Teucrium mar. ver.
Cat Thyme

Teucrium marum verum

Cat thyme belongs to the genus of the mint family plants and is an extremely fragrant plant that has been traditionally used by herbalists for ages. This plant possesses astringent properties and, hence, it works as a stimulant.

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This homeopathic medication (Teucrium mar. ver. or Teucrium marum) is usually prescribed for people who have been enduring disproportionate polyps (growths in the mucous membranes) and mucus. It was actually Johann Ernst Stapf, a close friend of Hahnemann, who was the first to establish the effectiveness of this medicine to treat such conditions way back in 1846.

To prepare this homeopathic medicine, freshly harvested aerial parts of the herb minus the woody branches below them are chopped delicately and subsequently crushed and macerated in alcohol.

This herb (cat thyme) is generally used in homeopathy and the actual medicine is drawn from the tincture prepared from the whole plant obtained fresh. When used as a homeopathic medicine or even when it is just used as a micro-nutritional substance, cat thyme or Teucrium marum has proved to be very useful in treating specific problems or disorders, such as threadworms found in the intestines, parasites and other types of worms.

As mentioned before, the homeopathic remedy Teucrium marum is usually administered to people who are suffering from conditions like tingling in nose, nasal polyps (small, sac-like growths comprising inflamed nasal mucosa) as well as a feeling of obstructions.

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In addition, this homeopathic medicine is also effective in treating different symptoms like restive legs, stinging and numbness or lack of feeling in the limbs. In fact, Teucrium marum is especially effective for treating the disorders of the limbs.

Teucrium marum is also beneficial for curing deformed nails and this homeopathic medicine is also prescribed for treating uterine fibroids (benign tumours of muscle and connective tissue that develop within or are attached to the wall of the uterine). Moreover, this homeopathic medication may also be used for curing anorexia (loss of appetite or inability/ difficulty in eating).

Among its other uses, Teucrium marum is also beneficial for curing tearing or excruciating pains, tweaking of muscles as well as when one has a sensation of heavy limbs. In addition, this homeopathic medicine is useful in curing ailments caused by different parasites and worms that inhabit in our body. Chewing Teucrium marum or cat thyme also helps in providing relief from toothaches.

This homeopathic medication is also said to possess sedative or tranquilizing properties and aids in curing conditions, such as sleeplessness or insomnia. This medication is especially beneficial for people who have vivid dreams during or before midnight and have problems in waking up in the morning owing to disturbed sleep.

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The standard recommended dosage of Teucrium marum for treating insomnia or sleeplessness is three pellets chewed slowly once to thrice every day.

In fact, it is believed that Teucrium marum is most effective for people who are susceptible to become over sensitive and have a terrible feeling when they hear or talk about things that are not too pleasant - this also includes any discussion regarding their symptoms. Such people become extremely excited and tired very easily.

This homeopathic medicine is basically identified with the treatment of polyps that may develop in any part of the body, including the nose, ears, rectum and also the vagina. In fact, people enduring nasal polyps may also suffer from crusts of catarrh (inflammation of the mucus membrane) as well as loss of ability to smell things properly.

In addition nasal polyps may also be accompanied with symptoms, such as chronic catarrh and dried-up crusts of catarrh having an extremely foul odour. Fibrous or benign tumours on the eyelids and fibroids in the uterus may also be cured using Teucrium marum. This homeopathic medication is also useful in treating lumps in the urethra due to the sexually transmitted disease (STD) known as gonorrhea.

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As discussed earlier, Teucrium marum is associated with the treatment of people suffering from conditions caused by parasites and worms in their body. Presence of worms or parasites in the body, especially threadworms in the intestines, causes itching and scratchy feelings in the rectum and anus. Using this homeopathic medicine can help to alleviate these problems.

People enduring the above mentioned symptoms usually feel better when they are in the open air or sweat to get rid of their pent up emotions.

On the other hand, the symptoms deteriorate when the patients are in a damp and cold place and during times when the weather changes. Even the warmth of the bed or touching and/ or rubbing the affected areas worsen the symptoms of such patients. In addition, the symptoms usually aggravate during the evening and are often worst during the night.

The symptoms of patients are varied and appear at different places of the body. Below is a brief discussion on the typical symptoms on different parts of the body.

Although it may seem to be somewhat funny, people enduring this condition have an overwhelming desire to sing in their mind.

This condition makes the head dull and results in dizziness. The patient experiences a pressure in his/ her forehead just above the eyes along with a very excruciating pressure in the right temple. This painful sensation keeps altering between the prominent place in the right frontal and in the left temple of the forehead.

The eyes of people turns red and are inflamed and they discharge so much water that it may seem that the patients are weeping. They also experience a biting feeling and the upper eyelids usually become red and puffy.

The throbbing ears of Teucrium Mar. patients make them reminiscent of piercing or excruciating pains.

Such patients suffer from recurring sneezing and have a crawling sensation in the nose with no coryza (severe inflammation of the mucous membrane of the nasal cavities accompanied with cold in the head). Sometimes, the crawling sensation in the right nostril becomes fierce and it is accompanied with lachrymation (abnormal or excessive watering) from the right eye. They also have a feeling as if their nostrils have been blocked and no matter how much they may sneeze or blow their nose, they do not find any relief from the obstruction sensation. Occurrence of nasal polyps is also very common during this period.

There is an excess or abnormal watering from the root sand gum of the right lower incisors. The patients also experience a burning and painful sensation at the base of tongue as if they have taken too much pepper.

Often patients experience a biting and scraping or scratchy feeling in their throat, which gradually spreads in fauces (the passage between the back of the mouth and the pharynx). The symptoms are even worse in the left side of the throat.

The patients experience an abnormal hunger and, at the same time, it prevents them from sleeping. The worst part of all this is that simultaneously they experience aggressive hiccups.

The patients experience a tedious pressure in the abdomen which is a result of accumulation of gas or flatulence. They have recurring discharge of warm flatus or flatulence without producing any sound whatsoever.

The patients experience a crawling sensation in the rectum after the passage of stool. During the evenings, when they are in bed, the crawling sensation become more violent and seems to be sticking in the anus. Ascaridaes (large roundworms in intestines of vertebrates) causes a creepy and itching sensation accompanied by extreme restiveness during the night.

Urinary organs
People often have an enhanced discharge of pale and diluted urine.

Patients experience rheumatic pains, mainly in the bones and joints. The pains become more acute during the evening, but the symptom improves somewhat on having better motion. In addition, they have inflammation in the right toe accompanies by piercing pains something akin to having nails grown into the flesh. They also have deformed toe nails accompanied with bruises or ulceration.

General symptoms
Patients are extremely lethargic and they are not able to endure any type of hard work mentally or physically. It also disrupts sleep and makes the person restive. Even during their sleep, the patients are excited and experience vivid dreams. Some patients may also have feverish conditions and have a flushing heat sensation in the face although there is no redness of the face.

In fact, the homeopathic medication Teucrium marum is effective in treating all the symptoms discussed above and provide relief to the patients. It is particularly beneficial for children and elderly people suffering from the above mentioned symptoms.

Parts used

Whole fresh plant.


Teucrium marum has several uses in homeopathic treatment. This homeopathic remedy is especially useful in treating people who have nasal polyps. In addition, it is also useful to cure polyps that may occur in the ear, rectum and the urinary bladder. Precisely speaking, it is effective for treating all types of polyps, found anywhere in the body.

Additionally, Teucrium marum is also useful in healing threadworms of the intestines. There are several other uses of this homeopathic medication, including treating congested nose when a person's ability to smell properly diminishes; persistent and extreme discharges from the nose as well as recurrent discharge of green crusts that results in a raw sensation in the nostrils.

It is also used to provide relief from conditions wherein repeated sneezing or blowing the nose also does not help in providing respite from a feeling of obstructions in the nose.


Cat thyme is indigenous to Spain and other places in the southern region of Europe. However, the plant has later been introduced to many other regions and is presently found in several places across the globe.


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