Brand names of prednisone

  • Apo-Prednisone
  • Aspred-C [CD]
  • Deltasone
  • JAA-Prednisone
  • Liquid Pred
  • Meticorten
  • Metreton [CD]
  • Novo-Prednisone
  • Orasone
  • Panasol-S
  • Paracort
  • Winpred

Prednisone is a man made (synthetically prepared) corticosteroid that is employed to restrain our immune system as well as inflammations. The consequences of using this oral drug are comparable to other corticosteroids, including dexamethasone (Decadron), prednisolone (Prelone), methylprednisolone (Medrol), and triamcinolone (Kenacort) and each of them replicates the exploits of cortisol (also known as hydrocortisone) - the natural corticosteroid made by adrenal glands in our body.

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While the consequences of corticosteroids on our body usually are numerous, usually, they are employed for the strong anti-inflammatory actions, especially in health conditions wherein the immune system has a vital role. These health conditions include allergies; asthma; arthritis, bronchitis; colitis; inflammatory conditions related to the eyes and nose; and even particular skin rashes. Even after taking prednisone orally, it remains dormant within our body and, to make this drug of use, first the enzymes present in the liver have to work to transform it into prednisolone. Hence, this medication is unlikely to work very well in people having liver ailments, as they unable to alter prednisone into prednisolone effectively.

Things you need to tell your physician before taking prednisone

Before beginning therapy with prednisone, you need to let your physician as well as pharmacist know a few important things about your health, medical history and related issues. First and foremost, let them know whether you have any allergic reaction to prednisone, any inactive components present in the tablet and liquid form of this medication and/ or any other drugs. In effect, a number of inactive elements of this medicament may cause allergies and other health problems. Therefore, if you are not aware of its constituents, ask your physician or pharmacist for providing you with a list of the ingredients of this medicament.

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Prior to beginning taking prednisone, you should notify your physician whether or not you have any eye infection or had an eye contagion earlier that may occur and goes away; if you have or earlier had threadworms (a worm variety that can survive within the body); hypertension; diabetes; mental ailments; emotional problems; myasthenia gravis (a health condition wherein the muscles become feeble); seizures; osteoporosis (a health condition wherein the bones turn out to be frail and fragile and very susceptible to fracture or breakage); tuberculosis (TB); any ailment related to the heart, liver, kidneys, intestines and/ or thyroid; and/ or ulcers.

People who are using prednisone should realize that this medication may possibly diminish their competence to combat infections and also check the development of symptoms when they actually have an infection. Therefore, when you are using this medication it is best to avoid sick people and also frequently rinse your hands. At the same time, ensure that you stay away from people suffering from measles or chicken pox. In case you think that you have been with any individual having measles or chicken pox, call your physician right away.

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Women who want to use prednisone should essentially tell their physician if they are already pregnant or planning pregnancy. New mothers should inform their physician if they are already breast feeding. If any woman becomes pregnant while undergoing therapy with prednisone, she ought to call her physician immediately for help and guidance in such a situation.

Before undergoing any type of surgery, counting a dental process, or if you require emergency medical aid, you must tell your physician, attending medical staff or your dentist that you are using prednisone or have stopped taking it some time back. It is advisable that people taking prednisone should always put on a bracelet or bear a card saying that you take this medication and other related information for others to realize your condition when you are not able to speak or seek emergency medical aid.

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People taking prednisone should not take any type of vaccination without prior consultation with their physician.


Prednisone is a synthetically prepared corticosteroid that replicates the actions of hydrocortisone and is employed for treating health conditions that are accompanied by inflammation (a reaction by the tissues in our body causing reddishness, swelling, heat and soreness). Some of the common health conditions that involve inflammations include asthma; allergies; arthritis; flare-up of multiple sclerosis; various autoimmune diseases; and a number of skin aliments. In addition, prednisone is also given to people with normal steroid hormone deficiency.

How to use prednisone

Prednisone is available in three different forms - tablet, a liquid solution and a concentrated solution. All these forms of the medication are taken orally, generally along with food, anything between once and four times daily. Some people may be prescribed to take prednisone only once every alternate day. In addition, it is most likely that your physician will give you specific instructions regarding the time or times of the day you have to take this medication daily. Your individual dosage of this medication will be subject to your medical condition and the manner in which you respond to therapy with prednisone. It is important that you abide by the directions mentioned on the prescription label and in case you fail to comprehend any instruction or have any query, ask your physician or pharmacist to explain them to you. Ensure that you take prednisone strictly as instructed. In addition, be careful not to use this medication in excess or in low dosage or take it more frequently or for a further extended period that what your physician has told you to do.

Provided you are using prednisone concentrated solution form, you should make use of a particular dropper that is marked and is available with the drug to calculate your dose of the medication. In order to make the taste of the concentrated solution better you may blend it with some fruit juice, any sweetened liquid or even soft foods, such as applesauce.

Frequently, your physician may modify the dose of prednisone during the course of therapy with a view to all the time ensure you are taking the minimum dosage of the medication that suits you. In addition, your physician may also require altering the dose of this medication provided your body undergoes extraordinary pressure owing to ailments, any serious asthma attack, infection or a surgery. It is advisable that you should always keep your physician informed regarding your health during the course of therapy with prednisone, especially if the symptoms remain the same or deteriorate further or you develop any other ailment.

Provided you are using prednisone for treating an enduring ailment, you ought to know that this medicament will only help in keeping the disease in restraint, but not be helpful in curing it. While you may start feeling better after beginning treatment with prednisone, it is important that you keep on taking this medication for the complete regimen. Moreover, never discontinue prednisone without consulting your physician in advance. In fact, your body is likely to suffer from a deficiency of natural steroids affecting its normal functioning in case you discontinue this medication abruptly. If you stop using prednisone suddenly it may also result in the development of a number of symptoms including debility, exhaustion, sluggish movements, stomach disorder, mouth sores, weight loss, alteration in skin complexion, and even an intense desire for salt. Call your physician right away in case you undergo any of the above mentioned symptoms or any additional problems soon after you start treatment with this medication or while reducing the prednisone dosage.

How prednisone works

Prednisone replicates the action of corticosteroid hormones naturally produced by our body. This medication works to hold back or suppress the synthesis, secretion as well as the actions of the body chemicals that cause inflammation. In addition, prednisone also restrains the actions of our immune system.

Side effects

Less common:

Possible interactions

Herbal medicines or minerals:
People using prednisone should avoid garlic, ginger, ephedra, hawthorn, nettle and ginseng, as they have the potential to alter the levels of blood sugar.
Asthma patients should keep away from using pine or fir needle oils. It may be noted that only ephedra has been granted a German Commission E monograph for treating asthma. You ought to be aware that provided you are allergic to plants in Asteraceae family (for example, chrysanthemum, daisy, aster or ragweed), it is likely that you will also have allergies from chamomile, St. John's wort, Echinacea and feverfew.
If you are using prednisone for a prolonged period, you ought to take supplements containing vitamin D and also enhance your intake of calcium. Prior to including any new herbal remedy to your already existing list of medications, you should check it with your physician.
If you are taking prednisone on a long-time basis, it is advisable that you take a diet rich in protein. Also talk to your physician regarding consuming foods rich in potassium content or restricting intake of salt.
In case you are susceptible to developing peptic ulcers you should be careful while consuming alcoholic beverages. It is best that you quit drinking or significantly restrict your consumption of alcoholic beverages while taking prednisone.
Tobacco smoking:
As nicotine enhances the levels of cortisone naturally produced by our body, you need to give up smoking tobacco or restrict the habit while using prednisone.
Marijuana smoking:
People taking prednisone should avoid smoking marijuana, as it may possibly damage the immune system further.
Occurrence of unrelated illness:
People taking prednisone ought to realize that even developing ailments that are not related to your condition may possibly diminish the competence of your body to resist infection. It is also likely that unrelated ailments can lessen your capability to react to the trauma of any serious ailment, injury or operation. Therefore, when you develop any type of infection it is essential to inform your physician immediately. Also notify your physician if you observe any kind of alteration in your health.


You should not discontinue prednisone suddenly after using the medicament for a prolonged period. If you have any ailment, injury or require any type of surgery during two years after you stop using this medication, you must tell the medical practitioner attending you that you have used prednisone.

Storage instructions

Prednisone should be stored in the pack or container in which it was made available. Seal the container firmly and keep it in a place that is beyond children's reach. Keep prednisone at the usual temperature of a living room as well as away from too much light and dampness. Never keep this medication in your bathroom. Discard all medications that have lapsed their expiry date and those that are not required any more in a safe and proper manner. If required, ask your pharmacist regarding the appropriate method to dispose of such products.


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