Thorn Apple / Devil's-apple

Datura stramonium

Folk healers during the medieval period employed a thorn apple that produces a powerful hallucination to prepare ointments. It was also used by the Native Indians of North America during their shamanistic rituals (magic cure by creating a link between the natural and supernatural worlds).

In effect, the efficacy of Stramonium as a medicine to treat violent activities of the brain frequently owing to nervous disorders was verified by Samuel Hahnemann and was published in the German physician's Materia Medica Pura (1821-1834). This homeopathic remedy also unwinds the bronchial tube muscles as well as those of the digestive and urinary tracts. At the same time, it helps to lessen the mucus secretions.

People who are not related to homeopathy generally find it difficult to comprehend how substances that are toxic in nature are used in the form of homeopathic remedies. Datura stramonium is an excellent instance of such dilemma. This ordinary plant is employed for a wide range of dissimilar purposes; however, if the preparation is not made properly, the real plant itself is believed to be highly toxic.

Hence, you are able to perceive the precise significance of preparation, especially when you rely on any substance like Stramonium in the form of a homeopathic medicine. In this case, the juice is extracted from the plant prior to the emergence of its flowers or seeds.

Subsequently, the juice is watered down and it undergoes several required processes till practically no remnant of the toxic plant is left. While this may seem to be an unusual thing to do, the resultant substance is just an amazing homeopathic remedy, which works excellently in treating several dissimilar health problems.

It has been found that the homeopathic remedy Stramonium is most suitable for individuals who experience anger and aggression, especially unexpected flare-ups that occur together with strong apprehensions. In fact, deep fear may be responsible for their anger that may occur in the wake of an accident or an abuse. In some cases, the fear may also change into fright of darkness or even of water.

People who are affected by this condition may possibly also demonstrate agitated or blatant sexuality. Such people have a propensity to stammer and may perhaps also have spiritual illusions - relentlessly praying as well as preaching. When these people sleep, their condition is likely to worsen.

Generally, practitioners of homeopathic medicines prescribe Stramonium to treat fevers and problems related to the chest, which occur together with the usual angers and frights. In addition, this homeopathic remedy is used for treating hallucination, spasms, Parkinson's disease, convulsions, epilepsy and various disorders of the nervous system, provided the typical symptoms are noticeable.

Occasionally, Stramonium is also prescribed to cure chorea and also to treat a number of grave psychological disorders, for instance, manic depression, mania and schizophrenia, especially if these conditions occur together with hallucinations or aggression.

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Stramonium is the principle medication for several mental problems, such as hysteria, delirium tremens, excitability, loquacity and others. This medicine is most suitable for people who have a propensity to pray, beg and beseech continuously. Bright objects, reflected or dazzling light, for instance those from flowing water or mirror easily excite this type of patients.

In addition, such patients are unable to tolerate darkness or loneliness. They often wake up from sleep having a shrinking appearance like they are very terrified of an object they have seen. When they are experiencing a hallucination, the patients wake up and yearn for running away and, hence, they escape and conceal themselves in any corner - so that it is difficult to find them. In many cases, the patients have a feeling as if their head is spread out in several portions.

They also experience shuddering of a solitary or a group of muscles while they are in delirium. In effect, they also experience a peculiar figment of the imagination regarding their own character. The patients also feel as if they are seeing ghosts and/ or precarious animals, hear bizarre voices and have a feeling as if they are in close association with spirits.

The homeopathic remedy Stramonium has a noticeable action on headaches caused by exposure to the sun or those attributable to shock or terror. Such patients experience unbearable pain in their forehead as well as over their eye brows. In addition, they also suffer from dull pain in the temples and forehead.

They have a feeling as if their head is dispersed in several parts. The pain deteriorates when they are asleep, looking at any dazzling object or in the darkness. Prior to the occurrence of the headaches, they have an unclear vision.

In addition to the conditions mentioned above, this homeopathic remedy is also prescribed for stammering. It is a suitable for people who have a dry mouth accompanied by sticky saliva, but still loathe water and have a tendency to stammer. Such patients actually have to make a lot of effort prior to uttering any word. They are also unable to swallow anything owing to the spasm of glottis - the opening in the upper portion of the larynx.

The plant is potently narcotic and it has been primarily used as a remedy for pain caused by sciatica, neuralgia and rheumatism. Soldiers in the 16th century Europe consumed the plant to make their emotions blunt prior to engaging in a battle. The plant is toxic and results in hallucinations as well as drowsiness.

Stramonium is principally used to treat disorders related to the nervous system accompanied with terror and aggressive muscle tremors, cramps and also seizures. It is also used to treat night frights or for the conditions that generally take place following a scare, particularly in children. Both adults as well as children who require Stramonium usually have a tendency to stammer owing to tension and anxiety.

Additional symptoms of people requiring this homeopathic remedy may possibly include persistent trembling, and reduced sweating and urination. They may also experience jerking as in the case of restive legs, strokes, meningitis and have an intense thirst, particularly for acidic drinks.

Some of the condition specific uses of Stramonium are discussed in brief below:

Stramonium is an excellent homeopathic remedy for fever accompanied with an intense thirst. People requiring this medication may experience night frights, be afraid of darkness, have hallucinations, delirium or even feverish seizures. In addition, they may experience involuntary shuddering of the limbs, while their heart and pulse may possibly be in chaos.

Violence and mania
People who respond best to Stramonium are those who experience excitement accompanied by confusion, stupefaction, terror of darkness and have a propensity to being aggressive. They are also likely to experience squirming, bouts of verbosity and jumbled mumbling. In addition, they may have hallucinations, hear strange imaginary voices and have weird visions. These symptoms may possibly be set off due to the ordeal of childbirth, owing to alcoholism, drug abuse or by further grave conditions, for instance schizophrenia.

People suffering from chorea need Stramonium. In this case, the symptoms may include involuntary jerking and shuddering of the face, limbs or trunk, usually accompanied with stammering. These symptoms may be a result of tremendous fear, an awful effect of vaccination, any head injury or even meningitis. In severe instances, the patient may also experience facial contortion, seizure and/ or epilepsy.

People who have asthma and require Stramonium experience breathlessness, constriction in the chest, or a desiccated, panting cough. The bouts of asthma take place during or after fits of extreme anger or terror. While many people may endure different forms of asthma, generally the symptoms are somewhat familiar. People suffering from asthma may rely on the homeopathic remedy Stramonium to help ease the symptoms of constriction in the chest, dry or breathless cough or the feeling of breathlessness that is generally associated with this condition.

Stramonium is an effective remedy for bronchitis, especially when the patients experience wheezing accompanied by shortness of breath or cough that produces yellowish or green phlegm. Such patients may also experience intense anger and fright which may set off or even worsen the symptoms.

Often, the homeopathic remedy Stramonium is quite useful for people suffering from neurological disorders, for instance, facial spasms, delirium, and epilepsy as also Parkinson's disease. Such patients may frequently have a tendency to have unexpected bouts of anger and aggressiveness that may also comprise a great fright.

Such occurrences generally begin to take place following an accident or abuse. The patients may demonstrate traits that differ in their highs and lows every day. In fact, what has been discussed here are some of the very common symptoms that are relieved when the patient uses the homeopathic remedy Stramonium.

Stramonium is required by children as well as adults who stutter owing to nervousness. They may also experience flare-ups of aggressiveness, which are set off by intense fright after an accident or abuse.

They may also experience symptoms like decreased urination and sweating and persistent shuddering like in restless legs, meningitis, epilepsy and stroke, while having a great thirst, particularly for acidic beverages. In addition, Stramonium is also a vital homeopathic remedy for high temperatures in children.


From Shealeena - Aug-05-2019
Made my low mood and anxiety worse!
From Lisa - Feb-16-2017
This is my constitutional remedy according to my homeopath and this is clearing up GERD, making me more stable emotionally and ability to challenge distorted thought beliefs I have had previously.
From Anonymous - Nov-22-2016
It got rid of my 2 year old's night terrors within 3 days!
From Beth - Aug-21-2011
Stramonium is the only thing that has worked in over 20 years of night terror.
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