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The homeopathic remedy sulfur is prepared from mineral sulfur and is used to treat several health conditions, especially skin problems. In fact, very ancient societies around the world were familiar with mineral sulfur and it has been referred to as brimstone in the Bible. Therefore, it is not surprising that people in the ancient times were also aware of the therapeutic properties of mineral sulfur and have been using it as a medication for about 2,000 years to treat several skin conditions, for example scabies (a skin infection caused by the mite called Sarcoptes scabiei).

In fact, most of us are very familiar with the word sulfur for various reasons. The mineral as well as its various properties were well known to the people in ancient times and, hence, it is not surprising that the mineral has been in use for over 2,000 years now.

People in the ancient times discovered the therapeutic properties, especially sulfur's antiseptic attributes, of this mineral and used it as a medication to clean the skin as well as the blood. Besides its use in medicine, mineral sulfur is extensively used commercially, especially in the production of gunpowder, dyes and fungicides.

In homeopathy, physicians are likely to prescribe the medication sulfur in highly watered down doses to cure health conditions. It is especially effective for treating the skin disorders that go together with tetchiness, severe itching, scorching aches as well as disgusting smells.

It is important to note that the homeopathic remedy sulfur is prepared from unpolluted mineral sulfur powder. This pure sulfur powder is diluted by adding plenty of milk sugar (lactose) or a solution of water and alcohol.

Individuals who respond best to the homeopathic remedy sulfur are those who have an inclination to become creative and ingenious, but usually do not possess practical or common sense. In addition, such people are generally all mess up and in numerous instances, they may also be philosophical in nature instead of being realistic.

People requiring the homeopathic medication sulfur actually get pleasure from accepting appreciation and exert a great deal of energy to convey their contemplations for other people. However, to other people, the nature as well as approach of such individuals may seem to appear as indolent and even self centered.

It may be noted here that the mineral sulfur has basically been related to fire for all time. In fact, sulfur is a highly inflammable substance that burns with a disgusting odour, which one may get a whiff of at the sites of active or eruptive volcanoes.

Placing sulfur powder on one's skin will result in a burning sensation accompanied by irritation, which makes it all the important as a medication in homeopathy. In fact, the color of natural sulfur is yellow, which reminds one of the mineral's flaming resemblances.

People said to be belonging to the Sulfur type are known to be very fiery or hot in every sense of the term. It may be noted that people have always considered fire to be a symbol of the Divine Spirit in mankind - something that illuminates the clay of the physical body.

Majority of the individuals belonging to the Sulfur type possess a distinctive religious aspect in them - that is somewhat motivating and not just scholarly. In addition, fire is also said to symbolize the passions, and hence, there is hardly other type of people who are more passionate compared to Sulfur, irrespective of what one is considering - the cravings for the flesh, academic, romantic love, motivation or fervent passion for almost anything anywhere.

Individuals belonging to the Sulfur type always pursue all their interests with great passion. On the other hand, fire also represents anger or fury and, therefore, the energy of the Sulfur type individuals may be vented in the form of exasperation and utter wrath when whatever they might have determined to do is obstructed or when such people have a feeling that they have been victimized in some manner or the other.

Last, but not the least, fire also symbolizes the ember of inventiveness and brilliance. Therefore, it is not surprising that people belonging to the Sulfur type are usually highly creative in nature, especially intellectually.

It is interesting to note that most of the illustrious philosophical as well as scientific minds that have been documented in history were people who belonged to the Sulfur type. The list of such prominent personalities includes people like Socrates, Einstein and also many of the best composers over the centuries. In effect, it may be concluded that the world would indeed be a monotonous place if the inspiration, hopefulness and weirdness of Sulfur were missing.

Parts used

Although sulfur is a very vital mineral, when it is used to prepare the homeopathic remedy sulfur it needs to be done differently and significantly because the medication is entirely different compared to how the mineral is found in its natural state.

After cleansing the naturally found mineral sulfur, it is pulverized into a smooth powder. Subsequently, the finely powdered sulfur is dissolved in a solution of water and alcohol and is diluted to the desired levels. It is then triturated (pulverized into a pulp) and the resultant substance is the homeopathic remedy sulfur, and, as with any other homeopathic medication, it does not retain practically even the slightest trace of the naturally found mineral sulfur.

As a homeopathic remedy, sulfur is an extremely versatile medication that is used to cure a number of ailments. Hence, it is not surprising that people often and extensively turn to this homeopathic remedy for several dissimilar uses.


Although the homeopathic remedy sulfur is prescribed for people suffering from various dissimilar ailments, it is primarily used to treat different skin conditions, especially acne, eczema, candidiasis (a fungal infection occurring in the mouth, respiratory tract and even the vagina), scabies, cradle cap (an redness of the scalp especially occurring in infants), dry scalp, ringworm as well as diaper rash wherein the skin appears to be enduringly dry, itchy, flaky, reddish. The last condition actually worsens when the affected area is scratched.

Sulfur is also effective in treating digestive disorders such as indigestion that deteriorates following consumption of milk or any dairy product; an inclination to vomit or throw up ingested foods; hunger aches accompanied by a sinking sensation in the stomach that usually crops up around 11 in the morning and chronic diarrhea and vomiting occurring early in the morning.

Such type of digestive problems is usually accompanied by other symptoms, such as a bloated stomach and a number of serious problems associated with digesting foods.

The symptoms associated with this kind of digestive disorders may also include belching and flatulence (accumulation of gas produced by the gastrointestinal tract), upset stomach, redness as well as itching in the region of the anus, scorching hemorrhoids (accumulation of enlarged veins in swollen tissue at the fringe of the anus or inside the rectum), and also anal fissures (cracks in the mucous membrane of the anus).

Turning to the homeopathic remedy sulfur in such cases not only helps to cure the actual condition, but also provides quick relief from the associated symptoms.

In homeopathy, sulfur is an extremely beneficial remedy for the health conditions endured by women. This homeopathic medication is effective in treating the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS), such as tetchiness, headaches, sleeplessness or insomnia and excruciating menstruation.

It is also useful in alleviating gynecological problems, such as painful and erratic menstruation periods, dizziness, flushing and profuse perspiration. In addition, homeopathic practitioners also recommend the use of sulfur to treat other bothersome conditions endured by women, such as burning pain, itching in the vaginal region, yellow discharges as well as any other symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) that are difficult to treat with other medications.

Besides all the health benefits offered by the homeopathic remedy sulfur so far, it is also useful in treating certain mental problems. Homeopathic physicians often prescribe this medication for people enduring mental tension, suffering from absence of vitality and determination, absentmindedness or lack of memory, tetchiness, depression, troubled sleep accompanied by nightmares, indecisiveness as well as those who wake up early from their sleep in the morning.

The homeopathic remedy sulfur is also a beneficial medication for men, especially who have been suffering from conditions such as impotency and/ or erectile dysfunction.

Such conditions generally come together with aches and itching in the penis and adjoining areas. It may be mentioned here that in homeopathy, physicians recommend the use of sulfur for treating the above mentioned health conditions in men as well as any other type of inflammation that may occur in the penis or the prostate gland.

Sulfur is also an appropriate medication for treating breathing problems that are characterized by arid and throbbing throat that also comprises an almost suffocating sensation. This condition may come together with a cold or cough along with a yellowish or green catarrh as well as distended and painful tonsils.

In case the patient does not take medical assistance to cure the condition, it is likely to develop into bronchitis. Hence, most people suffering from this condition turn to the homeopathic remedy sulfur as soon as the initial symptoms begin to appear. In effect, in homeopathy, sulfur is an effective remedy for different types of breathing problems as well as infection of the respiratory tract.

Apart from the health conditions discussed above, the homeopathic medication sulfur is also useful to treating other health conditions, such as headaches, migraines, fevers, coughs accompanied by sneezing, conjunctivitis and redness of the eyes (eye inflammation) as well as aching backs, especially in the lower regions that may be caused by bending or sitting for long, standing for a prolonged period, or menstruation.


The mineral sulfur, which forms the basis of the homeopathic remedy sulfur, is found in the vicinity of the volcanic craters as well as hot springs in the United States, and Italy, Sicily.


From Gayle Millar - Apr-28-2016
Many years ago in Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) I was being treated for infected sinuses, I was first prescribed antibiotics, then sent to the physiotherapist for ultrasound treatment. Of which wasn't very successful. Then a young woman in our hair salon told me to take a good pinch of Flowers of Sulphur once a day for a week.
Then once a week then once a month if I wished to continue. I found that after the 1st week only, my symptoms had all gone. Never to suffer again. I have since helped many sinus sufferers. Think about it. When walking around New Zealand in the sulphurous boiling mud areas ones nasal passages open up resulting in an extremely runny nose. Cleansing the sinuses.
From Debi - Oct-30-2013
We rescued some dogs with dog lice. Gave them all 2 pellets of homeopathic Sulfur for 3 days and bathed them in neem oil shampoo (left on for 10-11 minutes). We did 2 more neem baths every 7 days and all the lice and eggs were gone. Sulfur and neem oil are amazing and really work. We didn't have to use any toxic products which don't always work but damage their health and liver.
From Bryn Davies - Jul-12-2013
I have a young female king charles cavalier, as everyone knows they have drooping ears. My dog's ears were very sore and I took her to the vets, she gave me a week's dose of steroids and a week's course of antibiotics and charged me £30; I was told that they could send skin scrapings off for testing at a cost of £500 which I couldn't afford.
I was told by a friend about sulphur and decided to try some. I ordered some flowers of sulphur; the dog's ears are now much better, it cleared up in 3 days, marvellous stuff.
From Penny - Jan-25-2013
I have been to the vet on numerous occasions with my dog having Mange or Hot spots as they call it. Antibiotics helped for a week and then it came back. Her skin was oozing and sore, she kept licking her sores and her skin became dry and patchy. I was actually embarrassed to take her to the beach.
Someone suggested an old wives tale about sulfur and I was willing to try anything. I promise you, within 2 days I noticed her sores healing, her patches being covered with hair. Her fleas seem to have disappeared.
I then started giving to my moms dog who had chronic mange. I swear to you, his hair is growing back and the mange is going away. I give them a slice of bread and butter with a little coating of sulfur. I have now started taking sulfur for my skin irritations.
From Yvonne - Oct-25-2012
I have found that flowers of sulphur have been effective in treating open wounds and causing the healing process to be much, much quicker. By sprinkling sulphur into open, infected wounds such as staph infections the sulphur gives an almost instant effect. I have also gotten great results in the prevention of parvovirus in dogs by sprinkling the powder in their food.
Parvo was rampant at my house when an abandoned dog came to my home that was already stricken. I had several abandoned dogs that people donated considering I lived in the country. One dog died even after taking him to the vet.
Hearing of this old time remedy I started sprinkling sulphur in the five gallon buckets of feed every day for a week and then once a week thereafter and the dogs who showed signs of sickness got better quickly and for the next 7 years of taking in strays I never had not one animal sick with parvovirus again.
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