Brand names of acebutolol

  • Apo-Acebutolol
  • Gen-Acebutolol
  • Med-Acebutolol
  • Monitan
  • Novo-Acebutolol
  • Nu-Acebutolol
  • Rhotral
  • Sectral

The drug acebutolol blocks the beta-adrenergic receptors present on the nerves of sympathetic nervous system and helps in treatment of ventricular arrhythmias and high blood pressure. Metoprolol (Lopressor, Toprol-XL), bisoprolol (Zebeta), nebivolol (Bystolic), esmolol (Brevibloc), celiprolol (Cardem), atenolol (Tenormin) and betaxolol (Betoptic) are some beta-adrenergic agents falling in the class to which acebutolol belongs. These beta-adrenergic blocking drugs block the work of neurotransmitters, epinephrine and norepinephrine and do not allow inter communication between the nerves. Jamming of beta-1 adrenergic receptors forces the heart to beat slowly and as a result, the heart pumps less amount of blood. Thus the oxygen requirement is reduced due to reduction in work. This results in improved heart pumping over a period of time.

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Acebutolol and other drugs falling in its class vary from other beta-adrenergic blocking drugs as these are selective beta blockers. Only the beta-l receptor is blocked by these drugs while other beta-adrenergic blocking drugs block multiple beta-adrenergic receptors which are non selective. This feature is quite significant for patients suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or asthma. Treatment of these diseases require beta-adrenergic blocking drugs as blocking the non-beta-1 receptors could result in worsening of situation. In December 1984, the FDA approved the use of acebutolol.

Things you need to tell your physician before taking acebutolol

Prior to starting this medication, a patient must consult his doctor whether he is allergic to the medicine as acebutolol has some constituents which may result in allergic reactions. The doctor must be informed prior about the drugs in use including the herbal products, prescription drugs and nonprescription drugs for any of the following diseases: colds or pain, asthma, migraine, diabetes, allergies and other medications for heart disease and high blood pressure.

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The patient must inform his doctor about his medical history especially in case if he had suffered from any of the following diseases in past: diabetes, lung diseases, kidney, or liver disease, asthma, diseases of the blood vessels, overactive thyroid gland, severe allergies. If the patient is pregnant or is planning to get pregnant or is breast feeding a baby she should immediately inform her doctor before taking acebutolol.

In case of any kind of surgery, the doctor or dentist must be immediately informed. The use of acebutolol may result in drowsiness as a result patients are advised to avoid any task which needs alertness such as driving a vehicle or working on a machine.

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Acebutolol is used for treating arrhythmia and high blood pressure. The medication can be used alone or with a combination of other medicines. Lowering high blood pressure helps in preventing heart attacks, strokes, and kidney problems. Irregular heartbeats can prove to be fatal and could lead to heart attacks. Treatment of irregular heartbeat helps in reducing strain and allows heart to function better.

Acebutolol falls in the medication class beta-blockers. This drug works by blocking the action of chemicals like adrenaline and epinephrine which directly affect the blood vessels and heart, thus lowering down the heart beat, strain and blood pressure. Acebutolol is also found to be useful in the treatment of particular type of chest pain known as angina. The drug reduces the requirement of nitrate drugs and improves the capability of body to work hard. The drug also reduces the chances of a heart failure by reducing the work of heart. The doctors may use this medicine for treating other conditions also.

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How to use acebutolol

Acebutolol should be taken as per the prescription of the doctor. Quantity of medicine should not be altered as larger amount of medicine could be fatal for the patient. All the directions printed on the prescription label must be strictly followed. Acebutolol should be taken with a full glass of water. It is advisable to take the medicine at the same time each day such that it becomes a habit. Patients should stop the consumption of acebutolol only after consulting with their doctor. Immediate stopping of medicine intake could make the condition of the patient worse.

The blood pressure of the patient is to be checked regularly as this will help in determining whether the medication is helping the patient or not. The patient should make sure to attend all the scheduled visits to his doctor. In case if a surgery is required by the patient, he should inform his doctor about the use of acebutolol. Doctor may prescribe the patient to stop using acebutolol before having any surgery. Use of acebutolol alone may not be able to treat hypertension completely. A complete program is to be formed comprising of a controlled diet, weight control and regular exercise. A patient should be regular in his exercise routines and follow a regular diet and medication plan while undergoing treatment for hypertension. The medicine should be used as per the guidelines of the doctor. Do not stop taking the medicine in case you feel well. High blood pressure does not show any symptoms. As a result, the patient is required to continue the blood pressure medication for his remaining life.

How acebutolol works

Acebutolol consumption blocks some nerve impulses thus slowing the force and rate of heart contraction. This results in reduced blood pressure and avoids overexertion of heart.

Side effects

  • rapid heartbeat and shortness of breath (symptoms of congestive heart failure)
  • severe allergic reaction (itching, skin rash, wheezing, swelling of tongue, lips, and throat)
  • worsening of asthma
Less common:

Possible interactions

Herbal medicines or minerals:
During the course of medication ginseng should be avoided as it increases the blood pressure, thus ignoring the benefits of acebutolol. Saw palmetto, ma huang, yohimbe, goldenseal, hawthorn and licorice are found to increase the blood pressure. Garlic and calcium helps in reducing the blood pressure. People having issues of hypertension should strictly avoid ephedra and Siberian ginseng.
Excess of salt intake should be avoided. A low cardiovascular risk diet should be followed.
Alcohol intake may reduce the blood pressure and may also have some side effects.
Tobacco smoking:
Intake of nicotine should be stopped as it is responsible for worsening the closing of bronchial tubes, thus reduces the effectiveness of medicine.
Marijuana smoking:
Smoking of marijuana should be stopped as it is responsible for increasing the blood pressure and reduces the effectiveness of medicine.
Exposure to heat:
Hot environments should be avoided as these could aggravate the effects of acebutolol.
Exposure to cold:
Older people should stay warm to avoid hypothermia.
Occurrence of unrelated illness:
Blood pressure can reduce as a result of fever; as a result a patient may require reduction in dosage. In case of vomiting and nausea the dosing schedule of a patient may get disturbed and may require a consultation with doctor.
Heavy exercise or exertion:
Blood pressure of patients consuming acebutolol can increase while doing isometric exercise. Patients should consult their doctor about how to exercise.


Medication should not be stopped immediately rather the dose should gradually decrease over a period of two to three weeks.

Storage instructions

The drug should be placed safely away from the children and pets in a container at a room temperature of 25 degrees C. The storage place should not be exposed to light and moisture. Places such as bathroom must be avoided for storage. Outdated medication should not be used and must be disposed right away. The medicine should not be flushed in a toilet or drain unless asked to do so. Medicine should be disposed properly. Disposal methods should be followed as per the guidance of local waste disposal company or pharmacist.


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