Apatite is a cluster of phosphate minerals whose chemical compositions as well as physical properties are alike. They form a vital component of phosphorite, which is basically rock-like substance containing phosphorus. This substance is mined and the phosphorus extracted from it is utilized to make acids, chemicals and fertilizers. The hardness of apatite is relatively consistent and, hence, it is used in the form of an index mineral for gauzing the hardness of five in the Mohs Hardness Scale. Sometimes, apatite specimens with excellent color and quality are cut as chiselled gemstones. In addition, the specimens that have good color and are translucent are cut in the form of cabochons.

The chameleon-like attributes of apatite and the minerals' aptitude to bear resemblance with various other crystals like peridot was first noticed by the ancient Greeks. The meaning of the term apatite crystal stone has been derived from a Greek word that denotes "to deceive". This group of minerals has been named such owing to its exceptional properties. Apatite crystal is basically an amalgamation of dissimilar levels of chlorine, fluorine and hydroxide. As a result, the color of the crystals varies from deep blue-green to green to yellow. Sometimes, they also occur in violet or pink colors. It is worth mentioning here that the elements contained in apatite crystals are the same that comprise our tooth enamel. This property of apatite crystals make them an outstanding healing aide for issues related to our teeth as well as repairing fractured or broken bones.

The color of apatite crystal is usually green, but it can vary and be found in yellow, blue, brown, pink and purple colors. Sometimes, it can also be colorless or transparent. Often, the colors are so bright and glowing that they are cut and sold as gemstones. However, Apatite is a very fragile material and, hence, it easily breaks by fracture as well as cleavage. The cleavage, however, is not very distinct. You may sometimes find hexagonal crystals of apatite in metamorphic and igneous rocks.

Apatite can form under an assortment of conditions. These rock-like minerals are found in igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks. As of date, most of the deposits of apatite have been found in sedimentary rocks that have formed in lacustrine and marine environments. In such places, organic phosphatic debris like teeth, bones, scales as well as fecal material had accrue over a period of time and they are mineralized during diagenesis. Some such deposits enclose substantial amounts of phosphorus and these can be mined for producing chemical products like fertilizers.

At times, apatite naturally occurs in the form of distinct hexagonal crystals in pegmatite pockets and hydrothermal veins. Very often, these crystals are of high degree of clarity and bright colors and they are cut as gemstones for collectors. In fact, mineral collectors have a preference for the well-formed apatite crystals and they often obtain prices that are much higher than their worth as gem rough.

Often, transparent varieties of apatite crystals having bright yellow, blue, green or pink color with exceptional clarity are cut into faceted gemstones. Some of them are treated under heat to enhance their color. In addition, gorgeous translucent apatite stones having exceptional colors are cut en cabochon. It is rarely that you will find a translucent apatite stone having a fine silk of corresponding rutile crystals. When these stone are cut en cabochon with the silk oriented that is parallel to the base of the stone, such specimens often display a chatoyance that is called "cat's eye".

When you compare apatite with a gemstone, gem collectors prefer this mineral rock crystal is more compared to people who purchase jewellery. The hardness of apatite is five on the Mohs Hardness Scale and is very brittle, breaking under slight pressure or shock. Apatite is usually not used in most varieties of jewellery owing to the fact that it is extremely brittle.

Apatite healing properties

Apatite crystals possess several healing properties and, hence, it is advisable that you concede the inspirational attributes of these stones to promote a peaceful reprieve from the uncertainties that accompany the adulting in the contemporary world. Apatite crystal aids in awakening a feeling of intelligibility that brightens the path leading to self-expression. These stones also offer us guidance that is needed by us to sustain the delicate balancing act between pursuing our dreams and our daily responsibilities as adults. Apatite, which is produced from a cluster of minerals including calcium phosphate as the base, helps us to bear in mind that knowing oneself truly is vital to open the doors of the universe - a place where anything and everything is possible.

It is advisable that you have a daily meditation habit having a particular goal or intention in mind. Apatite is especially helpful as this mineral stone can amplify as well as strengthen your purpose, thereby providing you with the clarity of mind that is essential for enhancing your focus as well as social awareness further.

You can start your meditation journey along with apatite by first creating a hallowed space that is favourable for all types of healing. You need to go back to nature with a Palo Santo wood or a sage smudge stick. In fact, for several thousand years, the indigenous American tribes have made use of such natural energy purifiers in cleansing rituals. They have used these as a means to remain connected to nature as well as the life-giving elements offered to us by nature. You may begin with smirching your apatite stone with a view to purify it of negative energy that accrue over a period of time. In fact, healing crystals like apatite work like a sponge, absorbing all the bad vibes. Hence, it is essential that you cleanse them every day. First you need to completely cover your healing crystal with sage smoke and subsequently give it a particular purpose, thereby making it to work for your benefit every time you call on it.

When you set up an intention it is the best means to avail the benefits of apatite stone since it brings the mind into line with a particular intent. You may begin your healing session by sitting silently with the apatite stone and relieving all grudges and negative thoughts that may come in your mind. Practicing meditation also offers you an opportunity to contemplate the present status of your body, mind and spirit as it promotes serene deliberation. At the same time, inhale the positive healing energy, while exhaling the negativity. In fact, it is very simple, particularly with the effervescent energy of apatite which helps to revitalize your keenness for life every moment.

As far as your physical aspects are concerned, apatite crystals can be helpful in making the teeth and bones stronger by augmenting the body's ability to absorb calcium. At the same time, this mineral crystal can be useful in healing the bones and cartilage and also promoting new cell growth.

In addition, apatite crystals are known to aid in healing the organs, meridians and glands. It can also be useful in relieving the symptoms associated with arthritis as well as other problems related to the joints.

Apatite may also be beneficial for people suffering from hypertension. At the same time, this mineral crystal has the ability to enhance the rate of metabolism by making digestion better. Moreover, this stone also possesses the ability to suppress hunger. It can also aid in getting rid of cellulite from the body and curing problems related to the liver, pancreas, gallbladder and spleen. Apatite can also be helpful in maintaining the balance of the nervous system as well as enhancing the coordination of the different body parts. This stone helps to reinstate the equilibrium in your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies as well as chakras. In addition, apatite enhances the motivation to become successful and achieve your intent or goals.

Apatite stone is therapeutic in several other ways as it helps to get rid of any negative thoughts or feeling about you and restore it with positive feelings of optimism and confidence. In addition, it will help to perk up your imagination, creativity as well as intellect. Moreover, apatite will also help to awaken your inner self and, at the same time, clear all your frustrations and confusions. It will additionally make it easy for you to learn more quickly, efficiently and effectively.

This mineral stone or crystal will perk up your self-confidence as well as make your will stronger. It will help you to understand that your internal strength originates from spiritual avenues as well as from love. Apatite crystals will help to lessen your petulance and, at the same time, alleviate your feelings of anger, sorrow and apathy.

Last, but not the least important, apatite stones will also open your throat chakra, which will help to improve your communication with people, particularly when you speak with them regularly.


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