Common Viper / Adder

Vipera communis

The homeopathic remedy vipera is prepared from the venom of a poisonous snake called common European adder or the common European viper. This snake belongs to a poisonous species of snake that is very widespread and may be found all over the region extending from Western Europe to all across Far East Asia (eastern and south-east Asia).

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In effect, this species of poisonous snake has been the topic of many folk tales and myths in Britain as well as different other European countries. Since this snake is not aggressive and typically bites only when it is disturbed or startled, people generally do not consider common viper to be a very treacherous reptile.

Nevertheless, the bites of viper may be extremely excruciating, but they are very rarely fatal. In other words, although they endure intense pain, people rarely succumb to the bites of this species of snake.

As the complexity of environment is crucial for different feature of its behaviour, the common adder may be present in dissimilar topography. This poisonous species of snake is only found inhabiting the Northern Hemisphere.

This species of poisonous snake, commonly found in the vast region extending from Western Europe to the Far East Asia, survives on small mammals, amphibians, birds, lizards and sometimes even on worms, insects and spiders. The females of the species reproduce once in two to three years with their litters typically taking birth between the periods during the later part of summer to early part of spring.

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Similar to most of the other species of vipers, the common adder produces eggs that are hatched within its body (ovoviviparous). In addition, the litters are also of different size and they prefer to stay with their mothers for some days while they are young.

The adult common adder usually grows up to a size of 60 cm to 90 cm (24 inches to 35 inches) in length and weighs anything between 50 grams (1.8 oz) to approximately 180 grams (6.3 oz.). Although the common viper is not a threatened species, a number of countries have been providing it adequate protection to flourish.

As aforementioned, the common adder is a powerful snake that consumes small mammals, lizards, birds and other living things, including insects and worms. The bite of the common adder has seldom proved to be fatal for man, but it definitely results in swelling, intense pain and haemorrhage of the blood vessels.

When an individual is bitten by the viper, his/ her veins enlarge causing excruciating pain, particularly when the limb affected by the venomous bite is hanging or suspended from an elevated position. The homeopathic remedy vipera prepared from the venom of the common adder is extensively prescribed to heal these conditions as well as associated symptoms.

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In homeopathy, physicians use an extremely diluted form of the viper's venom as a medication to treat the symptoms caused by the snake's bite, including the swelling as well as the pain in the veins in the affected area. It may be noted that people practicing the alternative branch of medicine known as homeopathy usually collect elements from plants, animals and minerals to prepare remedies.

These plant, animal and mineral particles are crushed or pulverized in alcohol or lactose (milk sugar). In fact, homeopathic remedies are based on the principle that a tiny amount of the elements that are responsible for certain health conditions and symptoms help to stimulate the body to cure itself of the condition as well as the symptoms.

In fact, homeopathy makes use of venom collected from many dissimilar types or sub-species of vipera, including the Vipera torva and Vipera berus. When any individual becomes the victim of a viper, he or she experiences extreme pain, but the bite does not necessarily result in their death.

Any individual suffering from an ailment has certain symptoms of the sickness. For instance, an individual who is enduring varicose veins has tender and enlarged veins. As discussed before, homeopathic treatment is based on the theory that when anything that 'goes inside' a human being causes certain physical effects, use of the same substance taken in minute and diluted amounts helps the body in healing the problem or health condition.

Therefore, when an individual is bitten by a viper, it results in the swelling and tenderness of the veins. Keeping in view the theory behind homeopathic remedies, taking the venom of the same snake in diminutive and diluted form will facilitate stimulating the body to treat the varicose veins.

As is well known, the alternative branch of medicine called homeopathy was established by the German physician Samuel Hahnemann. In the later part of the 19th century, a school focusing on homeopathic medicine was started for the first time in the United States.

In those days, homeopathic medications were used to cure diseases like cholera, scarlet fever as well as yellow fever and this branch of medicine was well accepted by the people in the United States till the 1920s. Nevertheless, following clashes with the American Medical Association as well as the contemporary drug manufacturers, there was a steady decline in the popularity as well as practice of homeopathic remedies.

The good news is that currently homeopathy is witnessing a revival as well as its practice is once again becoming popular with the growing interest of the people in alternative medicines.

It may be noted that though the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not regulate any other natural or herbal medicines, it is the sole authority for approving the sale and use of homeopathic medicines in the USA. In fact, it has been made mandatory by the federal government that the homeopathic medicines comply with the potency, quality as well as the purity standards laid down by it.

Moreover, the FDA also necessitates that the labels of homeopathic medicines incorporate information on the type of ailments a specific medicine is indicated for, guidelines for using the medication and also the level of dilution of the remedy. In fact, pharmaceutical manufacturing over-the-counter or non-prescription drugs also ought to meet similar stipulations of the FDA.

However, it is interesting to note that despite regulating the manufacture, sale and use of homeopathic medicines, the FDA does not confirm that this alternative form of medicine actually works!

Parts used

Fresh venom.


The homeopathic remedies work on the principle of 'like cures, like', denoting that a condition or problem can be cured using the diluted substance that is responsible for the problem. Hence, it is not surprising that since bites by viper cause intense pain, the homeopathic remedy vipera prepared from the venom of this poisons species of snake is effective in healing various types of pains and associated symptoms.

For instance, the homeopathic remedy vipera is useful in treating excruciating swelling of veins as in the case of varicose veins (unusually protruding and swollen veins, especially in the legs) and phlebitis (tender veins). When people enduring such health condition hang their legs down, they have a sensation as though the legs are full and will explode any time.

The homeopathic remedy vipera is also useful in treating rigid and aching legs, wherein the condition improves when the legs are kept in an elevated position. In addition, this homeopathic medication is effective in providing relief from the pain associated with the swelling of the veins as well as leg cramps. Using vipera helps the sufferers to remain mobile, while diminishing the pain.

At the same time, use of this homeopathic medication provides energy to the sufferer making him/ her to move freely. The homeopathic remedy vipera is also known to improve blood circulation throughout the body.

People who require the homeopathic remedy vipera find that their symptoms improve when they lift the limbs that are affected by any health problem, such as varicose veins, rigid and aching legs as well as phlebitis. On the contrary, the symptoms deteriorate when the climatic conditions change, when pressure is applied on the affected limbs and when the affected parts are touched.

Poisoning caused by the bite of the vipera snake results in a brief augmentation in impulses and paresis supervenes - a paralysis of the lower extremities moving upwards. In addition, vipera poisoning also causes an extraordinary action on the kidneys and brings about haematuria (presence of red blood cells or blood in urine).

The homeopathic remedy vipera has been indicated for use in treating liver enlargement and also problems related to menopause. This homeopathic medicine is also prescribed for people enduring edema of glottis (swelling due to fluid accumulation in the tissues of the larynx), polio-myelitis (a severe viral disease usually affecting children and young adults) and poly-neuritis (inflammation of several nerves simultaneously).


Common viper is a poisonous snake whose venom is used to prepare the homeopathic remedy vipera. This species is found over an extensive region extending from Western Europe to Far East Asia.


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