Verat. alb.
White Hellebore / False Hellebore

Veratrum album

Veratrum alb. or veratrum album is a homeopathic medication that is prescribed for patients suffering from melancholia, mania and epilepsy. According to ancient records, this plant was used by Greek physician Hippocrates to treat certain conditions that were identical to Asiatic cholera (an acute infectious ailment distinguished by profuse vomiting, diarrhea, cramps and other symptoms.

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The records also show that Hahnemann was the first to establish the remedial properties of this homeopathic medication sometime between 1826 and 1830. In fact, veratrum alb. is considered to be a highly important homeopathic medication in the community and history of this stream of medication.

This homeopathic medicine actually helped to establish the manner in which homeopathy functions and the reason behind the advantages of this curative process.

It is interesting to note that the white hellebore plant from which the homeopathic medication is prepared is poisonous in nature and also harmful for humans, it possesses many curative characteristics that has made it the base for a very effective medication in homeopathy. It was possible for homeopathy to turn such a toxic plant into a useful medication - homeopathy actually changes the entire nature of the plant.

Although there was a time when veratrum alb. was only considered to be a toxic plant, over the years it has changed into a very beneficial homeopathic medication that offers extensive and widespread advantages. Like in the case of any other homeopathic medicines, the process to prepare veratrum alb. is also very crucial.

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This highly beneficial homeopathic medication (a solution) is prepared from the freshly obtained roots of the plant veratrum alb. It is essential to dig out the root of this toxic plant before the flowering season commences. Once the roots are harvested, they are sliced into smaller pieces, mashed in alcohol and then thoroughly shaken in the vessel.

The solution that is filtered from this preparation is considered to be among the most basic and important homeopathic medications, which people can still depend on for curing their ailments.

As a homeopathic medication, veratrum alb. is most effective for people who are naturally inclined to be restive or people who are basically exceptionally critical (fault-finding) or prudish by their nature. Such types of people are likely to take pleasure in seclusion or like to be left on their own more often than not.

Such people are also sensitive to being maniac and are hyperactive and these may lead to somewhat striking changes in their mood. A number of their symptoms may be owing to their activities as well as the way they may be handling things or issues.

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It may be noted that this plant veratrum alb. or veratrum album is a rare type of organic substance, which is among those few medications that perfectly matches up with individuals who are supposed to be living their life virtually on the threshold of mental illness or insanity. Although this plant as well as the homeopathic medication has a close relation with Syphilinum and Stramonium, it possesses its individual properties that are unique in nature.

Majority of the people who are recommended the homeopathic medication veratrum album are those who are mentally stable comparatively. However, even during their period of stability, people who take this homeopathic medication seem to be slightly abnormal from the beginning - something similar to several Anacardium patients.

Generally, the abnormality of their speech is most the noticeable oddity among such patients. In fact, psychologically, Veratrum is known to be an extremely severe type and this is evident from the voice of the patient. Although Kali Carbonicum patients generally speak somewhat laboriously, they are, however, not as awkward in their thoughts or in their speech as Veratrum patients.

Another anomalous aspect that is visible in such patients is that they appear to be more aggressive and speak in a way which makes them appear to be arrogant or overconfident. The abnormality in Veratrum is completely more unfortunate compared to what is apparent in other self-assured types of patients (i.e. Nux and Sulphur).

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People who usually visit homeopathic physicians for treating their physical problems may sometimes seem to be somewhat abnormal and loud till someone probes into their mental picture.

In fact, veratrum patients, who are liable to laugh somewhat louder or may begin describing their symptoms instantly once they are seated even before the homeopath begins to address the patient, are not the normal presumed social manners that one usually takes for granted.

Finally, when a person is able to understand the mental picture of the patient, the most remarkable aspect that is exposed is normally the arrogant manner in the patients suffering from this ailment insist on having their own way as well as the obstinacy that they show while expressing their views. In fact, Veratrum patients are gripped with an abnormal attitude that usually makes them quite difficult to understand, to live with or hang around with.

Parts used

Fresh root.


The homeopathic medicine veratrum alb. or veratrum album is administered to people when they become unconscious or collapse and they are pale, ice-cold or perspire (especially on the forehead) and feel dried out. In fact, such patients may collapse owing to severe anxiety and fierce vomiting accompanies with diarrhea and cramps, particularly during pregnancy. In the case of women, this condition may also be related to acute menstrual pain.

The acute type of diarrhea is usually said to be caused by some other serious conditions like gastroenteritis, cholera and also dysentery. The stools of such patients are usually soggy or watery and may also have an unusual color. In addition, such patients may also experience additional symptoms along with diarrhea.

These symptoms may be associated with diarrhea, be a fall-out of it or be completely independent. Such symptoms may include dehydration, cramps and also collapse. It is important to note that all the above mentioned symptoms may be cured by taking the homeopathic medicine veratrum alb. in prescribed dosages.

Such patients may endure behavioral as well as emotional problems of various kinds and women, especially who have just given birth, and children enduring such problems may find veratrum alb. beneficial in alleviating these symptoms.

Basically, this is an entirely unresponsive sensation for an individual enduring emotional problems and it is likely that they may perhaps suffered some kind of loss that may lead to insecurity. Homeopaths assert that veratrum alb. is likely to be extremely beneficial for patients who have been often experiencing collapse or those who are susceptible to problems related to this.

In fact, patients suffering such conditions usually experience debility which is followed by a damp sweaty feeling all over the forehead as well as the hands. Actually, such patients may also experience other related symptoms like gastrointestinal disorders or cramps. Some of them may also have symptoms that are associated with heatstroke. All these may be attributed to the susceptibility to collapse and exhaustion.

It may be mentioned here that this homeopathic medication is extremely beneficial to cure violent types of vomiting and nausea. It may also be used to alleviate symptoms such as a damp perspiring sensation, cold sensation in the abdomen and also prescribed to provide relief from symptoms like collapsing, exhaustion and even gastrointestinal disorders.


The plant white hellebore, which forms the basis of the homeopathic medication, is found growing in the wild in the mountainous expanses in Europe.


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