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Delphinium staphysagria

The Greeks as well as the Romans were familiar with the herbal medication prepared from the plant called Delphinium Staphysagria and used it internally to induce vomiting and to flush out the bowels. Externally, they used this medication as a salve that worked in the form of a remedy for bites and stings.

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However, the homeopathic remedy Staphysagria is prepared only using the seeds of this plant. While the seeds of the plant are the source of this homeopathic remedy, the fact remains that, like in the instance of other homeopathic remedies, the final product that is used as a medication does not contain even the slightest trace of the original substance from which this medication has been prepared.

For this, the seeds of the delphinium plant are used in a proper method - they are first mashed, infused in alcohol and, subsequently, diluted to the desired levels. The resultant liquid is the effective homeopathic remedy having exceptional properties and is used to treat numerous health conditions.

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The homeopathic remedy Staphysagria is very commonly prescribed to treat problems related to the nerves, for instance neuralgia, sties, cystitis, teething problems and blepharitis (inflamed eyelids). In addition, it is also used to cure headaches that make the patient feel like a weighty substance is being forced out from the forehead.

Staphysagria is also a beneficial remedy for women who have a new sex partners and experience pain while engaging in sexual intercourse. Some of the condition-specific uses of the homeopathic remedy Staphysagria are discussed briefly below.

People suffering from joint pains, especially the kind of joint pain that often appears in the form of injured, tender, immobile or damaged limbs, may find the homeopathic remedy Staphysagria beneficial. Such patients may also experience neurological pain, for instance something that occurs in the right shoulder. Nevertheless, using Staphysagria helps in alleviating such pains.

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People requiring Staphysagria often suffer from a specific kind of headache wherein they have a feeling like some weighty object has been placed on top of their head. This type of headache may possibly occur together with an insensitive feeling and the patients may often experience dizziness that worsens when they lie down.

People may suffer from various types of skin disorders, but the one that is cured by the homeopathic remedy Staphysagria has a typical appearance. In this case the skin is infected very easily and it is inclined to heal very sluggishly. Generally, such skin infections have a very unhealthy appearance and are likely to occur together with blemishes or repeated scratches. Many people usually rely on Staphysagria when they suffer from such common conditions.

Individuals suffering from sleeplessness or insomnia and require the homeopathic remedy Staphysagria generally find it extremely difficult to fall asleep. Although they feel extremely exhausted, which they actually are, they are still unable to sleep.

Staphysagria is the best homeopathic remedy for this type of persistent insomnia and it actually works wonderfully in helping the patients to have a sound sleep - the kind of sleep that is necessary to unwind the body and the mind and enable them to function appropriately.

Staphysagria is the most appropriate homeopathic remedy for a somewhat intense type of toothache that may possibly be a result of decaying tooth or formation of too much plaque inside the mouth. When people suffer from this type of toothache as well as associated symptoms, they are likely to feel that the pain worsens every time they touch the affected area. If you think you are suffering from these symptoms, it is worth trying Staphysagria.

Very often, the homeopathic remedy Staphysagria is prescribed to people who are enduring physical consequences caused by suppressing their anger. In such instances the fury as well as the hatred of the patients is very obvious, but they are not articulated. Hence, its force bounces back on the body, resulting in the emergence of several physical symptoms.

It is essential that the homeopathic physician understands that these severe conditions of Staphysagria may occur in all constitutional types. The homeopath should also realize that the fury of the individual who constitutionally belongs to the Staphysagria type is generally not as much obvious as it is acute.

In fact, the anger of individuals said to belong to the Staphysagria type of personality is often so finely restrained that it is not apparent as well as not felt. In fact, this trait of the Staphysagria constitution is comparable to several people belonging to the Natrum personality, whose grief may possibly be totally held back for most of the time.

To a great extent, this particular attribute of the Staphysagria type makes them mellow down or have some sweetness in their behaviour, which usually contradicts the anger developing under the facade of consciousness.

If one looks back, he/ she will be able to discover that the origin of the suppressed anger of the Staphysagria type of personality actually relates to their childhood. It has been found that in nearly all instances, the parents of the patients have been dictatorial and restraining and this made the child learn that it was not safe for them to vent his/ her discontentment, as doing so would only make them undergo severe punishment.

Occasionally, the parents of such patients were not just stern, but they used such words that actually put the child down - for instance, they might have often told the child that they are 'worthless' or 'good for nothing'. In fact, people belonging to the Staphysagria temperament react to this type of domination in four different manners, which results in four dissimilar sub-types.

All these sub-types are faced with the same problem of venting their anger and as their anger/ resentment is held back, many individuals often find it hard to articulate themselves on the whole.

In addition, there may be instances where one parent of the Staphysagria type may have also been Staphysagria constitutionally and the child might have picked up the habit of suppressing anger simply by observing his/ her parent although there was no subjugation on the child itself.

In this case, the child has been sensing his/ her parent's fright of hostility instinctively, and the fear turned out to be contagious. All the four sub-types that we would be discussing here have the ability to exhibit the typical intense anger that is characteristic of the Staphysagria type.

When people who are constitutionally Staphysagria grow old, the subliminal resentment progresses and it usually binds itself to the prevailing situations giving rise to apparently never-ending antipathy towards people who might have rebuffed them on any earlier occasion. In fact, regardless of the basis, the anger of the Staphysagria individual may possibly be genuine for he/ she might have been treated in a very undue manner.

It will usually take several flare-ups before the anger of individuals belonging to the Staphysagria constitution actually subsides, because there is a large reservoir of pent up anger that is behind the sudden outbursts.

When individuals belonging to the Staphysagria personality are distressed or angry, they live, eat and dream of avenging the injustice and humiliation meted out to them. When a homeopathic practitioner talks to any such patient in his consulting room, he will find that the patient only talks about his/ her anger and hatred and, despite efforts, it is not possible to make the patient concentrate on any other subject for a long time.

While the patient may tether owing to tension, he/ she is more interested in articulating his/ her resentment - almost in a monotonous and completely negative manner. In case one is successful in convincing the patient to vent his/ her suppressed anger (which is hardly possibly by anyone), they only get relief temporarily.

However, there may be rare instances when a Staphysagria would agree to return to his/ her physician or healthcare provider week after week and investigate the actual cause of his/ her held back anger. And only when this happens, some genuine progress can be made in treating the Staphysagria.

However, it is fortunate that taking Staphysagria in doses of 10M usually helps in neutralizing the tension really fast and also effective in majority of the instances. Usually, there is a flare-up soon after the patient takes this medication because the anger and resentment that was suppressed for such a long period comes out.

Therefore, it is advisable that you warn the patient with a view to make plans for him/ her to be in a place where they are able to express their anger without creating any problem either for them or others.

The sudden outburst after taking the medication is followed by a real tranquility that may continue for an indefinite period. In fact, it is possible to defuse a lot of pent up anger when a few doses of the homeopathic remedy Staphysagria 10M is given to the patient to enable him/ her to give up the resentment and continue with their normal life.

Usually, the Staphysagria personality has a hard time with injustice, as they are unable to tolerate injustice done towards them or other people around them. Although, they never protest or raise voice against injustice, they have a passive response to it.

They feel that it is practically impossible to defend themselves from the injustice or the continuous onslaughts on them or their character has just made them too weary to react aggressively any more. Often, the basic reason for their submissive reaction or passive suffering is due to apprehensions of being oppressed further, terror of more sexual abuse, panic regarding mental as well as emotional maltreatment or some kind of absurd feeling of liability towards the tormenter.

As they are unable to protect themselves from such injustices, their response is mostly that of withdrawing. They suffer from a pent up anger accompanied by unvoiced grief and resentment with humiliation. At the same time, they are also afraid of the authorities.

It may be emphasized that Staphysagria is an excellent homeopathic remedy for vulnerable people, especially in the instances of alteration of power equilibrium. The best instances of such situations may include incest; bondage/ oppression; an overbearing partner in any relationship who treats the other like dirt; and a child who is thrashed whenever he/ she does not perform according to the desires of his/ her parent.

People who have been 'victims of surgeon' may also find the homeopathic remedy Staphysagria beneficial. In other words it means that this homeopathic medication is useful for people who have undergone a surgery but still continue to suffer from their problems or people who have had an extremely excruciating surgery.

This is all the more true in the instances of surgeries of the gallbladder and genitals. Staphysagria is also useful for people who have developed large and sore bumps following mosquito and/ or fly stings.

People who are said to have a Staphysagria personality are generally able to endure plenty of injustice or rough behaviour from others. Instead of flaring up, these people usually hold back their anger, resentment and grief or decide to ignore others' unjust behaviour.

In effect, they find it difficult to tolerate the offensiveness of others, but still try to keep away from squabbles. Strangely enough, people belonging to Staphysagria temperament usually hold themselves responsible for everything wrong happening to them.

As they suffer from plenty of self-guilt, they find it all the more difficult to break out of their subjugated condition. Perhaps, the origin of their self-guilt is an intense feeling of being worthless. In addition, they also suffer from great depression. According to some experts, Staphysagria personalities are sensitively confounded.

Individuals belonging to the Staphysagria temperament have very powerful sentiments as well as forceful sexual sensations. When in any relationship, such people are likely to feel that they are sexually oppressed. On the other hand, such people may also utilize their sex appeal to acquire money, draw other's attention as well as love.

Staphysagria individuals may also flare-up emotionally now and then. Habitually, such people try to deal with their anxiety and pressure by resorting to masturbation, drinking alcoholic beverages and smoking tobacco. However, it is also possible that such people would have allergic reactions to tobacco smoke.

Such people suffer from various physical problems relating to their genitals, bladder and urination. In case any young woman develops an inflammation of the bladder following her first sexual intercourse, she should essentially consider taking the homeopathic remedy Staphysagria.

Following the first coitus, such women may experience pain and depression, in addition to chronic vaginitis, excruciating susceptibility of the sexual organs and an inflamed bladder.


The herb Delphinium Staphysagria, which forms the basis of the homeopathic remedy Staphysagria, is native to Asia and the southern regions of Europe.


From Naseer Ahmad - Sep-07-2019
My daughter was suffering from a high fever. According to our doctor, it might have been malaria fever. He gave her some medicine. But the temperature did not go down for almost one month. Then I gave her staphysagria for 4 days. The high fever went away and now my daughter is ok. Thank God.
From Gabriela - Aug-11-2016
After dealing with grief for 3 month and feeling physically and mentally weak, my dr gave me Staphysagria 200CH for 1 week treatment. At first I felt vulnerable but nourished in a way that every past pain that was suppressed was coming out blooming in joy. This amazing remedy actually suits my personality so much that working together it transforms me into my true individuality.
Staphysagria heals with love, in a quick way, with clear mind, warm feelings, and she knows exactly what to cure to transform you on a deep level. She really helps you release all that you no longer need, even those parts that you are not conscious of.
From Marianne - May-20-2015
My ND prescribed this for me. Where I had previously felt suicidal for most of my life, the next day I felt homicidal. I was driving and thought, I completely understand how all those people in jail who killed people feel. Then the next day I woke up and was like, bright. Like something was gone.
I went back to see her yesterday and she gave me another dose of it. Then I'm reading up about it and it seems so correct. (I haven't taken my second dose because I want to make sure the next day I'll have little responsibilities so it won't be so stressful.) Thanks for posting so comprehensively about this, it's amazing.
From Jane Wilder - Jun-25-2011
I used this because I thought that I had a stye. It turns out that I did not. I had an inclusion cyst on my eyelid. I had seen an eye doctor and had been told it was not a stye and that my health insurance did not cover the surgery to remove the cyst . It was going to cost $300 to have it removed.
I went home and took out the remedy that my daughter had used to completely end her cycle of sties. Staphysagria 30C. I took 6 pellets at around 6 pm and another 6 before I went to bed. In the morning I woke up and the cyst was still there, but a huge splinter (I mean as big as half of a stick match that was buried in my thumb for 6 months that I was scheduled to have surgery for, popped out.
It slid right out. I had no pain . It didn't bleed. It just came out. The pain left my thumb and it was healed totally in a few days. Then after another few days the cyst on my eye got so soft that I could pull it off with no blood and no pain. I wiped it down with some alcohol and put some neosporin on the lid.
So I have to say I saved myself a whole lot of pain, time and energy with this remedy. It also lifted my spirits to a place where I was able to deal with some other things that I had been to exhausted to deal with. I would say that this is really a great remedy. I seem to be a constitutional Staphysagria as the definition on herbs2000 suits me to a T. Thanks. I was amazed and surprised at how well and quickly this worked.
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