Syphilis is basically a sexually transmitted disease (STD) caused by the bacterium called Treponema pallidum. This bacterium belongs to a group of bacteria having the shape of a cork-screw and called spirochetes. This microorganism is transparent and colorless and these two features of the bacterium helped it to remain out of sight of the researchers till 1905. Eventually, German scientists learnt about it when they detected its presence under a dark field microscope.

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This microbe requires permanent moisture to enable it to survive; hence, it has the aptitude to spread easily through the fluids in the body. In addition, a humid and dark environment is essential for the spirochetes to thrive and any exposure to air or sunlight kills the bacteria.

When spirochetes invade any cell in the body, every axial fibril (also known as an axial filament, axistyle or endoflagellum) binds at an opposite end and coils around the body of the cell, which is encompassed by a cover. The ideal condition for this microbe to spread from one person to another is when the persons come in sexual contact.

Nevertheless, spirochetes can also spread or transmit through other modes, for instance medical instruments, drinking vessels, blood transfusions, through saliva and mothers breast-feeding their infants.

In fact, the bacterium forms the basis for the homeopathic remedy syphilinum. The sexually transmitted disease caused by the infection of syphilis appeared first in the 15th century in Europe. It was believed that the disease was carried to Europe by the early explorers who visited North America. In the early days, people treated the disease using a preparation that included an amalgam of mercury and arsenic, which is considered to be equally hazardous like the disease itself.

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Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann, who is reputed for founding the alternative mode of medicine known as homeopathy, attributed miasm or the inherited trait to syphilis. In fact, people said to belong to the Syphilinum type are found to be having a very unusual as well as a captivating constitution.

It has been found that people who respond to the homeopathic medicine syphilinum best and also get the optimum benefit from it are those who are inclined to be extremely anxious and are short of a sound memory. Such people usually find it difficult to concentrate and all such characteristics may lead to the development of an obsessive-compulsive disorder in these individuals.

This disorder is usually demonstrated by some kind of substance abuse by these people. In fact, this homeopathic remedy is ideal for people who also have a tendency to be destructive by nature and in their approach. Such people generally do not show a high regard for themselves. Occasionally, such people may also be gripped by suicidal thoughts.

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The three miasms (predisposition to certain ailments) can be evaluated or explored convincingly in practical terms mentioned below:

  • Psora - Lack of function (for instance, constipation and indifference);
  • Sycosis - Excess function (for instance, diarrhea and hurriedness/ alacrity); and
  • Syphilis - Distorted function (for instance, ulcerated bowel and insanity).

Medicines like stramonium, anacardium and hyoscyamus that are appropriate for treating people who have mentally disturbed personality, in general belong to the syphilitic miasm. Therefore, it is not surprising that people who respond best to the homeopathic remedy syphilinum possess a bizarre as well as disturbed picture.

Some individuals belonging to the Syphilinum type have a small number of or not any of the additional abnormal mental characteristics of this medication and it is possible to spot them almost entirely depending on their general features, physical symptomatology and family history.

Many of you may be aware of the sexually transmitted disease syphilis and must be wondering how this could in any way be a helpful homeopathic remedy or offer any kind of health benefits or positive features by any means. The reality is that this ailment is not at all new since it had already reached pandemic proportions several centuries back and was brought under control by using penicillin.

It is indeed incredible to know that something that has been a major health hazard for hundreds of years has now been transformed into a genuine and very effective compound that is used by homeopathic medicine practitioners around the world to treat a number of health conditions.

In homeopathy, syphilinum is considered to be a wonderful medication that is used to cure a variety of different health conditions. This homeopathic remedy is prepared by using a swab of the discharge that oozes from the real syphilis laceration.

After collecting the sample, it is subsequently sterilized and dissolved in disinfected water. Subsequently, the solution is diluted and succussed. The residual substance is actually the amazing homeopathic medicine called syphilinum and, like in the case of preparing any other homeopathic remedy, it does not possess any of the attributes or traces of the syphilis microbe.

Parts used

Secretion from chancre.


The homeopathic remedy syphilinum has numerous uses and, hence, it is prescribed for treating a number of health conditions. This medicine is used to cure chronic, albeit comparatively painless, ulceration accompanied by recurring abscesses usually in the groin.

In addition, syphilinum is also given to patients enduring other chronic conditions, for instance, constipation, asthma, excruciating menstruation, neuralgia and iritis (tenderness of the iris). The symptoms that are cured by using syphilinum generally appear progressively and also disappear little by little. Discussed below are few condition-specific uses of the homeopathic remedy syphilinum for your perusal and help.

Obsessive-compulsive behaviour

Although obsessive-compulsive behaviour may be of variable or unpredictable degrees and sorts, the homeopathic remedy syphilinum is effective in treating them all. However, depending on the intensity of the condition, it may be difficult to tackle some of the associated symptoms of this condition, such as the physical and mental issues. In fact, some individuals may even turn to substance abuse as a way out from such behaviour and doing so may make them feel unrestrained.


The ulcers that are curable using the homeopathic remedy syphilinum are those that appear on the skin's surface as abscesses and boils and generally they emanate some kind of pus. Such ulcers may also appear in the mouth too. However, whatever may be the form of these ulcers, all of them are effectively treated by administering syphilinum.

Menstrual disorder and miscarriage

Many women often experience painful or insufficient menstrual periods and the homeopathic remedy syphilinum is very useful in treating these types of menstrual problems. Often women also experience profuse vaginal discharge and they may require this homeopathic medicine. In homeopathy, syphilinum is also prescribed for women who have recurring or excessive miscarriages and they can not find any remedy anywhere else.


The homeopathic remedy syphilinum is very useful for people who suffer from the usual type of asthma that is generally accompanies by wheezing and a feeling of breathlessness. Other associated symptoms may include dry cough and a sensation of constriction in the chest that appears to be incurable. However, using syphilinum is very effective in curing this condition as well as alleviating the associated symptoms.


Constipation is a common problem that has a tendency to appear and afflict the individual for several years. In this condition the bowels have dry feces that become firm and evacuation is not only difficult, but also occasional. Apart from sluggish bowels, constipation may also happen together with spasms in the bowel. At times, the rectum appears to be extremely tight to pass the bowels. Using the homeopathic remedy syphilinum is ideal in treating this condition as well as the associated symptoms.

Eye inflammation (Iritis)

This condition is caused by an ulcer on the cornea. In this case of eye inflammation known as iritis, the patients have frequent pus or mucus discharges from the affected eye. In homeopathy, syphilinum is prescribed to cure this problem and it is said to be quite effective.


This kind of headache is one where the patient feels that it starts deep inside the brain and travels to the right eye. People enduring such headaches may also experience intense pain when they stick their tongue out. When this symptom occurs it is a sign that turning to the homeopathic remedy syphilinum will not only cure the condition, but also help to provide relief from the associated symptoms.


Syphilitic lesion or chancre.


From Louisa - Mar-14-2011
Have recently used Syphilinum very successfully on my 83 year old mother. She has been suffering with depression, bowel and kidney problems and a leg ulcer was very slow to heal. Within 12 hours of taking this remedy, the leg ulcer had changed dramatically and continues to heal quickly.
Furthermore, the bowel and kidney problems have eased and her spirits lifted. This remedy was carefully chosen by the homeopath and has been integral to her ongoing treatment. Incidentally, this patient is no longer on medication but relies happily and successfully upon homeopathy.
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