This homeopathic medicine has a somewhat affinity to the respiratory system and, thus, is extensively used to clear up congested respiratory tracts, especially when an individual suffers a tickling cough when he or she starts talking.

It is also beneficial for people suffering from dry coughs that damages the chest and leaves the patients exhausted. In fact, when such dry coughs occur, the patients have a feeling that they are robbed of all energy and physical strength. Stannum metallicum is especially effective in healing coughs having yellowish expectoration (the sputum from the respiratory tract).

Stannum metallicum is also administered to people experiencing pain which worsens when they are in motion as well as headaches that make the individual have a sensation that an invisible band is constricting their head. This homeopathic medicine is appropriate in both the cases mentioned above.

The symptoms experienced by stannum met. patients improve when they cough up phlegm and when hard pressure is applied on the affected body part.

The symptoms endured by stannum met. patients worsen when they are lying on the right side or they take any warm drinks.


Tin, which forms the basis for the homeopathic medication stannum metallicum, is found in the brown or black mineral known as cassiterite (tin dioxide). This mineral is found in abundance in Africa, Europe, China and the Far East.


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