Brand names of methylprednisolone

  • A-Methapred
  • Depmedalone-40
  • Depmedalone-80
  • Depo-Medrol
  • Enpak Refill
  • Mar-Pred 40
  • Medrol
  • Medrol Acne Lotion
  • Medrol Enpak
  • Medrol Veriderm Cream
  • Meprolone
  • Neo-Medrol Acne Lotion
  • Neo-Medrol Veriderm
  • Solu-Medrol

A man-made or synthetically-prepared corticosteroid methylprednisolone is used to treat an extensive assortment of diseases that are accompanied with inflammation and affect several organs. In fact, corticosteroids are chemicals that occur naturally in our body. The adrenal glands, found close to the kidneys, produce corticosteroids, which have an effect on metabolism in several ways and also bring about changes in our immune system. In addition, corticosteroids also prevent inflammation.

Things you need to tell your physician before taking methylprednisolone

Prior to using methylprednisolone, let your physician or pharmacist know whether you have allergic reactions to this medicament, any additional corticosteroids (for instance, prednisone), or have other allergies. Individuals suffering from specific health conditions should not use this medicament. Ahead of using methylprednisolone, talk to your physician or pharmacist in case you are presently suffering from any fungal infection.
Also tell your physician about your complete medical history, particularly if you have any additional infection like threadworm or tuberculosis; blood clots; problems relating to bleeding; fragile bone (for instance, osteoporosis); specific problems of the heart (for instance, if you had a heart attack in recent time, congestive heart failure); hypertension; diabetes; ailments related to the kidneys; acute liver ailment (for instance, cirrhosis); specific problems related to the eyes (for instance, glaucoma, herpes infection, cataracts); mood swings or mental disorders (for instance, depression, anxiety, psychosis); problems associated with the stomach and intestines (for instance, ulcerative colitis, ulcers, diverticulitis); convulsions; hypothyroidism (thyroid gland producing low amount of hormones); mineral problems that have not been treated (for instance, low calcium or potassium concentration in the body).

Using methylprednisolone is likely to cause a dizzy feeling. Therefore, you need to be cautious while performing any job that necessitates alertness, for instance, using machines or driving, till you can accomplish such activities safely. In addition, this drug may possibly also conceal the symptoms of infection or may even greatly enhance your chances of developing severe infections. Talk to your physician if you sustain any type of injury or notice any hint that you are infected (such as muscle pains, tender throat, fever, cough, painful urination) while being treated with methylprednisolone or within a year of discontinuing the medication.

Provided you have been using methylprednisolone for a prolonged period, it is likely that your body will lose its capability to produce sufficient amounts of naturally-occurring steroids when you are stressful owing to any infection, injury, or surgery. In such cases, your physician may require adjusting your methylprednisolone dosage. In case you have discontinued using this drug during the last 12 months, you may possibly have to start taking it once again when you are under acute stress. It is advisable that you talk to your physician for additional information in this regard.

Inform your physician at once in case if you experience any of the following side effects of using methylprednisolone - dizziness, exceptional debility and/ or abrupt weight loss. Unless your physician has given you specific instructions, do not get immunized, take vaccinations, or have any skin examination while taking methylprednisolone. Remember you are likely to endure severe health problems, for instance, infections if you receive a live vaccination while being treated with this medicament. In addition, it is advisable that you should stay away from coming in contact with individuals who might have been given oral vaccination against polio or have inhaled influenza vaccination by means of their nose.

Also avoid making contact with individuals who suffering from or have recently had measles or chickenpox provided you too have earlier suffered from these ailments (for instance, during your childhood). In case you come in contact with either of these two infections and you personally did not suffer from them at any stage in your life, you should get instant medical help.

You ought to restrict consumption of alcoholic drinks when undergoing treatment with methylprednisolone to lessen the chances of suffering from stomach or intestinal bleeding in case your medical history includes ulcers or you use high dosages of aspirin or other medications to treat arthritis. You are advisable to talk to your pharmacist or physician for additional information. Provided you require undergoing any type of surgery, including any dental process, tell you healthcare professional that you are already using methylprednisolone or have used this drug in the previous 12 months. If you are diabetic, methylprednisolone is likely to raise the levels of glucose in your bloodstream. Therefore, it is essential that you undertake regular blood sugar examinations as per your physician's instructions. If you experience symptoms like intense thirst and augmented urine passage, let your physician know about it right away. In such cases, you physician may require adjusting your medications for treating diabetes or even modifying your diet.

Elderly people using methylprednisolone should adopt additional caution, as they are likely to be more vulnerable to the side effects of this drug, particularly osteoporosis. It is also advisable that additional caution should be exercised when children are using this drug for a prolonged period. It is likely that the use of methylprednisolone will hold up the pace of growth of a child provisionally, but it will not have any effect on the ultimate height when the child becomes an adult. It is important to monitor the height of your child taking methylprednisolone from time to time.

During pregnancy, methylprednisolone should only be used when it is absolutely necessary. Although rare, there have been a few reports that use of this medicament or any corticosteroid by pregnant women harms the fetus. Hence, pregnant women who want to use methylprednisolone should talk to their physician regarding the advantages and risks associated with using this drug. Infants, whose mothers have been taking this medicament for prolonged periods, may possibly have poor corticosteroid hormone levels. Seek immediate medical help in case you observe that your newborn child is enduring symptoms like serious diarrhea; constant vomiting or nausea; or debility. It has been found that methylprednisolone circulates to breast milk. While no report exists saying that this drug harms the nursing infant, it is important that new mothers taking methylprednisolone should talk to their physician prior to breast feeding.


The synthetic corticosteroid methylprednisolone is prescribed for treating various health conditions that are accompanied with inflammation (a reaction by the tissues in the body, which produce redness, swelling, warmth and pain). Asthma, allergic reactions, arthritis, flare-up of multiple sclerosis, a number of skin disorders and various autoimmune diseases are some of the conditions that can be effectively treated with methylprednisolone. In addition, methylprednisolone is also used for treating insufficiency of naturally occurring steroid hormones.

How to use methylprednisolone

Methylprednisolone is available in tablet form and is taken by mouth. When you start treatment with this medicament, your physician will recommend a dosing program that is most suitable for you. You need to carefully follow the instructions on the prescription label and if you fail to comprehend any instruction or have any question regarding the use of methylprednisolone, it is advisable that you seek the help of your pharmacist or physician. You should always take this drug precisely as your physician has told you to do. Never take methylprednisolone either in excessive or lesser dosages or more frequently than what you physician has recommended.

It is not advisable to discontinue methylprednisolone suddenly and without consulting your medicine practitioner. If you stop taking this medication all of a sudden, it may result in a number of unpleasant effects, including headaches, stomach disorder, vomiting, lack of appetite, fever, confusion, stupor, weight loss, peeling skin as well as aching joints and muscles. In case you are taking elevated dose of the medication, in all probability, your physician will ask you to reduce the dose slowly over a period of time to enable your body to accommodate itself prior to discontinuing the medication forever. Keep an eye on the side effects while you are decreasing the dose of the medication gradually as well as after you discontinue using the methylprednisolone tablets. In case you experience any problem during these periods, contact your physician right away and seek his/ her help. If your symptoms return, you may possibly require increasing the dose of the medication for a while or once again start treatment with methylprednisolone.

How methylprednisolone works

Methylprednisolone acts by imitating the actions of the naturally occurring corticosteroids in our body. This medicament works to inhibit the synthesis, secretion as well as the actions of the chemicals that cause inflammation in the body. In addition, this man-made corticosteroid also works to restrain the immune system activities.

Side effects

  • blistering skin
  • confusion
  • depression
  • euphoria
  • frequent urination
  • hallucinations
  • increased thirst
  • mood swings
  • paranoia
  • rectal bleeding
  • vision problems
  • easy bruising
  • fluid retention
  • greater susceptibility to infections
  • indigestion
  • increased appetite
  • increased blood pressure
  • insomnia
  • nervousness
  • slowed wound healing
  • weight gain
Less common:

Possible interactions

Herbal medicines or minerals:
People with asthma should stay away from using fir needle oil or pine needle oil. It may be noted that only ephedra bears a German Commission E monograph for treating asthma. People who have allergies to plants belonging to the Asteraceae family (such as chrysanthemum, ragweed, aster or daisy) are most likely to have allergic reactions to chamomile, St. John's wort, Echinacea and feverfew as well. It is prudent to take additional intake of vitamin D and calcium while undergoing treatment with methylprednisolone. However, if you have sustained an injury, it would be wise to take a supplement containing zinc. Nevertheless, it is essential to consult your physician before you start using any of the herbal products mentioned here while using this medicament.
Tobacco smoking:
As nicotine augments the intensity of the naturally occurring cortisone as well as associated hormones in the body, people taking this medicament should avoid smoking tobacco.
Marijuana smoking:
Smoking marijuana while using methylprednisolone may possibly result in further damage of the immune system.
Occurrence of unrelated illness:
Ailments that are not related to your condition may possibly diminish your body's ability to resist infections. Therefore, in case you develop any type of infection, you should immediately notify your physician about it. Infections are also likely to diminish the patient's response to stress caused by any ailment, wound or surgery. In case you notice any noteworthy alteration in your health condition, talk to your physician right away and seek his/ her help.


Provided you have used methylprednisolone for prolong period, it is advisable that you should not discontinue it all of a sudden. Before you stop taking this medication, you should necessarily consult your physician and seek his/ her advice about the gradual decrease of its dose before discontinuing it. For about two years after you have stopped taking methylprednisolone, you need to essentially tell your medical practitioner that you have been using it whenever you might be ill, injured or require undergoing a surgery. People taking methylprednisolone should know that using medications like cortisone may result in weakened response to tension or trauma and this may continue for anything up to one to two years.

Storage instructions

Methylprednisolone should be stored only in the bottle in which it was available. Firmly seal the container and store away from children's reach. Keep the medication at the usual temperature of your living room. Do not ever store methylprednisolone in your bathroom. Discard all medications that have become outdated or needed no more in a safe manner. If necessary, speak to your pharmacist or any firm engaged in waste disposal in your locality regarding the safe and appropriate way to dispose of such medications.


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