Zinc met.

Zincum metallicum

Zinc is present in the human body as a trace element or mineral and is necessary for the average growth of the body and the mind. This essential trace mineral is associated in the working of insulin hormone that is important for vigorous metabolism. In other words, zinc helps to break down the complex materials in the ingested food and assimilate them into our body.

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In medicine, zinc oxide is applied topically in the form of a lotion to treat localized conditions, such as skin fissures and ulcers. In addition, dietary supplements containing zinc are also taken by mouth to cure hysteria, fevers, neuralgia (a spiky and raging pain along the course of a nerve), convulsions or seizures and even tetanus (an infection caused by specific type of bacteria that often may prove to be fatal).

Zinc is a common metal familiar to all of us. Every human being's body possesses small proportions of this mineral and hence it is known as a trace element. This common mineral is essential for performing simple, but vital functions in our body. It is common knowledge that zinc is a metal that has multiple uses - from medication to musical instruments to roofing.

Although the uses of zinc are immense, there are numerous people who are not exactly aware of the potentials of this metal, especially its medicinal properties. In fact, there are several people who have never actually stopped to think that zinc is a metal which can be used in medications. The primary reason behind this is that they are actually unaware of the numerous curative features of zinc.

Looking back, one will find that researchers, especially the homeopathic medicine practitioners actually found the healing properties possessed by zinc several centuries back. They were possibly the first to discover that the metal zinc was a very effective homeopathic medicine.

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To prepare homeopathic medicines with zinc, the metal is first heated and subsequently pounded into extremely fine particles, akin to a fine powder. Subsequently, the powdered zinc is pulverized with lactose sugar. In the process, all traces of zinc are virtually removed and the homeopathic medicine that people are given is mostly known as zinc met.

In fact, the homeopathic medicine is now popular by this name - zinc met. Although the medicine encloses a very simple element or metal, it is effective in treating an assortment of symptoms.

The homeopathic medicine zinc met. is especially useful for people who have a tendency to work very hard, so much so that they hardly find time to relax. Often they also find it quite hard to unwind. Such people usually take on plenty of jobs or responsibilities and, as a result of this, are strained and drained out when they are unable to complete their jobs.

Very often such issues or conditions may result in a condition where one is excessively stimulated, which the individual finds difficult to be satisfied with on a regular basis. Such a condition may even result in making the individual endure forgetfulness and create other problems for his or her health. It is also possible that they start depending on substances like alcohol for relief and relaxation worsening their condition further.

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Generally, this homeopathic medication known as zinc met. is prescribed for people who are enduring severe mental or physical debility; tiredness accompanied by restive and uneasy actions, for instance fidgety legs. It is possible that such conditions may be a result of excessive strain or tension as well as absence of sound sleep.

Moreover, when an individual is derelict and generally tired out, he or she may perhaps also endure mental tiredness and have an inclination to reiterate a question before providing an answer to it. In addition, such symptoms may also be accompanied with tetchiness and nervous anxiety, particularly when they are exposed to too much noise or touched by anyone.

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It is important to note that the conditions of such patients are likely to deteriorate when they try to forcibly hold back any discharge, such as coughs by administering syrups or medications that suppress coughs.

When one's body is subjected to excessive stress or strain or is just exhausted it generally results in physical as well as mental debility. When a person endures such a condition, his/ her mind is perplexed and the physical symptoms begin to show. Usually, the person suffers from symptoms like splitting headaches and restive limbs.

The person's body endures further problems when it begins to combat the physical symptom when and while the nervous tiredness increases. As a result of these problems, the quality of these people's, particularly physical and mental, deteriorates. However, they can get great relief if they prefer to take the homeopathic medication zinc met. Taking zinc met. will not only help to alleviate their symptoms, but also cure them of their ailments.

There are many people who have been living with minor urogenital problems, such as total failure of the urinary bladder or some unintentional leakage of urine. Life for these people really becomes frustrating owing to these problems. In such circumstances, taking zinc met. aids the body to fortify itself naturally and, at the same time, makes certain that the functioning of the bladder is normal.

This homeopathic medication helps the body to regulate the bladder. In fact, without zinc met. the body is not likely to be in a position to bring about this change or cure the bladder problems.

As aforementioned, the homeopathic medicine zinc met. is very useful for people who have been experiencing involuntary or uncontrolled movements in their bodies, particularly the limbs.

Such involuntary movements or uncontrolled actions of the limbs may be owing to ordinary spasms or muscle contractions or a condition generally known as the restless leg syndrome. In addition, such symptoms may sometimes also be a result of more serious conditions, including the Parkinson's disease.

At the same time, the skin may become reddish, itchy as well as brittle owing to some unidentified reasons or eczema. Often such conditions are said to be a result of any viral infection, for instance chicken pox or even measles. Again, a simple rash may also be responsible for the condition that is usually unmanageable and it is accompanied by a frustrating itching sensation.

In fact, it has been seen that in such cases, the rash occurs bit by bit and subsequently erodes at the area of the skin that has been infected. In such cases, applying the homeopathic remedy zinc met. can be very effective in providing relief to people enduring such conditions that usually result in frustration.

It may be noted here that people enduring such conditions usually experience different types of headaches that often gives the sensation of something pounding or bursting in their head. These types of headaches may cause pain in one specific area or side of the head, while some people may experience pain all over their head.

Such types of excruciating headaches are usually said to be a fall-out of working very hard or overstressing oneself. In addition, they may also be attributed to simple exhaustion or draining out of the body.


Apart from being present in very small amounts, zinc is generally extracted from the compound called zinc sulfide. Zinc sulfide is naturally found in nature. United States, Asia, South Africa and Australia have substantial reserves of this compound.


From Beth Summers - Apr-22-2013
Incredible. For years I have been unable to sleep due to restless legs and involuntary movement from the nervous system in my calves. I also suffer from CFS (ME) and lately a severe cough and a mild bladder problem. I took one 30c and three days later another 30c which produced a severe reaction - my whole body seemed to go into spasm for a whole night - I felt a bit afraid but knew it was the remedy.
Tonight, a day later, a deep sleep with quiet legs and I'm sure much improvement will follow with my energy levels too. I wonder whether to take a third 30c but may leave it until next week, I don't want to undo the good that is happening and will allow the remedy time to work out.
From Stephen - 2010
I have found this remedy (Zinc metallicum) really useful in helping me contain my chronic fatigue syndrome. It is the only homeopathic remedy that appears to work for me. Others with CFS may find that other remedies work better for them than this one - each CFS sufferer responds differently I guess.
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