Wolf Spider / Spanish Spider / Hunting Spider

Lycosa tarentula / Tarentula hispanica

Tarentula is a homeopathic medication that is prepared from the species in genus Tarantula that includes a cluster of hairy and usually very big arachnids (any of an assortment of arthropods of the class Arachnida, including spiders, scorpions, mites and ticks) that belong to the Theraphosidae family.

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The species of Tarantula that is used to make this homeopathic medication is commonly called the wolf spider. It may be noted that the wolf spider has derived its species name Tarentula from Tarentum - an Italian town where this variety of spider is found extensively.

Another variety of tarentula is also found in South America, but dissimilar to this variety of the spider whose bites may result in mania, trembling and a choking sensation, the wolf spider is harmless as far as humans are concerned. Nevertheless, long back, people were of the view that any individual bitten by the spider may suffer from ailments that may result in either mania or depression.

However, the fact is that when you are taking the homeopathic medication prepared from Tarentula, you will never witness any of the above mentioned symptoms or have any kind of interaction that the wolf spider may actually cause when it bites any individual.

When we are studying or discussing Tarentula as a homeopathic medication, it is essential to be familiar with the preparation of this medicine and when you know this you can be sure that the actual medication does not have any trace of the spider. On the contrary, the medication possesses the therapeutic properties that are derived from the spider and is useful in treating a number of conditions.

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This homeopathic medicine is prepared by macerating the entire body of the live spider in alcohol and is then left for some time to allow the spider to dissolve in alcohol. Subsequently, the solution is watered down and filtered several times with a view to ensure that it does not contain any trace of the spider.

People for whom the homeopathic medicine Tarentula is most beneficial are those who generally have a tendency to become over stimulated and are often hyperactive. Such people are normally full of vigour and vivacity, but, unfortunately, find it hard to keep their patience or wait for other people. Such people are always restive both physically as well as mentally.

At the same time, these individuals suffer from somewhat extreme mood swings. Therefore, they require help not only to treat their symptoms, but also in changing their abnormal behaviour or personality. The homeopathic medicine prepared from Tarentula is considered to be one of the best remedies for curing such conditions.

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Notwithstanding some of the toxic and harmful characteristics of Tarentula or the 'Wolf Spider', as it is commonly known, the homeopathic medication prepared from this animal has numerous valuable therapeutic properties. Tarentula is especially effective for treating certain types of mental disorders or problems of the nervous system.

For instance, this homeopathic medication is useful for curing obsession or mania accompanied with too much edginess and restiveness and also for mental and physical restlessness. Many homeopathic medical practitioners recommend this medication to people enduring such conditions. In addition, homeopaths also prescribe Tarentula to patients suffering from different heart conditions, including angina (chest pain) and other ailments of the heart.

Tarentula is particularly beneficial to women. In fact, in homeopathy this medicine is prescribed for women who suffer from ovarian ailments wherein they may have a feeling that the problems are worse on the left side. It is also given to women who have sensitive genitalia accompanied with an itching sensation in the vagina and vulva.

In such cases, generally the vagina and vulva of women become dry, hot and raw (often bleeding) and the sufferings are much more intense during scratching and excessive menstrual bleeding. In addition to treating these symptoms as well as the conditions themselves, Tarentula is also prescribed for headaches that are accompanied with a feeling of pricking needles in the brain and problems of the respiratory system - for instance, coughing.

It may be noted that all the conditions that are effectively cured using Tarentula can be distinguished by physical symptoms, such as impatience and the helplessness of an individual to remain still in a position.

Such people have restive legs that are considered to be much worse compared to walking and experience tweaking/ shuddering and trembling of the limbs. In many cases, such patients have an inclination to roll from one side to another with a view to alleviate their symptoms and difficulties caused by them.

Interestingly enough, most patients who benefit from the use of Tarentula are those who suffer from abrupt mood swings when they are suffering from any ailment. For instance, one moment these people may be happy and laughing and the very next moment they may be morose or turn malicious and vicious.

In fact, the mood changes experienced by these people are not like the usual ones experienced by those who suffer from common depression. But what they actually endure is more violent and an extreme one. The mood changes or swings they experience may be very abrupt and sudden and they may actually be a changeover from complete ecstasy to total pessimism.

These people are usually very sensitive towards music, or in other words, music brings about an unpredictable behaviour among them. In some cases, music may even result in making them do destructive things. It is very much possible that music may sometimes bring out the worst behaviour from them. They may actually display some very aggressive behaviour on listening music.

Tarentula is especially beneficial for people who may not feel right in the heart, for instance they may experience a feeling that the heart is just about out of its actual place or something peculiarly similar. They experience trembling of their body often and there is a tremendous striking in the heart, which is not only something abnormal, but also makes the person feel extremely uncomfortable.

Even the pulse rate becomes very erratic and sometimes may also become intermittent too - something detrimental for one's overall health. In such conditions, use of Tarentula is not only effective in providing relief from the symptoms and treating the annoying and troublesome condition, but enhances the overall health of the patient. In fact, in homeopathy, Tarentula is the best medication for all such conditions.

As discussed earlier, when people suffer from such conditions, they are unable to remain in a still position for long, no matter how hard they may try. Such patients usually experience continuous shuddering, jerking and shaking of the limbs and may even have a feeling of internal pressure to hasten the job or work they may be doing. Hence, they are restive, impatient and always in a hurry to do things.

They often become over or hyperactive, which again is detrimental for their health. In fact, the jerking movements experienced by them are very erratic and cannot be predicted from before. What is worse is that they are able to do little to stop these symptoms as they are not only involuntary but also uncontrollable.

Their condition is usually pathetic since they have to live with all these problems and when anyone tries to discuss matters with them, they get irritated and hostile. In such conditions, giving Tarentula is one of the best ways to help them provide some relief from their problems.

Actually, this homeopathic medication works in the body in such a manner that it naturally facilitates in getting rid of the symptoms. Even if this medication is unable to cure the condition and provide complete relief to the patients, it is sure to help them diminish their sufferings.

Such patients also develop cystitis and this causes a burning sensation or irritation while passing urine. In fact, urination often becomes a painful exercise due to the cystitis. Some times even the urine of such people may have a very bad or foul smell and it may also have some kind of minuscule or fine sandy particles in it.

Besides such abnormal symptoms, when such people laugh or have a cough, they are often unable to control them - there is some incontinence during such actions, which is again pathetic. Using Tarentula may help to alleviate these symptoms and provide relief to these individuals.


Tarantula or the 'Wolf Spider' from which the homeopathic medicine 'Tarentula' is prepared is generally found in Europe. Here it may be mentioned that another variety of Tarentula is also found in South America, but it is poisonous for humans and not used in preparing any homeopathic medications.


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