Brand names of pindolol

  • Apo-Pindol
  • Dom-Pindolol
  • Gen-Pindolol
  • Novo-Pindol
  • Nu-Pindol
  • PMS-Pindolol
  • Syn-Pindolol
  • Viskazide [CD]
  • Visken

Pindolol is a drug belonging to the group of medications called beta-blockers and is employed for treating hypertension (high blood pressure) as well as to put off occurrence of angina (chest/ heart pain). This medicament may possibly be used independently or in conjunction with additional medicaments that help to lower high blood pressure, especially thiazide diuretics (also known as water pills). Pindolol acts by lessening the demands or burdens on your heart.

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Things you need to tell your physician before taking pindolol

Prior to starting therapy with pindolol, it is necessary that you let your physician as well as pharmacist know if you have allergic reactions to this drug; any other drugs belonging to the class known as beta-blockers (for instance, acebutolol); and/ or whether or not you have any different type of allergy. You ought to know that pindolol may enclose a number of inactive elements that may result in allergies and/ or additional health issues. Therefore, it is advisable that you consult your pharmacist for additional information regarding the ingredients of this medication.

People enduring specific health conditions should not use pindolol. Therefore, before you begin taking this drug, you should tell your physician about your entire health problems, especially if you are suffering from any particular acute heart condition (for instance, cardiogenic shock); extremely sluggish heartbeat (for instance, second-degree/ third-degree atrioventricular blockage), sinus bradycardia); and any uncontrolled serious heart failure.

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Also tell your physician or pharmacist in advance about your complete medical history, particularly if you have earlier suffered or are currently suffering from breathing troubles (for instance, emphysema; COPD or chronic obstructive lung disease; chronic bronchitis); serious allergic reactions (for instance, anaphylaxis); poor blood circulation to the heart and/ or the brain (for instance, owing to a stroke, coronary artery disease, transient ischemic attack); problems related to blood circulation (for instance, peripheral vascular disease, Raynaud's disease); any aliment related to the liver or kidneys; overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism); emotional or mood problems (for instance, depression); a particular kind of tumor (for instance, pheochromocytoma); and/ or any particular muscle disorder (for instance, myasthenia gravis).

People using pindolol should be aware that this medication may possibly cause dizziness or stupor. Hence, it is prudent that you should keep away from activities that necessitate alertness, such as driving or using a machine, till such time when you are convinced regarding the consequences of the medication on you and also till you are in no doubt that you are able to carry out these activities in a safe and sound manner.

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In addition, they ought to restrict their consumption of alcoholic beverages and consult their physician regarding safe alcohol use while undergoing therapy with this medicament.

Use of pindolol may frequently result in elevated levels of blood sugar, further deteriorating diabetes. Therefore, observe if you develop any symptoms related to high levels of blood sugar, such as intense thirst or urinating very often, and in case you do experience any such symptom inform your physician about it right away. On the other hand, people with diabetes and taking pindolol should know that this drug is likely to conceal the rapid heartbeat pounding that they usually experience when their blood sugar levels decline drastically (a condition known as hypoglycemia). However, the other symptoms related to hypoglycemia like sweating and dizziness are usually not affected by pindolol.

In case you require undergoing any type of surgery or dental process, you should tell your pharmacist and/ or dentist beforehand that you are using the beta-blocker pindolol.

As we are all aware, the functioning of our kidneys declines as we age. The liver and kidneys help to eliminate pindolol from the body and, hence, aged people may possibly be more susceptible to the side effects of this medication, for instance, dizziness.

Pregnant women should only use pindolol when this medication is absolutely necessary for their condition. They should consult their physician regarding the advantages and risks of using pindolol during pregnancy. This medication is known to pass onto the breast milk and may cause unwanted results on the nursing baby. Therefore, new mothers taking this drug should talk to their physician prior to breast feeding.


Pindolol is a beta-blocker that is used for treating minor to restrained hypertension (high blood pressure). In addition, this medication is also employed to thwart the occurrence of angina pectoris (heart pain).

How to use pindolol

Pindolol should be taken orally along with or with no food. Normally, this medication is taken twice each day, but you may also use it as per your physician's instructions. The dose of pindolol is subject to the medical condition of the patient as well as his/ her response to the treatment. This medication may take about one to two weeks' time to offer the complete benefits of using it. You should essentially take pindolol on a regular basis to get the utmost benefits and use it even when you feel better during the treatment course. In addition, you ought to take pindolol at the specific time(s) daily, as it helps you keep in mind that you have to take this medicament. It may be noted that majority of people having hypertension usually do not have an ailing feeling.

You should never discontinue pindolol abruptly and without talking to your physician in advance, particularly if you are enduring angina (chest/ heart pain) or any heart ailment. It is likely that your condition will deteriorate further if you stop taking pindolol all of a sudden. In case your physician decides that you should not keep taking pindolol any more, he will advise you to reduce the dose of the medication gradually. Follow the instructions of your physician.

When you are reducing the dose of pindolol gradually, it is advisable that you should also restrict your physical activities with a view to lessen the burden on your heart, albeit temporarily. In case you notice that your chest pain is deteriorating or you develop any new health problem, you should contact your physician immediately for help. Also tell you physician if your health condition remains the same or deteriorates while taking this medication. Any rise in the readings of your regular blood pressure check-ups will let you know whether or not your condition is improving.

How pindolol works

Pindolol works to inhibit the frequency as well as the strength with which the muscles of the heart contracts by means of obstructing specific impulses from the nerves. This action, in turn, lowers the blood pressure.

Side effects

  • irregular or slow heartbeat
  • mental depression
  • pain in the chest
  • shortness of breath
  • swelling of the ankles, feet, and lower legs
  • wheezing
  • dizziness
  • decreased sexual ability
  • drowsiness
  • insomnia
  • light-headedness
  • unusual fatigue
  • weakness
Less common:

Possible interactions

Herbal medicines or minerals:
Using the herb ginseng in combination with beta-blockers may possibly raise the blood pressure and, at the same time, diminish the benefits obtained from taking these medicaments. Saw palmetto, hawthorn, goldenseal, ephedra, licorice and yohimbe too are likely to enhance the blood pressure. Conversely, use of garlic as well as calcium possibly will decrease blood pressure. While Indian snakeroot has been granted a German Commission E monograph indication for treating hypertension, it is essential to check with your physician ahead of you using it while taking pindolol. People who are enduring high blood pressure should always stay away from Siberian ginseng.
Using alcoholic beverages in combination with pindolol is likely to intensify this medication's efficiency to lower blood pressure and/ or enhance the minor tranquilizing effect produced by this medicament.
Tobacco smoking:
People taking pindolol should avoid smoking tobacco, because nicotine is likely to diminish the efficacy of this drug.
Exposure to heat:
Be cautious to expose yourself to hot surroundings while being treated with pindolol, because it may reduce the blood pressure sharply and, at the same time, intensify the actions of this medicament.
Exposure to cold:
Exposure to cold conditions while you are being treated with pindolol may possibly increase the deficiency of blood circulation to the extremities. In fact, aged people should be additionally careful so as to avoid cold conditions because they are more susceptible to hypothermia (below the usual body temperature).
Occurrence of unrelated illness:
If you are taking pindolol you should know that even unrelated ailments may affect the actions of this medication. For instance, if you have fever, you may experience a low blood pressure and this may require adjusting your pindolol dosage. Similarly, vomiting and nausea may possibly disrupt the normal dosage of this medication. Therefore, whenever you develop any new aliment, even if it is not related to your condition, you should talk to your physician for help and guidance.
Heavy exercise or exertion:
People using pindolol should take care to stay away from exerting themselves or undertaking rigorous activities or exercises that may cause dizziness, extreme exhaustion and/ or muscle cramps. In addition, using pindolol may also exaggerate the drug's hypersensitive reaction to isometric exercise.


Under no circumstance should you discontinue pindolol all of a sudden and without consulting your physician. It is always advisable that before you stop taking this beta-blocker, you need to decrease its dosage slowly through two to three weeks. In fact, when you decide to discontinue this drug, you should first seek the help and guidance of your physician.

Storage instructions

Ensure that you always keep pindolol at normal room temperature ranging between 15°C and 30°C and in a place that is dark and dry. Never keep this medication in your bathroom. Besides, you should always store all medications in such a place that is not accessible to kids or pets.

Outdated or medicines no longer in use should be disposed of safely and properly. Provided you have not been told to do otherwise, never discard them by pouring them into any drain or flushing them down the toilet. If you are unsure about how you should dispose of such products, talk to a pharmacist or a neighbourhood company engaged in waste disposal.


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